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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Anti-Trump Leaders Must Be Viewed with Suspicion

By Eddie Howell

The Democratic Party of today bears little resemblance to the party of previous years. Although its power-grabbing ways can be traced further back than Woodrow Wilson (later, FDR and LBJ), its present unholy alliance with international globalism and anti-capitalism/socialism/communism surpasses any radical tendencies of previous generations.

There are some Democrats who love America and want to preserve our nation and its constitution. But too many have joined the hysterical push to remove Donald Trump at all costs. Donald Trump represents the main resistance to globalism and the main political force for American sovereignty and liberty. Two big heroes of Democrat radicalism today (besides the Clintons) are the late Saul Alinsky and the still-kicking international criminal George Soros. Their track records speak for themselves to anyone who wishes to pay attention.

It is the Democrats and their cronies the mainstream media who have been producing and promoting images and talk of violence against President Trump and his supporters. Their approval of Black Lives Matter and street violence demonstrate their lack of restraint. The shooting of Rep. Scalise at the baseball practice field was a predictable consequence of the Democrats' “resistance” agenda. Their demonic effort to remove Trump from office is a far cry from civil political debate and discourse. No reasonable discussion can be had with many of these radicalized zealots. They have become like terrorists and terrorism supporters when it comes to Mr. Trump.

I am not connected with the organization of Alex Jones (, but I recognize there is truth in what he says about the situation we face in America. The following video illustrates some of the things this article is about, especially in regard to the mainstream media and their very distrurbing efforts against President Trump. His tweets in response are mild considering the unending barrage of fake news trash thrown his way daily.

The leftists have insulted Mr. Trump's supporters, virtually half the country, without let-up. The are not concerned with anyone or anything other than their own rabid political goal, in which they're joined by Hollywood celebrities, and, worse, by academics who are corrupting their young charges in many colleges, universities, and public schools. President Trump and his supporters must remain steadfast and not give in. They must also be aware of the security risks the Democrats and their mindless followers pose to Mr. Trump, and his supporters, and the general public. Rioters must be dealt with decisively, and sufficient force must be brought to bear just to maintain public safety. People who beat up others must be punished. College students and professors who commit crimes must be brought to justice.

Citizens should demand that colleges that abuse the rights of their students, faculty, invited guests, or the public should be sanctioned by defunding, boycotting, and other appropriate means. What the globalist elites want, and what the hysterical anti-Trumpers are working toward (some unwittingly) is somehow forcing Trump from office, then getting our country put under some level of martial law. The globalist elites do not care what the human costs of all this will be. The public stands in the way of their takeover. Provoking war is one option they are willing to consider. Will there be an American Tiananmen Square? Those string-pullers at the top wouldn't mind. They could put the FEMA camps we read about to use as prisons and concentration camps for our citizens without batting an eye.

The globalists and their dupes have no regard for Americans' well being. The gang members and jihadists could be used, and some other countries have no particular regard for America if they're not getting what they want from us.

At this point, we do have a chance to prevail over chaos and destruction. The fact that Donald Trump, and not Hillary Clinton, was elected represents an opportunity for America to be preserved, albeit through some weird and troubling times. There must be some recognition of the dangers by the American people, many of whom want little to do with politics. But we must keep in mind what some wise person said: “You may not take an interest in politics, but politics may very well take an interest in you.” I do not believe the worst is inevitable. But the threat is there.

The American people still have some regard for what America is supposed to represent: freedom, virtue, justice, and truth.

People need to be praying every day for America, for our president, his administration and supporters, and for those deceived citizens who are making themselves adversaries of our nation. As we celebrate Independence Day, we should reflect on its real meaning to our country, and the great things that are at stake.

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