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Thursday, February 20, 2020

U.S. Must Stop Marxism, Reject Democrat Candidates

By Eddie Howell

Democrat politicians want unrestricted abortion, a disarmed population, racial strife, high taxes, gender confusion, and restrictions on speech. They want socialism-communism. They are working for open borders and against our national sovereignty. They are working toward a world communist government. The climate change hoax/fraud is a device to move our country toward socialism, and scare people into accepting increased government power, high taxes, and loss of freedom. The Democratic Party is a Marxist hotbed of corruption and anti-Americanism.

There are plenty of communists and socialists in our federal, state, and local governments, and if the leftists win power, communists will control our government. Trevor Loudon has done and continues, to do extensive research on the topic of leftists in government in the U.S. According to Loudon:
The problem is that for more than 50 years U.S. radicals, many of them allied to hostile foreign powers, have been systematically infiltrating sympathizers and "useful idiots" into the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate. There are now large voting blocs in both houses, who, whether they are conscious of it or not, are effectively an enemy "Fifth Column" in the heart of the U.S. Government.
... Until this problem is confronted and dealt with, the very survival of the West is gravely endangered. [1]
The historical record is clear: Marxism has produced the murders of over 100 million people by their own governments in the 20th century. Socialist countries today are continuing barbaric practices, including murdering of citizens for protesting or for political purposes. This is happening in China and Venezuela as well as other places. Socialist-communist countries are tyrannical and fear-driven.

Among Millennials, many of whom have received indoctrination in dumbed-down college curricula taught by dumbed-down instructors, there is a tragic lack of historical knowledge about what socialism and communism have produced.  According to research by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, the following were among their recent findings:

   * Although forty million people died because of Mao Zedong, forty percent of Millennials have never heard of him.
   * One-fifth of Millennials do not know that Joseph Stalin killed more than 30 million people.
   * One-third of Millennials believe that George W. Bush killed more people than Joseph Stalin.

In China, there is relentless persecution of Christians, Falun Gong practitioners, Muslims, and various ethnic groups, even to the point of involuntary killing to harvest human organs for sale.
Sen. Bernie Sanders

In Cuba, among other repressive measures, "desirable" tourist areas and beaches are walled off from the common people and racism is rampant.

In North Korea, people are repressed, often to the point of starvation, and political killings are common.

In Venezuela, Marxism has led to a failed state. What was once the richest nation in South America is now a hell-hole of squalor.

In California, Marxists are steadily destroying their beautiful and attractive state, with unhealthy, filthy conditions prevailing in major cities, high taxes, seemingly endless debt, and preferential treatment of illegal immigrants over citizens, even protecting criminals through "sanctuary" policies.

Mike Bloomberg
former NYC Mayor
American socialist and communist organizations work closely together and with many Democrat politicians. In our country, organized socialism and communism are essentially the same, functioning virtually as one. [2]

All Marxists have the goal of overthrowing capitalism and establishing a socialist-communist society with an all-powerful government and no rights for its citizens. The main incentive for people under this type of regime would be to make one's situation better by gaining more power over others.

There is no rational economic theory underlying Marxism, and a planned economy doesn't work because the planners do not know how to plan. It's arbitrary and based on nothing, unlike a self-regulating free-market economy, which has done more than any other type to bring prosperity to millions of people.

Former Vice President
Joe Biden
Marxist leaders have no interest in material prosperity other than their own. If they gained power in America, they would likely soon have a plan to forcibly and violently stop capitalism and seize control of industries, whether or not officially taking title to them immediately.

Violence would continue in order to crush dissent and to get rid of the regime's enemies, real or imagined. Marxism has been shown to be a violent, murderous, and lawless system in which the most clever criminals are soon in charge, representing the elite cabal. This would be the New World Order.

Since most people would soon desire to have back their lost freedoms, the authorities would crush any effective dissent by means of the secret police, who would have the authority to execute dissidents on the spot or send them to prison. If they were well known, there would likely be a show trial, with forced confession, followed by execution.

Members of the hated middle class, and others not in power, who expressed ideas concerning their rights, would be harshly suppressed and punished. There soon would be no middle class as such, only mid-level enforcers of the rulers' wishes.

Current American socialist and communist leaders are Stalinist-Leninists or Maoists. Lenin said, "The goal of socialism is communism." Their ultimate goals are to establish a worldwide communist government, and finally destroy the human race.

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever." -- George Orwell, 1984.

In past decades, there could be reasonable differences of opinion between the political parties on political issues. Today, a vote for a Democrat is a vote for communism.

* * * * *

[1] Trevor Loudon, The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists, and Progressives in the U.S. Congress, 2013. Las Vegas: Pacific Freedom Foundation, a Nevada Not for Profit Corporation,
Kindle ebook Location 209. I read this is in Kindle format without page numbers

[2] Ibid. See at Location 263 and many other places in the book. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) works closely with the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and many members of Congress.

Photos: Some of the remaining Democratic presidential candidates. (Link)

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Alien Invasion

By Eddie Howell

The US is experiencing a political alien invasion these days. In some ways, it resembles "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," because people in positions of responsibility, i.e. leftist Democrats, specifically most of the presidential candidates, appear to have been taken over by alien forces that cause them to lie incessantly and express hatred tirelessly for not only President Trump but also for his supporters, America, and white people in general.

They want others to join them in their hostility, just as the body snatchers tried to talk people into voluntarily becoming one of them.

Their behavior could just as well be ascribed to demon possession or at least demon influence. It seems supernaturally coordinated for the destruction of our country.

Their proposals represent ideas alien to America tradition and our Founding. Indeed Americans have fought, suffered, and died in wars hot and cold to try to rid our planet of murderous dictators pushing these same communist and fascist ideas.

Leftists stir up trouble using straw man issues, racial division, and many false accusations such as "Russian collusion," "white supremacy," and the worn-out tag "racist.' Most ordinary Americans find this very tiresome, but some younger people, after years of socialist indoctrination in schools, have bought into the very destructive identity politics and postmodernism.

It is time that Americans realized that leftist politicians are truly alien to America. They are domestic enemies whose loyalty is to their warped goals of socialism-communism, and they are currently the greatest threat to our country.

They care nothing for national prosperity or even sovereignty but are devoted to destroying America.

They care about the following things:

Abortion up to and beyond the point of birth -- this is a strong indicator of their ultimate disdain for human life;

Disarming the citizenry, so that only the "authorities" will have guns, thus leaving the people defenseless;

Government control over every aspect of citizens' lives;

Higher taxes and more regulations, which would ensure a deep recession and possible depression;

Buying votes by promising "free stuff" such as health care, college, student debt reduction, etc.;

Promoting the evil, lying fraud and hoax of "climate change' propaganda with the Green New Deal, which would wreak death and destruction on our country, while not affecting climate, all at great monetary and human cost;

Open borders, preferential treatment for people who are in our country illegally (potential Democrat voters), and opposing the border wall which would reduce drug and human trafficking;

Allowing filthy conditions in our cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, and other Democrat-run metropolises;

Calling out as "racist' or "Nazi" any kind of criticism of themselves or their ideas;

Tolerating violence by Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and harassment of public officials and others at their homes and in public -- and doxxing private citizens whom they don't like;

Et cetera.

I don't think there are more than a very few actual liberals among Democratic Party politicians today. There are plenty who are far-left, corrupt, anti-American, and ultimately anti-human. They must be defeated. May God help President Trump and other patriots in their efforts to protect America.

Friday, May 3, 2019

A Climate Double Feature

By Eddie Howell

This time, a video double feature which presents a good introductory education on the propaganda con job known as "climate change."

First, from Tony Heller at, a thorough overview of the false alarms on overpopulation, global cooling, and global warming, complete with failed predictions from "experts" over the years.

Climate cultists hope you have a short memory. Otherwise, you might put two and two together and see through their fraudulent schemes.

Heller points out that every year seems to be the coldest or wettest or driest or hottest on record, with plenty of seemingly unprecedented natural disasters: floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. So, obviously,  something weird is going on with the weather/climate, which must be addressed as an urgent crisis whatever the cost. We have only x  years to get it right. The panicky forecasts are designed to scare people, and also to cut out the alleged causes of the trouble, mainly, fossil fuels or overpopulation.

So, if only we could cut out oil and gas use, and/or reduce the earth's population, we could save the planet. Or else, we die from severe weather events or starvation. By the way, implementation of the remedies also involves serious loss of life as well as the loss of food, civilization, etc., but that would be collateral damage, albeit massive.

Heller looks at the history of dire climate and population predictions and what actually happened over the past century, with a focus on the fact that these predictions were always wrong.

The Imaginary Climate Crisis   (49:12)


The "2nd Big Feature" is an interview with highly-credentialed Princeton University Professor William Happer, a climate scientist, who explains why the present situation does not justify the urgent need for drastic action the climate cultists desire. In fact, he says, we are in a "drought of CO2."

Both videos are insightful and compelling and could change the minds of some people who haven't been thoroughly brainwashed.

World in Midst of Carbon Drought  (23:05)

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Do Leftists “Mean Well”? Charlie Kirk Says No

In his 2019 CPAC speech, Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA emphasized that we should no longer believe that conservatives and leftists are “trying to get to the same place,” although using different methods. This, to me, was one of the most significant speeches of the event.

The Democratic Party has moved so far to the left, that it can hardly be called “liberal” any more, but is now dominated by socialists. Even their political candidates, when they try to appear moderate, cannot be trusted to refrain from promoting socialist-communist policies. The motives of the leftists must be questioned. How can people who hate America be said to “mean well”? Their goals are far different from those of non-leftists.

The left is intentionally misleading our country. Their leaders are working to lead America off the cliff, to bring down President Trump, the Constitution, the United States, and Western Civilization.

Although Mr. Kirk didn't suggest this, I am convinced that it's time to outlaw violent and disloyal organizations. Note that virtually all socialist and communist organizations are enthusiastic supporters of the Democratic Party, and many Democrats are beholden to Communists for political advice and campaign support. These people are domestic enemies of the United States. 

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The People Behind Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Are Not Your Friends

By Eddie Howell

Another rather brief post this time, but one filled with important information

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) got elected to Congress thanks to a group called the Justice Democrats. As Chris Kohl of the Mr Reagan YouTube channel explains, AOC auditioned for the position with the Justice Democrats and got the part. She has no qualifications for the job, but merely follows the instructions of her handlers, led in her office by her chief of staff. When she goes off-script, she can say embarrassing things.

The Justice Democrats, as Kohl describes them, are a very ambitious PAC that wants essentially to replace Congress with people that they control. The video is 23 minutes and 4 seconds, and well worth watching.

The weird and deadly Green New Deal illustrates part of what the Justice Democrats want for our country. It must be stopped lest people really start taking it seriously. It would mean the end of our civilization and/or civil war, in my opinion.

Video url:

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

There Were Lower CO2 Levels, but More Extreme Weather in the 1930s

By Eddie Howell

As a follow-up to the previous article, the video below shows that although the atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) level in the period 1925-1938 was about 300 parts per million, the level today's climate cultists desire, the 14-year period was rife with extreme weather events, worse than what we're experiencing today with CO2 level at about 410 ppm, showing that the lower CO2 level was not an advantage as far as extreme weather was concerned.

As seen in the previous video, the climateers deceptively show a part of the graph that does not give a historical context, which would show that CO2 levels today are in fact at historically low levels, and are actually too low. Reducing CO2 levels now would actually harm plants by reducing their capacity for photosynthesis, and reducing the oxygen they would produce.

The video is by Tony Heller at (“The Deplorable Climate Science Blog”). The phony climate change hoax is deceiving millions and threatens massive and irreparable harm to America and the world. For example, the Green New Deal would cost many trillions of dollars and yet destroy our civilization. It is so irrational and extreme that it is difficult to see how any reasonable person could view it as helpful.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Is Essential to Life

The climate change cult's war against carbon dioxide (CO2) is based on the lie that CO2 is a pollutant. In fact, it is essential to life as we know it. Plants must have it for photosynthesis. They use it and give off oxygen, which is essential to life for humans and animals.

Without atmospheric CO2, we would not have atmospheric oxygen. Without CO2, life above the microscopic level would cease. So, if the climateers had their way, and somehow got rid of CO2, the results would be catastrophic. Also, it is not true that CO2 levels are too high, nor does CO2 cause temperatures to rise excessively.  Mike Adams of Natural News explains the importance of CO2 in his video here. (Sorry, I couldn't embed the video here. Please be sure to watch it. It's less than 10 minutes in length.)

I remember learning long ago in science class that we breathe out CO2, plants use it to make their food (photosynthesis), then give off oxygen. And that's how we get oxygen into the air we breathe. Pretty basic. One has to wonder about the motives of people pushing the climate change hoax, if they ever actually studied science. To be clear, the climate change fraud is anti-science and anti-human. It's essentially an invention designed to scare people into giving more power to the government, pay much more in taxes, and give up much of their freedom. For a lie that kills.