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Friday, April 13, 2018

My Theory of California Politics: “Progressive” Leaders Don’t Care

(Also applicable to American far leftists in general)

By Eddie Howell

Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA)
If they did care, they’d act much differently. But the worsening situation is what they prefer.
Their plans seem to be working perfectly.

California is deeply in debt and it’s getting worse.     Leaders* do not care. Middle-class people are leaving in large numbers to escape high taxes, the high cost of living, 
and worsening living conditions. Leaders do not care.  Many people are homeless and living in filth. Leaders do
not care.

Illegal immigrant policies are endangering citizens.     Leaders do not care. State budget: 3/4 of money is to be spent on illegal immigrants. Leaders do not care. Middle-class people who stay will be in increasing danger from crime, disease, etc. If they are wiped out, leaders don’t care. The poor think they’ll eventually benefit from the money and property to be taken from “the rich.” They won’t. Instead, they will face chronic shortages and greater poverty.

Why don’t the leaders care?

CA politics is very largely communist. Leaders hate the middle class “bourgeoisie.”  Leaders will be kept in power by votes of illegal immigrants. Leaders want a two-class system -- mega-rich and serfs.

Leaders will work to silence or destroy opposition as much as they can get away with. It’s OK if the state has no money as long as the leaders have theirs, and they will get more from the state for as long as possible. It will take some time for the illegals to realize they’ve been thoroughly swindled, and by the time they do, it will be too late.

*“Leaders” refers to people in political office, currently in power, in California, who are of the “progressive,” “liberal,” socialist or communist persuasion. Fortunately, there are conservatives and others who oppose their policies.

Illustration: By Don Bachardy -, Public Domain,

Friday, March 30, 2018

Jordan Peterson Makes Sense; Leftists Must Disagree

The latest publishing/internet/YouTube/academic phenomenon, a Canadian professor, and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is getting a lot of attention these days by simply advocating for common sense and freedom to speak. He does not adhere to political correctness. His latest book, 12 Rules for Living: An Antidote to Chaos, is aimed at young people, especially men, who are in need of direction to make their lives meaningful and productive despite all the weirdness and confusion they find around them. He advocates a life of responsible thinking, speaking, and acting. He also challenges some of the liberals’ position on human sexuality, debate, and other topics.

Two Fox News videos follow, the first from Peterson’s appearance with Tucker Carlson, then his appearance with Greg Gutfeld on their respective Fox News shows.

His critics attack him for daring to disagree with leftist propaganda about transgenderism and related matters and have even gone so far as to call him a white supremacist. But truth and good sense will eventually win out. Also, Peterson is a very considerate debater, who recommends finding something positive in other peoples’ position, admitting that they might know something he doesn’t. For hardened leftist ideologues, that might not go very far.

Friday, March 16, 2018

What Prevents Another Financial Collapse and Depression?

Great Depression breadline (detail) -- Public Domain

By Eddie Howell

The “ruling globalist elite” are frequently mentioned in political articles these days, and usually, it’s 
pointed out that these people are very secretive about their plans, their history, and often their identity. Who are the behind-the-scenes rulers pulling the strings?

The elites are often identified with the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, and the Council on Foreign Relations, etc. “Conspiracy theorists,” who are usually simply trying to find out and present the truth, are painted as paranoid nut cases. Maybe some are, but most can see the threat posed to ordinary people by these ruling masters, the true robber barons, and would like to counteract them. The elites themselves seem to encourage confusion and enjoy being mysterious, lest people get wise to the elites’ nefarious plans, and actually do things to restrain or neutralize them.

There is quite a lot of literature and video purporting to inform about the elites’ history and objectives, and some have plausibility. Some get into bizarre theories, but many do not.

There are various names for movements and organizations which are or might be in league with the elites, and therefore attempting to take down the middle class, which is the elites’ main goal:

(In addition to those mentioned above)
Socialist organizatons (They hate private profit and property.)
Communist organizations (They hate the bourgeoisie.)
Leftist labor union bosses (They object to the profits of the company owners and executives.)
The U.S. Democratic Party (Their championing of the middle class is basically a lie.)
The Federal Reserve (They have virtually unrestricted contol of the money supply,)
The Securities and Exchange Commission (They seldom go after violators and rarely report to
  any kind of oversight because the law allows this.)
Wall Street banks
Islamic jihad movement
Environmental groups
Gun control groups
and others

There is plenty of overlap among these, and many are unwitting helpers to the elites, such as the high schoolers’ anti-gun effort, and people who ignorantly support socialism.

Job seekers during the Great Depression  -- Public Domain

Mercantilism as an economic system dates back to the Middle Ages, and involved wealthy organizations seeking to secure monopoly power, using government authority, for the purpose of acquiring precious metals and achieving a favorable trade balance, and in the process, weaken their nations’ enemies and wipe out competition. Mercantilism was practiced most effectively by countries that had colonial interests, and the mercantilists worked to assure that they controlled all aspects of manufacturing, trade, and finance. 

They were mainly focused on their own financial gain and manipulated governments and others for that purpose, pushing aside independent merchants who might try to compete with them, or political opponents who might get in their way. It was a sort of “legalized” mafia, and was practiced in most major countries, competing with each other.

Displaced family during the Great Depression -- Public Domain

Wayne Jett, author of The Fruits of Graft* describes the elites as mercantilists, which seems an apt term. Mercantilism, as practiced by the ruling elites today, seeks the financial gain of mega-rich elites, as Jett shows, and is focused on inflicting harm and destruction on the productive middle class, resulting in a two-class system (elites and serfs), as described in 1901 by H.G. Wells in his book Anticipations...**  Jett calls this book the elitist manifesto. It advocates the removal of the middle class through taxation, wars, and killing, in order to restore the “natural order” of things.

Wells greatly impressed both Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt during their respective presidencies and conferred with leading mercantilists of the day. Jett powerfully argues that the mercantilists executed the Great Crash of 1929, and largely by actions of Franklin     D. Roosevelt, made the ensuing Great Depression much deeper and longer lasting than it might  have been otherwise.

 Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Joseph Robinson in Washington, D.C., First Inauguration, March 4, 1933 (National Archives).
Through deliberately counterproductive policies and acts, FDR destroyed much of the wealth of the middle class, and the poor also suffered greatly. While presenting himself as concerned for the “forgotten man,” he actively pursued actions which destroyed people he supposedly was trying to help. Millions of Americans needlessly starved to death thanks to these manipulations. Correction: The actual number of people who starved to death is difficult to determine. Some figures given are from 3 to 7 million; others say that starvation occurred, but was not that widespread. It is well established, however, that many people went hungry and many suffered from malnutrition and related diseases, such as rickets. Diseases such as tuberculosis and pneumonia increased, and many died of exposure. Often, children were without milk, and many people generally could not afford medical treatment or sufficient nourishing food. All this took place while FDR had economic means of recovery at his fingertips, but the continuing high taxes and gold hoarding by the Administration, monetizing neither the vast gold purchases nor the gold confiscated from the public, kept most people with little to no money, and suffering accordingly. 

Jett details these things and meticulously documents them. He also documents the mercantilists’ destructive actions in the dot-com bubble burst of 2000-2001 and the Crash of 2008 during the Great Recession. His descriptions of what happened in each of these episodes are alarming. They also are supported by historical facts and classical economic analysis.

The elites are working to put the middle class out of business and out of existence. This is what happened as a result of the elitist-supported Russian Revolution of 1917, and preliminary conflicts in the years leading up to it. A civilization of over 1,000 years was destroyed. The middle class “bourgeoisie” faced murder or imprisonment. With much of the skilled and productive middle class gone, the communists were left with few skills for governing, and leaders whose murderous bloodthirst gave their nation a lawless dictatorship. Millions of murders of citizens took place. Leftists in the U.S. today would like to imitate that process here.

Some ways that are pointed out as being used to destroy the middle class include higher taxes (thus the Democrats’ opposition to the Trump tax cuts), and lack of government attention to destructive practices in the financial markets. The stock market meltdowns of 1929 and 2008 were brought about deliberately through unrestrained, often fraudulent, short-selling for the benefit of elite buyers of the distressed shares and assets at very low prices. Investors were, in many cases wiped out. On many fronts, changes are needed to reduce the elitists’ power and protect American citizens.

So what has been done in light of the 2008 collapse that will prevent a similar occurrence in the future? Scandalously little! The Fed still can run wild with the value of the dollar, the IRS can abuse its authority, the SEC can run interference for those they are supposed to be regulating, and dark markets for commodities can still operate. Hedge funds can still largely operate in secret. All it would take to cause a 2008-type crash might be a decision by the elite powers that be to spread false rumors about target companies’ financial strength, launch stock market bear attacks, then wait for the dust to settle and step in to buy what’s left, on the cheap. Meanwhile, watch out for your IRA and 401(K). Of course, the elite geniuses will probably come up with something sneakier next time. Trump Administration vigilance might be able to foil such an attack by the Deep State Swamp. But until big changes are made, it seems the danger remains.

 Following is a YouTube video in which Mr. Jett explains some things about his book.

*Wayne Jett, The Fruits of Graft (Los Angeles: Launfal Press, 2011). I highly recommend this book.

** H. G. Wells, Anticipations of the Effects of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress upon Human Life and Thought (New York and London: Harper & Brothers, 1901).

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Mike Adams: Globalist Depopulation Agenda Targets Blacks First

By Eddie Howell

Mike Adams of Natural News warns in the following video that the science establishment of Big Pharma, the UN (through UNICEF, WHO, etc.), and the Federal Government (through the FDA, EPA, CDC, and even the FBI), Planned Parenthood, and others, have been secretly, and not-so-secretly plotting the extermination of the black African race through nefarious means involving contaminated vaccines, food supplies, medicines, chemicals, water, and other avenues. It is widely known that some globalists desire to reduce the earth’s population to about one billion people, and indications are that they are starting mostly with black and brown people.

The video, which some have trouble dealing with, shows that the mainstream media will cover little of the subject matter discussed, although sometimes whistle-blowers come forward, or perpetrators get caught in their evil acts. Adams encourages viewers to connect the dots, as he has been doing, and see the pattern, which becomes apparent under scrutiny.

I believe the presentation explains a lot, and is too convincing to dismiss.

YouTube has taken Natural News’ channel off their site as part of their ongoing efforts to censor material that does not conform to their politically correct agenda.

Monday, February 26, 2018

The Age of UnReason?

By Eddie Howell

Most Americans my age (including me) never thought they’d see the day when America’s basic constitutional liberty would be so endangered. And yet that’s just what we are seeing. With leftists calling for curtailing the Second Amendment, restricting the First Amendment to control “Hate speech” and shout down conservatives or prevent them from speaking, our liberty is at risk today. The major factor in this is the influence of the political left. They encourage people to believe they’re “victims” and must be protected from disagreeable opinions, yet they should go after their opponents with violent “protests” (riots), and promote hatred of police, conservatives, white people, Christians, and whoever they decide to dislike or disagree with.

The left is trying, and somewhat succeeding, it seems, in replacing the “Age of Reason” or “Age of Enlightenment” we thought we were living in, with just the opposite. In his article titled “The High-Tech Traditionalist: The Age of UnReason -- It is Impossible to Overestimate the Dangers of Mass Hysteria,” Baruch Pletner, at Tsarizm, gives an instructive analysis of this process and its serious risks:

He states,
It is impossible to overestimate the dangers of mass hysteria. Nearly all manmade disasters from the unthinkable to the merely uncomfortable are the results of it. People who are hysterical, who think with their wombs rather than their brains, be they male or female, are easily manipulated by special interests who have much to gain from whipping up emotions at the expense of reason.
 The system of checks and balances put in place by the Founding Fathers to guard against hysteria and mob rule is on its last breath. Undermined by universal suffrage, a concept that would have horrified every single one of them, coupled with excessive immigration from countries in which emotion rather than reason reigns supreme, the death knoll of the American Republic as the last bastion of the new Age of Reason in the West is fast approaching.

An Organized Effort
I am convinced that this process in America and elsewhere is being orchestrated by the socialists and communists of the political left in order to create chaos and confusion in our country in preparation for their hoped-for violent overthrow of capitalism and the market economy, to be replaced with socialism. Socialist and communist organizations are very active among members of Congress today, for example, and many of our legislators are not loyal to America but to socialist and communist causes, contrary to the Constitution that they have sworn to protect.

Anti-Trump Red Guards Austin march in November 2016. Six communists
 were arrested in confrontations with pro-Trump demonstrators. Photo from
Maoistroad website.
A look at communist and socialist websites will demonstrate that these leftists regard America as the bad guy, and they support the communist countries of China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, etc., and are involved in communist goings-on in Russia and the communist countries just mentioned. The goal is world domination, as it has been since 1917 and before. Stirring up emotional upset, hatred, and prejudice is the road to subverting the nation.

When ‘Snowflakes’ Rule
People need to better understand the nature and uniqueness of American freedom. The so-called Free World, just in the past few decades, has given up much of their liberty. In most of these countries, a person’s complaint that someone insulted them can result in criminal prosecution. No nation other than the United States has protections equal to those decreed by the First Amendment. Under the U. S. Constitution, people cannot be criminally accused or punished for what they think, write, or say (unless directly inciting violence), but only for their actions. Thus, disloyal individuals and organizations have great latitude in spreading their propaganda. But when they translate that into violent or subversive acts, they can and should be punished under the law.

Beyond this, the leftist propaganda must be overcome by truth. Principles of individual responsibility and individual liberty must be taught, and education must be taken back from the leftist propagandists. Not everything a person disagrees with is racist, sexist, or homophobic. And even if they are, the answer is to overcome bad ideas with good ones, not silence everyone who wishes to speak what one considers heresy. “Political correctness” is a concept invented by communists. It is thoroughly antithetical to the American concept of individual liberty.

Leftists in America today, such as the reprehensible Southern Poverty Law Center label as “Hate groups” many traditional Christian organizations who believe in traditional marriage and biblical morality. The SPLC is one of the most hateful groups around. Why do supposedly legitimate organizations rely on their list?

It should be borne in mind that no “Progressive” politicians are far from socialism and indeed communism in their basic political positions, and many are rather openly affiliated with socialist and communist organizations. Their loyalty to America is extremely questionable. Yet many serve on the most sensitive committees in Congress when they could not pass a routine background check. Congress needs to recognize and correct this problem.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

After the Civil War, America Was Reunited

1913 - At the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, Union (left) and Confederate (right) veterans shake hands at a reunion in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  Image: Public Domain

By Eddie Howell

There was, not so long ago, a time in America, when people thought the Civil War, that bloody and a horrible nation-wrenching struggle of brother-against-brother, was finally over and peace was restored. As difficult as it was for everyone who fought, or who waited back home for their loved ones to return, it was finally over, and a true healing process had begun.

The impact was lasting, since the war was fought in America and not some far-off continent, and feelings did not change overnight. By the 25th anniversary of the end of the war, there were expressions of unity at Civil War reunions, although resentments still remained.

At the 50th anniversary (1913) of the Battle of Gettysburg, Union and Confederate veterans of the war shook hands across the stone wall of Pickett’s Charge in what appeared to be a time of sincere unity and forgiveness all around. Slavery was over, and to many, it seemed that the animosity had given way to mutual respect, and acknowledgement that the issues were settled.

Eternal Light Peace Memorial, dedicated in 1938 by President Franklin D.
Roosevelt at Gettysburg. Photo by Gettysburg Daily.

At the 75th anniversary (1938) of the Battle of Gettysburg, President Franklin Roosevelt dedicated the Eternal Light Peace Memorial, recognizing the Blue and the Gray veterans in attendance and saying, “I accept this Memorial in the spirit of brotherhood and peace.” After all those years, there appeared to be some closure concerning the North-South struggle. America was well united again and only a few fanatics still wanted to continue the fight. There was respect for all who had fought, if not agreement on all the controversies. Families by then were reunited, and the American family could take some satisfaction in the fact of peace in our own country.

So what has happened in this age of snowflakes, victims, and troublemakers? Any reference to the Confederacy today is considered by some to be a trigger for traumatic upset. This is very unfortunate, for it threatens basic American and human values: Free expression, free inquiry, knowledge of the facts of history, and respect for others. There is no one alive today who owned slaves during that era. The war ended over 150 years ago. All this time, until very recently (before the leftists began stirring up their misguided efforts), people accepted the facts that there was a Civil War, slavery was abolished, and now it’s over, and occasionally we see reminders of it.

The Civil War statues and memorials, flags, and symbols represent historical people and events, and it is a miserable injustice to condemn those who fought for the South as if their only concern was to oppress people. The war is over. The South lost the war, suffering mightily, but what has happened to the spirit of Lincoln, who wanted, above all, to preserve and restore the Union, as though it had never been separated? Those who demand the destruction or removal of Confederate statues, flags, and relics, even if they think their motives are pure, do a great disservice to our country. All Americans, North and South, deserve better.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Destroying Western Civilization for Leftist Control

By Eddie Howell

The following short videos are of Professor Alexandre Del Valle’s interview with the French news organization Damocl├Ęs. He explains that that the radical left wants to destroy the nation-state and the West, and are using NGOs funded by George Soros and other billionaires, along with criminal organizations, to help accomplish this.

Day by day, we’re seeing more signs that the radical-left-controlled U. S. Democratic Party and the globalist elites of the EU and elsewhere are stepping up their efforts to bring down Western, historically Christian, civilization and nations. The “refugee” crisis engulfing Europe, and the related Islamic jihadist movement have been largely manufactured by leftist globalist elites who want to cement their places in power by replacing the current populations with “immigrants” who will eventually receive full citizenship and voting rights, and, of course, vote for the politicians that encouraged their invasion. This they hope to accomplish even at the cost of the national identity of the European countries, and eventually even their nationhood.

This is also what the left wants to do in America. Their hatred of Donald Trump and his supporters has been stirred up because he represents an obstacle to their plans. Had Hillary Clinton been elected president, she would have facilitated their program as she promised, and soon it would have been arranged that there would be a one-party political system in America, going all in for global socialism. The well-known Clinton and leftist corruption would have been hushed up so much that anyone calling attention to it in an effective way would have to be silenced and discredited.

American sovereignty and freedom are on the line, as is Western civilization itself. The left would like to suppress Christianity and substitute socialism-communism.

Americans and Europeans should realize that socialism and communism are essentially the same thing, and lead inevitably to totalitarian dictatorship and murders of many citizens. There is no chance that “next time” socialism-communism will be set up with better people and a better system than, say, the Stalinist Soviet Union, because socialism-communism is inherently lawless and criminal, and incentivized so that the most cleverly ruthless people are soon in charge, and getting rid of anyone who shows effective opposition, and finally, also getting rid of anyone who fits the leaders’ baseless paranoid fears.

The entire popular appeal of this system is based on class envy and stirred-up anger that encourages atrocities as means to gain power. Rulers like Stalin, Mao, or Hitler are simply the natural results of such a lawless system which finally boils down to the law of the jungle and, in effect, the end of any decent civilization, let alone economic prosperity for any but the top echelons. The promised equality never happens.

The keys to an actual successful (although not perfect) society include individual liberty, free markets, and real justice. These things require, as John Adams said, a virtuous people who possess a love of liberty and country and also an underlying spiritual foundation of faith in God. Also required is a willingness to defend these things. Otherwise, the result will be an oppressive society.