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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Good-bye, Miss America

The contestants of the first Miss America pageant, 1921. The winner was the third girl from the left,
16-year-old Margaret Gorman of Washington, DC
     Links for photos above and below

Norma Smallwood, the first Native
American Miss America,
 wearing the title sash.
(Photo courtesy of ICTMN,

 It looks like the leftist SJWs, in their determination to bring down things that might suggest American tradition, have affected one of the popular long-term programs, the Miss America Pageant. It’s no longer to be a “pageant,” let alone a beauty pageant, so theoretically, good looks are not required, Whaat?? That changes the thing into something totally unlike what it has always been. As Paul Joseph Watson aptly points out, this move has destroyed the event.


Sunday, April 29, 2018

Leftists In America: Toward the New World Order

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders graciously sat
 through Michelle Wolf's obscene roast of Sanders and other Trump-
connected people.  -- screenshot.
The White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which President Trump wisely avoided, demonstrated that the leftist political media today is behaving as though they were the “journalistic” scum of the earth. The whole MSM together is, in politics, a net negative for America, and those who cheered “comedian” Michelle Wolf’s disgusting jokes should be banned from further attendance at White House briefings for a long while.

Trevor Loudon is right about socialists and communists in our government being America’s enemies within. They are just as much enemies of America as anyone in Cuba, China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran, or the Mafia. They are dangerous office holders. The leftist Democrat politicians are not loyal Americans in the sense of supporting the Constitution, as their oath of office requires, and so they behave more like enemies instead of simply opponents. Many are very active in socialist and communist organizations.

The same applies to leftist teachers and school administrators, who are busily destroying the youth of America through socialist-communist indoctrination dating back to John Dewey and before, but which has picked up speed in the past 30 to 40 years.

They are poison to American society and to our nation. They hate America, and America shouldn’t be tolerant about that. They are at present the greatest danger our country faces, and they can be formidable. The conservatives and traditionalists are not exactly blameless in allowing this situation to develop. One problem is Americans tend to be trusting of others, and tend not to follow politics beyond the most superficial level if at all. It’s like ignoring cancer until it spreads to destroy the whole body. And leftist politicians are cancer on the body of the United States of America. But they have the power to wake up and change. Those in control of the far-left movement in the U. S. are attempting to sow chaos in hopes of bringing about a communist revolution, and an eventual world government.

Little do most realize that in following what is “fashionable” among leftist thought leaders, they are participating, often unwittingly, in the middle-class-hating global elitists’ plan for world domination under a communist system. Actually, the middle-class members of American government, journalism, and academia, and entertainment are among those most hated by the elites*, although they are able to manipulate and control them through false propaganda and false promises. A look at leftist empires of the 20th century and leftist (socialist-communist) nations today should be enough to convince a reasonable person that the road they (leftists) are on leads to hell on earth. The fact that 44% of millennials reported in a poll that they would prefer to live under socialism instead of capitalism shows a tragic ignorance of history and a serious lack of knowledge about collectivist government.

But – Hate the sin, love the sinner, as Christianity teaches? It’s easy for the average American to hate the sins if they are aware of them and too tempting to hate the sinners as well. But to think that loving the sinner requires one to silently accept their sin is wrong. Ignoring reality is largely what brought us to this point.


*The globalist elites hate the middle class because
They are seen as competitors to the elites who believe they have the right to rule.
Middle-class people have ideas about their rights, which elites do not accept.
Elites regard all individuals except themselves as expendable, and any of the anointed elites who don’t follow the higher leaders are themselves expendable.
The elites want a two-class system: Rulers and everyone else (slaves, serfs, peasants, and servants, in a fixed, permanent class). Only the rulers will be recognized as having rights. The system they prefer is inherently violent and criminal and would result in the murders of many citizens by the authorities.

Human vanity and pride lead people to think they could prosper in the elites’ desired system, but only the established mega-rich would be allowed to rule, and those outside their families and bloodlines would have no status higher than servants. That is, no rights. Also, world population would be greatly decreased through wars, disease, imprisonment, and direct murders. Study Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, and Mao’s China for some understanding of how things would work if the New World Order were in place. That is what leftists today are working toward, wittingly or not.

Further reading: Wayne Jett, The Fruits of Graft: Great Depressions Then and Now. Launfel Press, Los Angeles, 2011. Also, view Mr. Jett’s videos on YouTube.

W. Cleon Skousen, The Naked Communist: Exposing Communism and Restoring Freedom. Izzard Ink Publishing, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2017. Originally published, 1958.

Trevor Loudon, Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists, and Progressives in the U. S. Congress, 2013-2015 Edition. Pacific Freedom Foundation, A Nevada Not for Profit Corporation, Las Vegas, NV, 2013. Also, see Loudon's films and videos.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Lowering of Higher Education in America

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

"Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?” – George W. Bush

Apparently, President Bush 43’s famous grammatically incorrect quote is not being effectively answered by anyone with the power and will to do anything about it in many high schools, colleges, and universities today. It’s pretty well established that many students who are admitted to college are unprepared for college work, yet have no trouble getting in, and once there, many learn little to nothing over their years of “study.” Tucker Carlson on Fox News clearly described problems with colleges and universities on his April 25 program, in a segment series called “Is College Worth It?” (Video below).

Test scores are dropping, but grades are getting higher. College costs are steadily increasing, while the value of the college experience is dropping, and in many cases is actually negative. Student loan debt is beyond what many loan recipients will ever be able to repay. Carlson says, "Colleges barely teach, yet every year they increase their fees. Try that in a private business, you might get indicted for fraud. Do it at an American university and you get billions in taxpayer subsidies."

More rigorous work could help, but college work is much less rigorous than it was not so long ago.
In his excellent blog, Confessions of a College Professor, (linked on this blog), Professor Doom gives us a continuing account of these troubles and their causes. Administrators now rule the higher education world and capitalize massively on the student loan scam. To do this, they try to make sure that students are “happy,” and the Admins penalize the instructors if the students complain about anything.

Administrators use the student loan funds to provide “palaces” and high six-figure salaries for themselves, while most faculty is adjunct (part-time), often qualifying for food stamps, few ever get tenure, and the emphases of the “study” curricula are more on political correctness and SJW topics, and less on academic achievement.

Dr. Doom points out that accreditation is a matter of paying the accreditation fees, and little else, so nothing changes unless criminal charges are brought. Administrators typically get a golden parachute whenever they leave, even if they leave under a cloud. Colleges these days are awash in cash, yet little of it benefits the students in terms of the supposed purpose of the university, and school policies add little to the academic or social quality of the college years, and actual results often demonstrate that it can be a very big waste of time and money.

With all the leftist-socialist-communist indoctrination going on, I repeat my statement from a previous article that colleges are some of the stupidest places in America. A prospective entrant should thoroughly check out any school he or she plans to attend, or risk a very disappointing result if the goal is a true education that can lead to a good future.

As Dr. Doom suggests, the solution would seem to be: Rein in the administrators, who have a chokehold on the system, dismantle the scandalous student loan program, upgrade academic standards, and restore accreditation rules with teeth. Sounds simple, but it’s like trying to get rid of cockroaches, termites, and bedbugs. Not easy, maybe not even possible without serious and strong intervention.

Update 05/01/2018: Removed Twitter link for video and added YouTube embed, removed Carlson photo.

This article does not address the fact that education has been deliberately dumbed down in America since the days of John Dewey and his associates. That’s an article for another day. There are good books on the subject, such as Samuel Blumenfeld and Alex Newman, Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools To Destroy America’s Children. WND Books, Washington, DC, 2015.

Friday, April 13, 2018

My Theory of California Politics: “Progressive” Leaders Don’t Care

(Also applicable to American far leftists in general)

By Eddie Howell

Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA)
If they did care, they’d act much differently. But the worsening situation is what they prefer.
Their plans seem to be working perfectly.

California is deeply in debt and it’s getting worse.     Leaders* do not care. Middle-class people are leaving in large numbers to escape high taxes, the high cost of living, 
and worsening living conditions. Leaders do not care.  Many people are homeless and living in filth. Leaders do
not care.

Illegal immigrant policies are endangering citizens.     Leaders do not care. State budget: 3/4 of money is to be spent on illegal immigrants. Leaders do not care. Middle-class people who stay will be in increasing danger from crime, disease, etc. If they are wiped out, leaders don’t care. The poor think they’ll eventually benefit from the money and property to be taken from “the rich.” They won’t. Instead, they will face chronic shortages and greater poverty.

Why don’t the leaders care?

CA politics is very largely communist. Leaders hate the middle class “bourgeoisie.”  Leaders will be kept in power by votes of illegal immigrants. Leaders want a two-class system -- mega-rich and serfs.

Leaders will work to silence or destroy opposition as much as they can get away with. It’s OK if the state has no money as long as the leaders have theirs, and they will get more from the state for as long as possible. It will take some time for the illegals to realize they’ve been thoroughly swindled, and by the time they do, it will be too late.

*“Leaders” refers to people in political office, currently in power, in California, who are of the “progressive,” “liberal,” socialist or communist persuasion. Fortunately, there are conservatives and others who oppose their policies.

Illustration: By Don Bachardy -, Public Domain,

Friday, March 30, 2018

Jordan Peterson Makes Sense; Leftists Must Disagree

The latest publishing/internet/YouTube/academic phenomenon, a Canadian professor, and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is getting a lot of attention these days by simply advocating for common sense and freedom to speak. He does not adhere to political correctness. His latest book, 12 Rules for Living: An Antidote to Chaos, is aimed at young people, especially men, who are in need of direction to make their lives meaningful and productive despite all the weirdness and confusion they find around them. He advocates a life of responsible thinking, speaking, and acting. He also challenges some of the liberals’ position on human sexuality, debate, and other topics.

Two Fox News videos follow, the first from Peterson’s appearance with Tucker Carlson, then his appearance with Greg Gutfeld on their respective Fox News shows.

His critics attack him for daring to disagree with leftist propaganda about transgenderism and related matters and have even gone so far as to call him a white supremacist. But truth and good sense will eventually win out. Also, Peterson is a very considerate debater, who recommends finding something positive in other peoples’ position, admitting that they might know something he doesn’t. For hardened leftist ideologues, that might not go very far.

Friday, March 16, 2018

What Prevents Another Financial Collapse and Depression?

Great Depression breadline (detail) -- Public Domain

By Eddie Howell

The “ruling globalist elite” are frequently mentioned in political articles these days, and usually, it’s 
pointed out that these people are very secretive about their plans, their history, and often their identity. Who are the behind-the-scenes rulers pulling the strings?

The elites are often identified with the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, and the Council on Foreign Relations, etc. “Conspiracy theorists,” who are usually simply trying to find out and present the truth, are painted as paranoid nut cases. Maybe some are, but most can see the threat posed to ordinary people by these ruling masters, the true robber barons, and would like to counteract them. The elites themselves seem to encourage confusion and enjoy being mysterious, lest people get wise to the elites’ nefarious plans, and actually do things to restrain or neutralize them.

There is quite a lot of literature and video purporting to inform about the elites’ history and objectives, and some have plausibility. Some get into bizarre theories, but many do not.

There are various names for movements and organizations which are or might be in league with the elites, and therefore attempting to take down the middle class, which is the elites’ main goal:

(In addition to those mentioned above)
Socialist organizations (They hate private profit and property.)
Communist organizations (They hate the bourgeoisie.)
Leftist labor union bosses (They object to the profits of the company owners and executives.)
The U.S. Democratic Party (Their championing of the middle class is basically a lie.)
The Federal Reserve (They have virtually unrestricted contol of the money supply,)
The Securities and Exchange Commission (They seldom go after violators and rarely report to
  any kind of oversight because the law allows this.)
Wall Street banks
Islamic jihad movement
Environmental groups
Gun control groups
and others

There is plenty of overlap among these, and many are unwitting helpers to the elites, such as the high schoolers’ anti-gun effort, and people who ignorantly support socialism.

Job seekers during the Great Depression  -- Public Domain

Mercantilism as an economic system dates back to the Middle Ages, and involved wealthy organizations seeking to secure monopoly power, using government authority, for the purpose of acquiring precious metals and achieving a favorable trade balance, and in the process, weaken their nations’ enemies and wipe out competition. Mercantilism was practiced most effectively by countries that had colonial interests, and the mercantilists worked to assure that they controlled all aspects of manufacturing, trade, and finance. 

They were mainly focused on their own financial gain and manipulated governments and others for that purpose, pushing aside independent merchants who might try to compete with them, or political opponents who might get in their way. It was a sort of “legalized” mafia, and was practiced in most major countries, competing with each other.

Displaced family during the Great Depression -- Public Domain

Wayne Jett, author of The Fruits of Graft* describes the elites as mercantilists, which seems an apt term. Mercantilism, as practiced by the ruling elites today, seeks the financial gain of mega-rich elites, as Jett shows, and is focused on inflicting harm and destruction on the productive middle class, resulting in a two-class system (elites and serfs), as described in 1901 by H.G. Wells in his book Anticipations...**  Jett calls this book the elitist manifesto. It advocates the removal of the middle class through taxation, wars, and killing, in order to restore the “natural order” of things.

Wells greatly impressed both Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt during their respective presidencies and conferred with leading mercantilists of the day. Jett powerfully argues that the mercantilists executed the Great Crash of 1929, and largely by actions of Franklin     D. Roosevelt, made the ensuing Great Depression much deeper and longer lasting than it might  have been otherwise.

 Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Joseph Robinson in Washington, D.C., First Inauguration, March 4, 1933 (National Archives).
Through deliberately counterproductive policies and acts, FDR destroyed much of the wealth of the middle class, and the poor also suffered greatly. While presenting himself as concerned for the “forgotten man,” he actively pursued actions which destroyed people he supposedly was trying to help. Millions of Americans needlessly starved to death thanks to these manipulations. Correction: The actual number of people who starved to death is difficult to determine. Some figures given are from 3 to 7 million; others say that starvation occurred, but was not that widespread. It is well established, however, that many people went hungry and many suffered from malnutrition and related diseases, such as rickets. Diseases such as tuberculosis and pneumonia increased, and many died of exposure. Often, children were without milk, and many people generally could not afford medical treatment or sufficient nourishing food. All this took place while FDR had economic means of recovery at his fingertips, but the continuing high taxes and gold hoarding by the Administration, monetizing neither the vast gold purchases nor the gold confiscated from the public, kept most people with little to no money, and suffering accordingly. 

Jett details these things and meticulously documents them. He also documents the mercantilists’ destructive actions in the dot-com bubble burst of 2000-2001 and the Crash of 2008 during the Great Recession. His descriptions of what happened in each of these episodes are alarming. They also are supported by historical facts and classical economic analysis.

The elites are working to put the middle class out of business and out of existence. This is what happened as a result of the elitist-supported Russian Revolution of 1917, and preliminary conflicts in the years leading up to it. A civilization of over 1,000 years was destroyed. The middle class “bourgeoisie” faced murder or imprisonment. With much of the skilled and productive middle class gone, the communists were left with few skills for governing, and leaders whose murderous bloodthirst gave their nation a lawless dictatorship. Millions of murders of citizens took place. Leftists in the U.S. today would like to imitate that process here.

Some ways that are pointed out as being used to destroy the middle class include higher taxes (thus the Democrats’ opposition to the Trump tax cuts), and lack of government attention to destructive practices in the financial markets. The stock market meltdowns of 1929 and 2008 were brought about deliberately through unrestrained, often fraudulent, short-selling for the benefit of elite buyers of the distressed shares and assets at very low prices. Investors were, in many cases wiped out. On many fronts, changes are needed to reduce the elitists’ power and protect American citizens.

So what has been done in light of the 2008 collapse that will prevent a similar occurrence in the future? Scandalously little! The Fed still can run wild with the value of the dollar, the IRS can abuse its authority, the SEC can run interference for those they are supposed to be regulating, and dark markets for commodities can still operate. Hedge funds can still largely operate in secret. All it would take to cause a 2008-type crash might be a decision by the elite powers that be to spread false rumors about target companies’ financial strength, launch stock market bear attacks, then wait for the dust to settle and step in to buy what’s left, on the cheap. Meanwhile, watch out for your IRA and 401(K). Of course, the elite geniuses will probably come up with something sneakier next time. Trump Administration vigilance might be able to foil such an attack by the Deep State Swamp. But until big changes are made, it seems the danger remains.

 Following is a YouTube video in which Mr. Jett explains some things about his book.

*Wayne Jett, The Fruits of Graft (Los Angeles: Launfal Press, 2011). I highly recommend this book.

** H. G. Wells, Anticipations of the Effects of the Reaction of Mechanical and Scientific Progress upon Human Life and Thought (New York and London: Harper & Brothers, 1901).

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Mike Adams: Globalist Depopulation Agenda Targets Blacks First

By Eddie Howell

Mike Adams of Natural News warns in the following video that the science establishment of Big Pharma, the UN (through UNICEF, WHO, etc.), and the Federal Government (through the FDA, EPA, CDC, and even the FBI), Planned Parenthood, and others, have been secretly, and not-so-secretly plotting the extermination of the black African race through nefarious means involving contaminated vaccines, food supplies, medicines, chemicals, water, and other avenues. It is widely known that some globalists desire to reduce the earth’s population to about one billion people, and indications are that they are starting mostly with black and brown people.

The video, which some have trouble dealing with, shows that the mainstream media will cover little of the subject matter discussed, although sometimes whistle-blowers come forward, or perpetrators get caught in their evil acts. Adams encourages viewers to connect the dots, as he has been doing, and see the pattern, which becomes apparent under scrutiny.

I believe the presentation explains a lot, and is too convincing to dismiss.

YouTube has taken Natural News’ channel off their site as part of their ongoing efforts to censor material that does not conform to their politically correct agenda.