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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Battle Lines

By Eddie Howell

As if the sickening movement to remove all traces of the Confederacy weren't already bad enough, now, “activists” want to change the name of USC's mascot, the horse Traveler, because its name is similar to that of Robert E. Lee's horse Traveller.

General Robert E. Lee on his horse Traveller

Of course, if its name is Traveler, that must mean it's an evil horse of hate and racism. Also, the horse's color happens to be white. This probably makes it doubly evil. Maybe it should be replaced by a colorful donkey to represent the Democrat Party. This whole business is now beyond idiotic. Again, another thing showing that colleges are becoming the stupidest places in America.

This anti-history movement is not only anti-Confederate, it is anti-American, and ultimately anti-human. Let's erase the parts of history we don't like. Well, I'm not fond of the growth of criminal gangs during Prohibition. Should I therefore advocate removal of all traces of Al Capone? He wasn't really a very nice guy. I'm not a fan of Woodrow Wilson. Can we expunge him from our history? He re-segregated the military and was a bully, a dictator, and an unapologetic racist. Oh, but wait, he was a Democrat. Of course it was Democrats who started and supported the KKK and opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act. But that was OK, because they were Democrats.

George Orwell's 1984 oppressor, Big Brother, believed that whoever controls the past controls the future, and whoever controls the present controls the past. Revising history is a popular tool of dictators.

A major point I'm trying to make is that taking down Confederate monuments will do nothing to stop racism, and could very well provoke more. It's an insult to the people of the South whose ancestors fought for a cause they believed in, which encompassed more than slavery. Very few, a very tiny minority, today, believe that slavery was OK or that white supremacy is a good thing. The slavery issue was settled at great cost and so should no longer be an issue. The fact that it existed should not be hidden, however. The Orwellian movement to remove Confederate reminders, whether monuments or things named after Confederate figures smacks of the Soviets' actions to remove disliked persons from the historical record, as though they never existed. It is not substantially different from Big Brother's memory hole in 1984.

The whole business is a threat to our constitutional rights of free speech and free expression, and is sometimes a provocation to violence. As reprehensible as the neo-Nazis and KKK are, they are a very tiny minority in America. Whatever threat they might represent can readily be countered by law enforcement. But the left isn't satisfied unless they can demean America and stir up needless controversy. The masked antifa thugs are exactly that – thugs – like Mussolini's black shirts or Hitler's brown shirts. They themselves are about as fascist as you can get. Their purpose is to bully and harass and beat, and possibly murder people and destroy property in the name of – what? They are definitely no better than any of their opponents. Any attempt to intellectually defend or justify what they do is actually laughable.

Of course, race hustlers like Black Lives Matter and Al Sharpton want to shake down anyone they can over false accusations and threats. And many legitimate conservative organizations are labeled by the despicable Southern Poverty Law Center as “hate groups,” while few organizations on their list are more hateful than they.

The globalists pulling the strings of this sorry business may find that America is not Europe. We are serious about freedom and constitutional rights. We care about our heritage. We regret slavery. We're against racism and white (or any other racial) supremacy. We don't hate Jews or any other minority. We don't, as a people, condone violence in the streets. But Americans have been and are willing to fight against tyranny, against globalism, and against socialism – and actual fascism (a form of socialism). Americans have generally been quiet about these abuses, but we won't be pushed too far. The election of Donald Trump and the rejection of Hillary Clinton should demonstrate that there is a limit to how much we will take from the adversaries of freedom or the corrupt Swamp.

Also, no one should rejoice over Mr. Trump's troubles. He will be fine. His voters still support him, and his opponents will lose support among the American people because of their hysterical hatred of the president and their disdain for his supporters, and America in general.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thoughts on the Charlottesville Tragedy

By Eddie Howell

The tragedy of Charlottesville is multifaceted event with plenty of blame to go around. Few except the neo-Nazis themselves would justify the obvious evil of racism or white supremacy. But President Trump is right to recognize there is blame on many sides.

The leftist governor of Virginia and the leftist mayor of Charlottesville want to blame Mr. Trump for the troubles, but they themselves failed to the point that many injuries took place and a life was needlessly lost. A Washington Examiner editorial puts a spotlight on this:

Ahead of the event, the Washington Examiner's Tom Rogan warned against the city's attempt to relocate the Nazis from their desired place of protest. He pointed out that the more sensible course would be to allow them to protest in Emancipation Park as a way to contain them and keep the counter-protestors away from them.
The authorities instead chose to allow the warring factions to intermingle, with predictable results. Charlottesville became a small war zone. Making matters much worse, the police were apparently ordered to stand by as the various factions beat each other bloody.
Further, the editorial details how the governor and mayor failed to protect the First Amendment free speech rights or the neo-Nazi organizer, who was chased away from his press conference. The ones who received a permit to protest the removal of a statue were attacked by people who had no permit, and should not have been there.

It is obvious that neither Governor Terry McAuliffe nor Mayor Mike Signer understands the First Amendment, although both have likely taken an oath to protect the Constitution. They doubled down on their failures. People want to say hate speech is not free speech, but actually it is protected by the First Amendment, as firmly established in Supreme Court cases. If these people don't have free speech rights, no one else does either.

As for the person who killed a woman and injured several other people, his day in court is coming. The hate in the heart of someone who would do this is evil indeed. But it's too bad some common-sense precautions weren't taken which could have prevented this from happening.

Further, as Mr. Trump suggested, there were “fine people” there to protest also, and also among the counter-protesters. You don't have to be a racist or white supremacist to oppose the removal of historic statues or any Confederate monuments. As Condoleeza Rice pointed out, hiding history is not a good thing.

There is hate on “many sides,” as Mr. Trump said. But the strongest hate in America today appears to be the hysterical leftist hate campaign against President Trump.

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Election of Donald Trump was the Best Political Event since the '80s

By Eddie Howell

Among other things, the election of President Donald J. Trump was a well-deserved political poke in the eye to the globalists and “ruling class,” an encouragement to many who hadn't been voting, and a spotlight on issues the establishment has refused to deal with for generations. Trump is emphatically showing the progressives how out of touch they have been, although they're refusing to get the message. If he didn't upset all their apple carts, he shook them vigorously. It was certainly the most interesting, entertaining, and meaningful election season in decades. “America First!” What a concept! “Make America Great Again!” What a goal!

I believe the impact of the election was and is far greater than a simple change of parties. It's a serious episode in a titanic struggle. Is Trump strong enough, and are his principles appealing enough to the American people to stave off the unflinching and unending attempt to destroy him?

I am an admirer of President Trump, though I believe I could offer him some constructive criticism, as some others have. Overall, I would say, let Trump be Trump, he's going to anyway. My concerns at present include these: (1) All Obama appointees should be removed from the government as soon as possible, even if they can't be immediately replaced. (2) Continue to stand firm against the fake news media and the Democrat hate campaign. (3) Consider firing Robert Mueller and ending the whole Russia “investigation” immediately and getting rid of everyone Mueller has hired. (4) As for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, I believe that it was a mistake to keep criticizing Sessions. Don't alienate your best ally in the government.

I suggest asking Mr. Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Robert Mueller and his investigation. See if anything illegal can be found. Hire dozens of lawyers and investigators. Empanel a grand jury. Look in every nook and cranny, and under every rock until you find something.* That's exactly what Mueller is doing to Trump. Mueller is anything but a disinterested party as he goes after the president. I think his legacy will be (and certainly should be) that instead of being a fair investigator, he is a simply a partisan political hack.

*A touch of sarcasm, I think.

(By the way, doesn't referring a case to a grand jury generally happen after criminal charges have been filed?)

But I digress. Back to some things suggested by this article's title, the election of Trump has been very beneficial in many ways, such as:

  1. Hillary Clinton is not president. This is a great accomplishment, keeping Hillary and her criminal enterprises out of the White House. But the main thing about it is keeping the progressive/socialist/globalist approach to government out of the White House.
  2. The economy is bouncing back. Employment, corporate profits, and productivity are on the upswing, and the trade deficit is heading downward. None of this would be happening under Hillary, who would be pressing for ever-higher taxes, greater spending, more regulations, endlessly more “refugees,” and an end to gun rights. Upon her taking office, we would have seen the start of a new and worse recession.
  3. Trump is staying generally conservative on the social issues, where Hillary would double down on support of snowflakes, Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, gender changing, etc.
  4. More ordinary people are paying attention to politics and noticing the hypocrisy and corruption of the deliberately out-of-touch left, whose main loyalty is to the globalist and socialist elites and not to the working people of America, or even America herself.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Can and Should Trump End Mueller's Witch Hunt Now?

By Eddie Howell

Will President Trump fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller? Can he? There are plenty of opinions being currently published addressing these questions. What would be the results of firing Mueller? Or the results of not firing him?

My own thoughts on this begin with the fact, as I believe it is a fact, that the Mueller investigation is a sham, a charade, and a witch hunt designed to destroy Donald Trump. It is an investigation in search of a crime. It is entirely unfair to the president and harmful to America. It is a drain on American taxpayers' money and resources which should be used to go after actual criminals.

Liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz has interesting comments on the problems of special counsel investigations and prosecutors going too far in looking for a crime in violation of the rights of people they are investigating. (YouTube video dated 07/22/2017)

Peter Beinart at The Atlantic thinks that the Trump team may regard firing Mueller as a good move, and I think that's probably correct. An article by Doyle McManus in The Los Angeles Times says, as do others, that if Trump moved to fire Mueller, it would bring on a constitutional crisis. A New York Times article headline says “Trump Can't Just Fire Mueller,”

It's in the interest of the Anti-Trump Witch Hunt to say that Trump can't fire Mueller and that if he did (or tried), it would bring on dire consequences. The Swamp seems to think the Trump presidency could not survive an attempt to fire Mueller, and hopes that if he doesn't fire the special counsel, Mueller will dig up enough dirt, real or imagined, to force Trump out and destroy his life as much as possible.

So, as Trump understands, regarding the Mueller investigation, he (Trump) is between a rock and a hard place. Should he suffer the consequences of removing Mueller now, or wait until Mueller announces his findings, which, whatever the facts may be, will be designed to damage Trump as much as possible. Trump, in making a decision to fire or not to fire, must choose between those two alternatives. Or so it seems to me.

I do not accept the statement that Trump cannot legally fire Mueller. His army of lawyers can figure out how to manipulate and exploit the regulations to accomplish Mueller's firing legally and effectively. The president has authority concerning regulations and their enforcement. He is head of the Executive Branch of government. Mueller is under the authority of the Executive Branch. The legal niceties can certainly be dealt with and the firing accomplished if the president decides to do it. What Mr. Trump must be concerned about is which choice is the better in terms of risk of damage to himself and America. Most of his voters still support him strongly. GOP members of Congress may speak against firing Mueller, but most Republican voters would support it, understanding that Mueller's role is simply part of the Swamp's hysterical hate campaign to destroy Trump, facts or no facts.

A Politico article by Matthew Nussbaum lists ways Trump could fire Mueller. It is not true that Trump can't fire Mueller. The article also suggests that if he did, Congress could bring back an independent counsel statute and bring back Mueller to continue, beyond Trump's grasp.

Congress would have to have a veto-proof majority for that to happen.

Another idea for Trump, if he wants to fire Mueller, might be to get Attorney General Jeff Sessions to un-recuse himself and fire Mueller. Then shut down the FBI Russia investigation.

The globalists and establishment denizens of the Swamp are determined to get rid of Trump, and they very well may yet do it whether Trump fires Mueller or not. But they may also be making a very big mistake if they think they can defeat Trump easily.

I would like see Mueller shown the exit. I think Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should be fired as well. I hope he won't fire Sessions. But the only one who can or should make a final decision about firing Mueller is President Trump. It's not a question of whether he can do it, but, for the sake of his presidency and America, whether he should.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Road to Destruction

By Eddie Howell

The leftists try to portray President Trump as a divisive figure. They try to blame him for the turmoil in Washington, when they bear much more responsibility than he. The left is orchestrating an unprecedented hate campaign against the president in an attempt to destroy him and his presidency. In doing this, they are employing tactics not unlike the left-wing revolutionaries of the 1960's complete with criminal acts including threats of violence against the president by public figures, approval of violent rioting by “antifa” paid thugs, and illegal leaks of classified information.The criminal activity is on the left, not the right. Yet the Democrats keep chasing their dream of some kind of Trump collusion with Russia which, they hope, would lead to impeachment, or worse.

The violence mentioned is directed at Trump supporters who dare to speak up in public against the leftist criminal element which currently still has charge of much of Washington, D.C. Democrats do their best to delay and stop Trump's agenda items at every turn. Even the GOP establishment is frequently showing themselves to be a true part of the D.C. Swamp. The loyal opposition is no longer loyal, to their duties or to America. Through the Clintons and other avenues, the Democrats likely have more shady foreign connections than Trump would ever have. Nothing has been proven thus far from Mueller and the Anti-Trumpers' Witch Hunt, which so far has only succeeded in harassing people, at great public expense.

I believe President Trump should put an immediate end to Mueller's employment and the whole sham “Russia” investigation. Get FBI top officials who will go after the real criminals Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton – and give James Comey and Loretta Lynch a thorough going over. Get all this junk cleared up so the government can do its job.

The Trump agenda is being delayed by GOP senators as well as Democrats. Mr. McConnell should know by now that the “nuclear option” in the Senate should be employed for all matters. The “filibuster” as currently structured is more of a joke than it is something that befits a deliberative body. It allows the minority to stop legislation with minimal effort and little to no reason.

Given the left's continual pounding against Trump by every available means, what are ordinary Americans supposed to think? That this unbearable conduct should be allowed to continue without any protest? The left, in lockstep, is demonstrating fascist tactics from the highest levels of the Democratic Party on down to the terrorist antifa rioters. When George Soros or some other high-up communist gives the order, the leftist operatives, useful idiots, and so-called journalists of fake news go into attack mode. What is supposed to pass for news is propaganda coordinated with the leftist bosses. It is entirely reasonable to question the patriotism of these people. It appears to be severely lacking. Policy differences cannot account for what they are doing. They are out for destruction.

It should be obvious by now that the Democrats, as a whole, care nothing for the American working people or the economy. “America First” is a major turn-off for them. They want to protect, promote, and celebrate every evil thing in our nation, from Islamic terrorism to sexual perversion, to anti-police violence, and whatever anti-American and anti-white thing there is. They want a fascistic system that punishes anything that that goes outside of political correctness and makes mandatory whatever supports their radical ideas. This is true fascism. They want an economy based on corporatism with the government in charge. They want to penalize any kind of financial success of legitimate business.

They want socialism, which is the opposite of freedom and is the engine of death. The death culture they support demonstrates a lack of concern for human life despite their attempts to present themselves as compassionate, caring people. 

And what if they succeed and the Swamp prevails? The globalists will run America. Angela Merkel and her ilk will have more control of the U.S. than our elected representatives. Sharia law will be enshrined, borders will be open to all, jobs will disappear and government dependency will increase. The United Nations will have more say-so than our Constitution and structural changes to government will be engineered to silence criticism and conservative influence. Following this would be a catastrophic collapse, with other and hostile countries coming in to pick up the pieces and rule where people had not the courage or moral fiber to maintain our Republic. Meanwhile the globalist elites would sit back and laugh. 

May God deliver us from that kind of fate. Whatever happened to “Give me liberty or give me death?”

Photo:  Fuel to the Fire
News: Young men throw bottles of beer at burning vehicles as a riot ensues after the funeral of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, April 27, 2015. Gray died April 19 from a severe spinal injury that allegedly occurred while in police custody. Looting and riots broke out in Baltimore after the funeral. The Maryland governor declared a state of emergency. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Kenny Holston.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Anti-Trump Leaders Must Be Viewed with Suspicion

By Eddie Howell

The Democratic Party of today bears little resemblance to the party of previous years. Although its power-grabbing ways can be traced further back than Woodrow Wilson (later, FDR and LBJ), its present unholy alliance with international globalism and anti-capitalism/socialism/communism surpasses any radical tendencies of previous generations.

There are some Democrats who love America and want to preserve our nation and its constitution. But too many have joined the hysterical push to remove Donald Trump at all costs. Donald Trump represents the main resistance to globalism and the main political force for American sovereignty and liberty. Two big heroes of Democrat radicalism today (besides the Clintons) are the late Saul Alinsky and the still-kicking international criminal George Soros. Their track records speak for themselves to anyone who wishes to pay attention.

It is the Democrats and their cronies the mainstream media who have been producing and promoting images and talk of violence against President Trump and his supporters. Their approval of Black Lives Matter and street violence demonstrate their lack of restraint. The shooting of Rep. Scalise at the baseball practice field was a predictable consequence of the Democrats' “resistance” agenda. Their demonic effort to remove Trump from office is a far cry from civil political debate and discourse. No reasonable discussion can be had with many of these radicalized zealots. They have become like terrorists and terrorism supporters when it comes to Mr. Trump.

I am not connected with the organization of Alex Jones (, but I recognize there is truth in what he says about the situation we face in America. The following video illustrates some of the things this article is about, especially in regard to the mainstream media and their very distrurbing efforts against President Trump. His tweets in response are mild considering the unending barrage of fake news trash thrown his way daily.

The leftists have insulted Mr. Trump's supporters, virtually half the country, without let-up. The are not concerned with anyone or anything other than their own rabid political goal, in which they're joined by Hollywood celebrities, and, worse, by academics who are corrupting their young charges in many colleges, universities, and public schools. President Trump and his supporters must remain steadfast and not give in. They must also be aware of the security risks the Democrats and their mindless followers pose to Mr. Trump, and his supporters, and the general public. Rioters must be dealt with decisively, and sufficient force must be brought to bear just to maintain public safety. People who beat up others must be punished. College students and professors who commit crimes must be brought to justice.

Citizens should demand that colleges that abuse the rights of their students, faculty, invited guests, or the public should be sanctioned by defunding, boycotting, and other appropriate means. What the globalist elites want, and what the hysterical anti-Trumpers are working toward (some unwittingly) is somehow forcing Trump from office, then getting our country put under some level of martial law. The globalist elites do not care what the human costs of all this will be. The public stands in the way of their takeover. Provoking war is one option they are willing to consider. Will there be an American Tiananmen Square? Those string-pullers at the top wouldn't mind. They could put the FEMA camps we read about to use as prisons and concentration camps for our citizens without batting an eye.

The globalists and their dupes have no regard for Americans' well being. The gang members and jihadists could be used, and some other countries have no particular regard for America if they're not getting what they want from us.

At this point, we do have a chance to prevail over chaos and destruction. The fact that Donald Trump, and not Hillary Clinton, was elected represents an opportunity for America to be preserved, albeit through some weird and troubling times. There must be some recognition of the dangers by the American people, many of whom want little to do with politics. But we must keep in mind what some wise person said: “You may not take an interest in politics, but politics may very well take an interest in you.” I do not believe the worst is inevitable. But the threat is there.

The American people still have some regard for what America is supposed to represent: freedom, virtue, justice, and truth.

People need to be praying every day for America, for our president, his administration and supporters, and for those deceived citizens who are making themselves adversaries of our nation. As we celebrate Independence Day, we should reflect on its real meaning to our country, and the great things that are at stake.

Friday, June 30, 2017

What's Happened to America's Founding Principles?


Has America improved over the years in light of its Founders' intentions and the founding documents? With the founding of a nation unique in the world in its governing philosophy, has the nation been faithful to its ideals? A compelling explanation of what has happened over these years to the American Founders' vision is discussed in Angelo Codevilla's three-part series called “Progression – or Degeneracy?” These essays discuss philosophical and practical topics, and their message commands attention.

The essays appear at American Greatness.

The above link is to the first part, where you will find links to the second and third parts. It is worthwhile reading and valuable food for thought. I had not been aware of this website until today, and I have added it to my list of “Interesting Links.” Enjoy and think.
–  E.H.

Illustration: Declaration of Independence, by John Trumbull, 1819 (Wikipedia)