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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thoughts on the Charlottesville Tragedy

By Eddie Howell

The tragedy of Charlottesville is multifaceted event with plenty of blame to go around. Few except the neo-Nazis themselves would justify the obvious evil of racism or white supremacy. But President Trump is right to recognize there is blame on many sides.

The leftist governor of Virginia and the leftist mayor of Charlottesville want to blame Mr. Trump for the troubles, but they themselves failed to the point that many injuries took place and a life was needlessly lost. A Washington Examiner editorial puts a spotlight on this:

Ahead of the event, the Washington Examiner's Tom Rogan warned against the city's attempt to relocate the Nazis from their desired place of protest. He pointed out that the more sensible course would be to allow them to protest in Emancipation Park as a way to contain them and keep the counter-protestors away from them.
The authorities instead chose to allow the warring factions to intermingle, with predictable results. Charlottesville became a small war zone. Making matters much worse, the police were apparently ordered to stand by as the various factions beat each other bloody.
Further, the editorial details how the governor and mayor failed to protect the First Amendment free speech rights or the neo-Nazi organizer, who was chased away from his press conference. The ones who received a permit to protest the removal of a statue were attacked by people who had no permit, and should not have been there.

It is obvious that neither Governor Terry McAuliffe nor Mayor Mike Signer understands the First Amendment, although both have likely taken an oath to protect the Constitution. They doubled down on their failures. People want to say hate speech is not free speech, but actually it is protected by the First Amendment, as firmly established in Supreme Court cases. If these people don't have free speech rights, no one else does either.

As for the person who killed a woman and injured several other people, his day in court is coming. The hate in the heart of someone who would do this is evil indeed. But it's too bad some common-sense precautions weren't taken which could have prevented this from happening.

Further, as Mr. Trump suggested, there were “fine people” there to protest also, and also among the counter-protesters. You don't have to be a racist or white supremacist to oppose the removal of historic statues or any Confederate monuments. As Condoleeza Rice pointed out, hiding history is not a good thing.

There is hate on “many sides,” as Mr. Trump said. But the strongest hate in America today appears to be the hysterical leftist hate campaign against President Trump.

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Election of Donald Trump was the Best Political Event since the '80s

By Eddie Howell

Among other things, the election of President Donald J. Trump was a well-deserved political poke in the eye to the globalists and “ruling class,” an encouragement to many who hadn't been voting, and a spotlight on issues the establishment has refused to deal with for generations. Trump is emphatically showing the progressives how out of touch they have been, although they're refusing to get the message. If he didn't upset all their apple carts, he shook them vigorously. It was certainly the most interesting, entertaining, and meaningful election season in decades. “America First!” What a concept! “Make America Great Again!” What a goal!

I believe the impact of the election was and is far greater than a simple change of parties. It's a serious episode in a titanic struggle. Is Trump strong enough, and are his principles appealing enough to the American people to stave off the unflinching and unending attempt to destroy him?

I am an admirer of President Trump, though I believe I could offer him some constructive criticism, as some others have. Overall, I would say, let Trump be Trump, he's going to anyway. My concerns at present include these: (1) All Obama appointees should be removed from the government as soon as possible, even if they can't be immediately replaced. (2) Continue to stand firm against the fake news media and the Democrat hate campaign. (3) Consider firing Robert Mueller and ending the whole Russia “investigation” immediately and getting rid of everyone Mueller has hired. (4) As for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, I believe that it was a mistake to keep criticizing Sessions. Don't alienate your best ally in the government.

I suggest asking Mr. Sessions to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Robert Mueller and his investigation. See if anything illegal can be found. Hire dozens of lawyers and investigators. Empanel a grand jury. Look in every nook and cranny, and under every rock until you find something.* That's exactly what Mueller is doing to Trump. Mueller is anything but a disinterested party as he goes after the president. I think his legacy will be (and certainly should be) that instead of being a fair investigator, he is a simply a partisan political hack.

*A touch of sarcasm, I think.

(By the way, doesn't referring a case to a grand jury generally happen after criminal charges have been filed?)

But I digress. Back to some things suggested by this article's title, the election of Trump has been very beneficial in many ways, such as:

  1. Hillary Clinton is not president. This is a great accomplishment, keeping Hillary and her criminal enterprises out of the White House. But the main thing about it is keeping the progressive/socialist/globalist approach to government out of the White House.
  2. The economy is bouncing back. Employment, corporate profits, and productivity are on the upswing, and the trade deficit is heading downward. None of this would be happening under Hillary, who would be pressing for ever-higher taxes, greater spending, more regulations, endlessly more “refugees,” and an end to gun rights. Upon her taking office, we would have seen the start of a new and worse recession.
  3. Trump is staying generally conservative on the social issues, where Hillary would double down on support of snowflakes, Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, gender changing, etc.
  4. More ordinary people are paying attention to politics and noticing the hypocrisy and corruption of the deliberately out-of-touch left, whose main loyalty is to the globalist and socialist elites and not to the working people of America, or even America herself.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Can and Should Trump End Mueller's Witch Hunt Now?

By Eddie Howell

Will President Trump fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller? Can he? There are plenty of opinions being currently published addressing these questions. What would be the results of firing Mueller? Or the results of not firing him?

My own thoughts on this begin with the fact, as I believe it is a fact, that the Mueller investigation is a sham, a charade, and a witch hunt designed to destroy Donald Trump. It is an investigation in search of a crime. It is entirely unfair to the president and harmful to America. It is a drain on American taxpayers' money and resources which should be used to go after actual criminals.

Liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz has interesting comments on the problems of special counsel investigations and prosecutors going too far in looking for a crime in violation of the rights of people they are investigating. (YouTube video dated 07/22/2017)

Peter Beinart at The Atlantic thinks that the Trump team may regard firing Mueller as a good move, and I think that's probably correct. An article by Doyle McManus in The Los Angeles Times says, as do others, that if Trump moved to fire Mueller, it would bring on a constitutional crisis. A New York Times article headline says “Trump Can't Just Fire Mueller,”

It's in the interest of the Anti-Trump Witch Hunt to say that Trump can't fire Mueller and that if he did (or tried), it would bring on dire consequences. The Swamp seems to think the Trump presidency could not survive an attempt to fire Mueller, and hopes that if he doesn't fire the special counsel, Mueller will dig up enough dirt, real or imagined, to force Trump out and destroy his life as much as possible.

So, as Trump understands, regarding the Mueller investigation, he (Trump) is between a rock and a hard place. Should he suffer the consequences of removing Mueller now, or wait until Mueller announces his findings, which, whatever the facts may be, will be designed to damage Trump as much as possible. Trump, in making a decision to fire or not to fire, must choose between those two alternatives. Or so it seems to me.

I do not accept the statement that Trump cannot legally fire Mueller. His army of lawyers can figure out how to manipulate and exploit the regulations to accomplish Mueller's firing legally and effectively. The president has authority concerning regulations and their enforcement. He is head of the Executive Branch of government. Mueller is under the authority of the Executive Branch. The legal niceties can certainly be dealt with and the firing accomplished if the president decides to do it. What Mr. Trump must be concerned about is which choice is the better in terms of risk of damage to himself and America. Most of his voters still support him strongly. GOP members of Congress may speak against firing Mueller, but most Republican voters would support it, understanding that Mueller's role is simply part of the Swamp's hysterical hate campaign to destroy Trump, facts or no facts.

A Politico article by Matthew Nussbaum lists ways Trump could fire Mueller. It is not true that Trump can't fire Mueller. The article also suggests that if he did, Congress could bring back an independent counsel statute and bring back Mueller to continue, beyond Trump's grasp.

Congress would have to have a veto-proof majority for that to happen.

Another idea for Trump, if he wants to fire Mueller, might be to get Attorney General Jeff Sessions to un-recuse himself and fire Mueller. Then shut down the FBI Russia investigation.

The globalists and establishment denizens of the Swamp are determined to get rid of Trump, and they very well may yet do it whether Trump fires Mueller or not. But they may also be making a very big mistake if they think they can defeat Trump easily.

I would like see Mueller shown the exit. I think Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should be fired as well. I hope he won't fire Sessions. But the only one who can or should make a final decision about firing Mueller is President Trump. It's not a question of whether he can do it, but, for the sake of his presidency and America, whether he should.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Road to Destruction

By Eddie Howell

The leftists try to portray President Trump as a divisive figure. They try to blame him for the turmoil in Washington, when they bear much more responsibility than he. The left is orchestrating an unprecedented hate campaign against the president in an attempt to destroy him and his presidency. In doing this, they are employing tactics not unlike the left-wing revolutionaries of the 1960's complete with criminal acts including threats of violence against the president by public figures, approval of violent rioting by “antifa” paid thugs, and illegal leaks of classified information.The criminal activity is on the left, not the right. Yet the Democrats keep chasing their dream of some kind of Trump collusion with Russia which, they hope, would lead to impeachment, or worse.

The violence mentioned is directed at Trump supporters who dare to speak up in public against the leftist criminal element which currently still has charge of much of Washington, D.C. Democrats do their best to delay and stop Trump's agenda items at every turn. Even the GOP establishment is frequently showing themselves to be a true part of the D.C. Swamp. The loyal opposition is no longer loyal, to their duties or to America. Through the Clintons and other avenues, the Democrats likely have more shady foreign connections than Trump would ever have. Nothing has been proven thus far from Mueller and the Anti-Trumpers' Witch Hunt, which so far has only succeeded in harassing people, at great public expense.

I believe President Trump should put an immediate end to Mueller's employment and the whole sham “Russia” investigation. Get FBI top officials who will go after the real criminals Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton – and give James Comey and Loretta Lynch a thorough going over. Get all this junk cleared up so the government can do its job.

The Trump agenda is being delayed by GOP senators as well as Democrats. Mr. McConnell should know by now that the “nuclear option” in the Senate should be employed for all matters. The “filibuster” as currently structured is more of a joke than it is something that befits a deliberative body. It allows the minority to stop legislation with minimal effort and little to no reason.

Given the left's continual pounding against Trump by every available means, what are ordinary Americans supposed to think? That this unbearable conduct should be allowed to continue without any protest? The left, in lockstep, is demonstrating fascist tactics from the highest levels of the Democratic Party on down to the terrorist antifa rioters. When George Soros or some other high-up communist gives the order, the leftist operatives, useful idiots, and so-called journalists of fake news go into attack mode. What is supposed to pass for news is propaganda coordinated with the leftist bosses. It is entirely reasonable to question the patriotism of these people. It appears to be severely lacking. Policy differences cannot account for what they are doing. They are out for destruction.

It should be obvious by now that the Democrats, as a whole, care nothing for the American working people or the economy. “America First” is a major turn-off for them. They want to protect, promote, and celebrate every evil thing in our nation, from Islamic terrorism to sexual perversion, to anti-police violence, and whatever anti-American and anti-white thing there is. They want a fascistic system that punishes anything that that goes outside of political correctness and makes mandatory whatever supports their radical ideas. This is true fascism. They want an economy based on corporatism with the government in charge. They want to penalize any kind of financial success of legitimate business.

They want socialism, which is the opposite of freedom and is the engine of death. The death culture they support demonstrates a lack of concern for human life despite their attempts to present themselves as compassionate, caring people. 

And what if they succeed and the Swamp prevails? The globalists will run America. Angela Merkel and her ilk will have more control of the U.S. than our elected representatives. Sharia law will be enshrined, borders will be open to all, jobs will disappear and government dependency will increase. The United Nations will have more say-so than our Constitution and structural changes to government will be engineered to silence criticism and conservative influence. Following this would be a catastrophic collapse, with other and hostile countries coming in to pick up the pieces and rule where people had not the courage or moral fiber to maintain our Republic. Meanwhile the globalist elites would sit back and laugh. 

May God deliver us from that kind of fate. Whatever happened to “Give me liberty or give me death?”

Photo:  Fuel to the Fire
News: Young men throw bottles of beer at burning vehicles as a riot ensues after the funeral of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, April 27, 2015. Gray died April 19 from a severe spinal injury that allegedly occurred while in police custody. Looting and riots broke out in Baltimore after the funeral. The Maryland governor declared a state of emergency. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Kenny Holston.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Anti-Trump Leaders Must Be Viewed with Suspicion

By Eddie Howell

The Democratic Party of today bears little resemblance to the party of previous years. Although its power-grabbing ways can be traced further back than Woodrow Wilson (later, FDR and LBJ), its present unholy alliance with international globalism and anti-capitalism/socialism/communism surpasses any radical tendencies of previous generations.

There are some Democrats who love America and want to preserve our nation and its constitution. But too many have joined the hysterical push to remove Donald Trump at all costs. Donald Trump represents the main resistance to globalism and the main political force for American sovereignty and liberty. Two big heroes of Democrat radicalism today (besides the Clintons) are the late Saul Alinsky and the still-kicking international criminal George Soros. Their track records speak for themselves to anyone who wishes to pay attention.

It is the Democrats and their cronies the mainstream media who have been producing and promoting images and talk of violence against President Trump and his supporters. Their approval of Black Lives Matter and street violence demonstrate their lack of restraint. The shooting of Rep. Scalise at the baseball practice field was a predictable consequence of the Democrats' “resistance” agenda. Their demonic effort to remove Trump from office is a far cry from civil political debate and discourse. No reasonable discussion can be had with many of these radicalized zealots. They have become like terrorists and terrorism supporters when it comes to Mr. Trump.

I am not connected with the organization of Alex Jones (, but I recognize there is truth in what he says about the situation we face in America. The following video illustrates some of the things this article is about, especially in regard to the mainstream media and their very distrurbing efforts against President Trump. His tweets in response are mild considering the unending barrage of fake news trash thrown his way daily.

The leftists have insulted Mr. Trump's supporters, virtually half the country, without let-up. The are not concerned with anyone or anything other than their own rabid political goal, in which they're joined by Hollywood celebrities, and, worse, by academics who are corrupting their young charges in many colleges, universities, and public schools. President Trump and his supporters must remain steadfast and not give in. They must also be aware of the security risks the Democrats and their mindless followers pose to Mr. Trump, and his supporters, and the general public. Rioters must be dealt with decisively, and sufficient force must be brought to bear just to maintain public safety. People who beat up others must be punished. College students and professors who commit crimes must be brought to justice.

Citizens should demand that colleges that abuse the rights of their students, faculty, invited guests, or the public should be sanctioned by defunding, boycotting, and other appropriate means. What the globalist elites want, and what the hysterical anti-Trumpers are working toward (some unwittingly) is somehow forcing Trump from office, then getting our country put under some level of martial law. The globalist elites do not care what the human costs of all this will be. The public stands in the way of their takeover. Provoking war is one option they are willing to consider. Will there be an American Tiananmen Square? Those string-pullers at the top wouldn't mind. They could put the FEMA camps we read about to use as prisons and concentration camps for our citizens without batting an eye.

The globalists and their dupes have no regard for Americans' well being. The gang members and jihadists could be used, and some other countries have no particular regard for America if they're not getting what they want from us.

At this point, we do have a chance to prevail over chaos and destruction. The fact that Donald Trump, and not Hillary Clinton, was elected represents an opportunity for America to be preserved, albeit through some weird and troubling times. There must be some recognition of the dangers by the American people, many of whom want little to do with politics. But we must keep in mind what some wise person said: “You may not take an interest in politics, but politics may very well take an interest in you.” I do not believe the worst is inevitable. But the threat is there.

The American people still have some regard for what America is supposed to represent: freedom, virtue, justice, and truth.

People need to be praying every day for America, for our president, his administration and supporters, and for those deceived citizens who are making themselves adversaries of our nation. As we celebrate Independence Day, we should reflect on its real meaning to our country, and the great things that are at stake.

Friday, June 30, 2017

What's Happened to America's Founding Principles?


Has America improved over the years in light of its Founders' intentions and the founding documents? With the founding of a nation unique in the world in its governing philosophy, has the nation been faithful to its ideals? A compelling explanation of what has happened over these years to the American Founders' vision is discussed in Angelo Codevilla's three-part series called “Progression – or Degeneracy?” These essays discuss philosophical and practical topics, and their message commands attention.

The essays appear at American Greatness.

The above link is to the first part, where you will find links to the second and third parts. It is worthwhile reading and valuable food for thought. I had not been aware of this website until today, and I have added it to my list of “Interesting Links.” Enjoy and think.
–  E.H.

Illustration: Declaration of Independence, by John Trumbull, 1819 (Wikipedia)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bernie Sanders on Trump: It's Sanders Who Shouldn't Be Believed

By Eddie Howell

Michael Walsh of Yahoo News reported on Bernie Sanders' remarks during a discussion at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, D.C., on June 22.

Is Senator Bernie Sanders correct that President Donald Trump's “authoritarianism” is a threat to American democracy? Hardly. American democracy, in terms of people saying and doing what they like, voting as they like with honest results, and worshiping as they like, indeed the whole Bill of Rights appears to be in quite good shape. Of course the Tenth Amendment hasn't been respected by government in the last century, and more, with few exceptions. But Trump has had little influence on that.

Sanders obviously prefers the policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to those of Donald Trump.

Sanders says no president has told as many “outrageous and blatant lies” as Trump. Really? It would take quite a few misstatements of fact to equal Obama's blatant lie, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.” He used that one to sell a destructive health care power grab that a majority of Americans never wanted. Plenty of other lies came from Obama, enough to make Trump look like a faithful Boy Scout.

A few more of Obama's many lies, as listed by Western Journalism in an article by Derrick Hollenbeck, dated September 4, 2012, are the following:

Obama said there has never been a better friend of Israel in the White House, and also “In May 2011, Obama asked G8 member nations to fund the Arab Spring counties who are clearly on their way to planning an all-out attack on Israel.”

“Obama lied and said that there would not be public funding of abortions under Obamacare.” Further,
Remember Obama telling us there would be no earmarks in his 2009 stimulus package? He lied. The bill had over 9,000 earmarks in it; and of course, it failed to deliver even a small improvement for our economy.
And those are just in his first term.

Authoritarianism? When a president uses his legitimate authority, which is considerable, that is not authoritarianism. If you want examples of authoritarianism, consider Democrat presidents. Woodrow Wilson made it illegal to criticize the government or the World War I effort. Barack Obama legislated immigration policies contrary to statute, after previously stating, correctly, that he lacked the authority to do so. His pen and phone were used to usurp congressional authority, but Congress made no real attempt to stop him. They simply criticized him, and filed a few lawsuits.

Trump's efforts with executive orders are mostly aimed at undoing Obama's abuses and keeping his own campaign promises, within existing law, in the fields of immigration, regulations and others.

Largely by his own authoritarian policies, Obama had America set up to suffer his “third term” in the presidency of Hillary Clinton, had she been elected as expected. Fortunately, the election of Trump has, in my opinion, saved America from globalism and a calamitous collapse, at least temporarily.

Also, contrary to Mr. Sanders' statement, President Trump's statement that the “mainstream media” is “fake news,” not to be believed, is quite true in the realm of political news, especially in “reporting” on Donald Trump. It is blatantly obvious that much political “journalism” from the MSM these days is actually anti-Trump propaganda. Also,
[Sanders] said Trump’s outbursts at judges are not simply “temper tantrums” but a blatant disregard for the separation of powers enshrined in the Constitution — attempts to delegitimize a coequal branch of government so it cannot constrain his power.
But the courts brought criticism upon themselves by playing politics and ignoring the president's constitutional power to limit immigration. If the president wanted to, he could legally stop any and all immigration, which has been done for long periods in previous years. If the president believes limiting immigration is necessary, he can do it, no matter what he might have said during his election campaign.

Sanders thinks Trump's criticism of judges is a danger to constitutional separation of powers, but Democrats have a poor record in that regard. Sanders thinks Trump is trying to “delegitimize a coequal branch of government.” But he's simply expressing reasonable opinions. And the courts have constrained his power, though not, in my opinion, legitimately. Meanwhile, Democrats and leftists are trying to delegitimize the Trump presidency, i.e., that of the Chief Executive of the coequal Executive Branch of government, which to Sanders is apparently OK.

Further, it must be noted that, while socialist Sanders complains of authoritarianism, socialism is the very acme of authoritarianism, which it has to be, in order to make its anti-freedom, paternalistic system work (for a while). Socialism leads to things like we see in Venezuela, as a relatively mild example. Lenin said, “The goal of socialism is communism.” Ludwig von Mises, libertarian economist said, “The goal of socialism is socialism.” It is not individual freedom or economic prosperity, and even if it were, socialists know no way of producing either.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Trump Is Right – The MSM Is the Enemy of the American People

By Eddie Howell

The “Mainstream” Media are no longer mainstream, but are, in fact, the enemy of the American people – along with their patrons the hysterical leftist politicians and globalist elites. There is no restraint in their propaganda any more. Anything goes, as long as it might contribute to the destruction of President Trump and his administration.

The elites and their brainless followers will allow no reasoned argument to get in the way of their seditious, often treasonous activities: paid rioting mobs, senseless attacks on defenseless people, violence against law enforcement, shutting down freedom of speech. Why aren't more of these people going to prison? Why aren't college campus crimes by students and others punished?

With the DC shootings, as Ann Coulter said, the “resistance” has gone live-fire. When media figures are excusing the shooting of Congressman Scalise, decency is going out the window. When celebrities can cheer the “Julius Caesar” Trump stabbing at a play, they probably would howl with delight if something like that actually befell the president. For my money, these folks are without moral standards, let alone journalistic standards, and are worse than worthless until/unless they repent.

Speaking of Ann Coulter, this is her appearance on Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight after President Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement, and Kathy Griffin released her infamous Trump beheaded video. Poor leftist victims!

Scott Pelley said the shooting of Scalise was “somewhat self-inflicted.” Does he wonder why his ratings are slipping? These media figures of the MSM are slowly putting themselves and their employers out of work. It is only to be expected that print media and broadcast news are losing readers and viewers. People know they can't be trusted. In fact, they suspect, with justification, that the MSM is actually not so much interested in informing them, but, like the elites, are more out to get them.

Trump can make a lot of sense with his tweets. The progressives don't like the tweets because he tells the truth about them. They obviously have only contempt for Mr. Trump and his supporters. Further, the globalists have contempt for all ordinary people, and wouldn't mind wiping many of them out through war and other means. War is one way they make their fortunes, ya know.

You can be sure that any liberals' calls for unity after the DC shooting was just lip service, and they know they will do nothing to promote unity and a lot to increase division.

Mr, Trump is criticized for his tendency to counter-punch when attacked, but that represents his best way of getting his message across and possibly exacting compensation for unjustified attacks.

To call Mr. Trump a racist, bigot, homophobe, Islamophobe, or anything similar simply shows that the left has no cogent arguments and knows nothing but name calling and innuendo. I would like to see the president throw their criticisms right back in their faces, fire Mueller, fire Rosenstein, and scrap the phony FBI Russia investigation. Perhaps he should file suit against some of his defamers and libelers. And most of all, fire all the Obama holdovers and get his own people in place. Then fire and prosecute all the leakers that can be identified. And get the DOJ to investigate the real criminals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Whatever the president's critics think he's doing that's bad for America, their own actions are a hundred times worse because they are striking at the very foundation of our country. Of course, if they don't care for America, they find that OK. They may think it would be OK to be ruled by Angela Merkel and her friends, and greatly increase our population of unvetted immigrants. If that's the case, it is treason.

Friday, June 2, 2017

President Trump's Wise Climate Decision

By Eddie Howell

The leftist/globalists are beside themselves with anger over President Trump's decision to pull America out of the Paris climate accord. If they just listened to his speech objectively, they would see that he would have been foolish not to do so. It was mainly a legalized extortion scheme to transfer American wealth and jobs to other countries. That's why the leftist/globalists are so upset.

A lot of the unhinged reactions to the decision are based on just that, but some are happening because people are simply ignorant of (1) the economic damage America would endure, and (2) the serious misconceptions and weaknesses of the accord. It's a political agreement designed to get American money, made by people who should know that if everyone involved did everything the accord required, it would have no positive effect on the climate, and a very negative effect on America. Mr. Trump explains –

The globalists and leftists, here and abroad aren't concerned with the bad results the accord would bring for the U. S., they just want America to sacrificially support the globalist agenda. Germany is especially upset, because they would not get to impose the accord on us, forcing a substantial surrender of American sovereignty. Like France, we would be ruled to a considerable extent by Angela Merkel. And they somehow can't understand Trump's decision.

Trump is wise to fulfill his campaign pledges about this and other matters pertaining to foreign entanglements that put our country at a distinct disadvantage. Bravo, Mr. President!

Further reading:

Melanie Arter, “Trump Pulling Out of Paris Accord: Amounts to Redistribution of Wealth to Foreign Countries,” 06/01/2017. CNS News

Ryan McMaken, “Studying the Climate Doesn't Make You an Expert on Economics and Politics,” 06/01/2017, Mises Wire

Friday, May 19, 2017

Our Betters Keep Getting Worse

By Eddie Howell
The leaders of America, as a whole, are failing to improve the lot of our country. We are witnessing what looks like national suicide in progress, abandonment of the rule of law, collapsing “higher education” run by gutless fools and populated by arrogant fascists. Also, we've seen open borders, deliberate release of vicious criminals, deliberate importing of jihadist murderers, and more by people who seem to demand our respect for their superior wisdom and judgment.

Sen. Schumer, Official Portrait
The main exception to this miserable state of affairs among our so-called betters is Donald J. Trump, whose intention is to drain the swamp these lazy louts, crooks, and influence peddlers have created. There is scarcely an area of American life that has not been damaged or hampered or tainted by the political left and their unhinged war on honesty, conservatism, and freedom. The founding principles of America are left to languish in a sea of death, debt, dishonesty, and cronyism. People with Ivy League credentials who claim the leadership positions very often cannot manage their own affairs but are too willing to micromanage other peoples' business.

The ruling class has become nearly as bad as the mafia, complete with criminal activity. The mafia at least is not responsible for leading and protecting the nation or setting a moral example. They are a bad thing, but they are trying to, in some sense, give people what they want. The Left gives some people what they want by means of stealing from others. They probably think they're like Robin Hood, but Robin Hood, whatever else he was, was a thief and essentially part of the corruption.

The main goal of the elite today is to destroy Donald Trump. This now overrides all other considerations for the mainstream media, the liberal universities, Hollywood, the Democratic Party, and the left in general. The anti-Trumpers are stirring up hostility against their enemy with wartime-like propaganda, with such a slanted negativity against the president that a study by Harvard (!) shows it's much more negative than anything thrown at the previous three administrations.

The enthusiasm to investigate Trump is high, with some clamoring for impeachment. But where was the enthusiasm to investigate when it came to investigating the numerous scandals of Obama and Hillary? Real, demonstrated crime was left alone, while seemingly baseless concerns about Trump are made into a constitutional crisis. Someone Trump once associated with had some business dealings that involved a Russian bank. Where's the crime? Where's the evidence? Apparently, it's so well hidden that no one can find it, so we must employ a special counsel. The same Mr. Trump who is presented in media as an inept oaf apparently is so clever he can concoct elaborate plots to hide his actions.

The people who are not destroying the country, as the elites are, would be the factory workers, skilled tradesmen, professionals, business people, and others who refuse to be part of the elites' political, social, and moral cancer on America. They are the ones helping to keep our nation's head above water, while the influential go about raising the skyrocketing debt, killing babies, and regulating us to death. Where are the national leaders who (1) genuinely want the best for Americans, and (2) recognize and observe moral and legal boundaries? They are not plentiful in education, government, journalism, or entertainment.

“For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.”* What we're getting from the privileged is disdain for America and ordinary people, a massive overdose of political lies and BS, destruction of our money and economy, and an attachment to the idea of globalist socialist dictatorship. The “much” they are giving is not in line with the spirit of that quoted statement.

The warmongers are getting louder. Russia, the leftists' formerly admired country, is now so bad that some want to risk war. Any administration official who has spoken to any Russians is now considered suspect. Everyone in government should think about supporting President Trump against ISIS and dealing with North Korea, without urging any kind of elective nation-building or regime-change interventions.

What's most needed among the establishment types, is the attitude of understanding and striving to live up to real responsibilities, and recognizing that special interests aren't so special that everyone has to love them. We don't need to all be friends, but we need to respect our country and appreciate its history.

What the left wants is to tear down our history and adopt the globalists' view that the American Revolution was a mistake, all traces of the Confederacy must be obliterated, all religion removed from the military and all aspects of government. Promotion and celebration of transgenderism and homosexuality are required, but the Ten Commandments are evil itself, and our children must be protected from them. In other words, the elites are turning our society's system of values upside down.

For all their faults, previous generations of American leaders have stood up for America and worked for the betterment of American families and society, and maintained a responsible place in the world for the United States. At great hardship and sacrifice, which can hardly be comprehended by most of the people living in the U.S. today, Americans have dealt with slavery, the Depression, and two world wars and several additional conflicts and been willing to follow responsible leadership.

Those who find themselves in positions of responsibility and authority, or want to do so some day, need to consider the good of the nation and the American people when working out their strategies. Is the gaining of power and wealth the main thing? Or is genuine service to be preferred even though it may not pay as well?

Today in America, we have the hard, loud left, and a lunatic fringe considered far-right. But we fortunately have the moderates, liberals, libertarians,and conservatives of the great middle who prefer not to live in an upside-down world. I say let's leave the upside-down to “Stranger Things.”

*Luke 12:48b, NKJV, words of Jesus Christ.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trump and Conservatives Must Stand Firm Against Progressivism and Globalism

By Eddie Howell

President Donald Trump 
What is the greatest threat to the United States and the American people? That's a question that has been considered quite often lately, and answers have ranged from thoughtful and reasoned (North Korea, ISIS, other countries) to the lockstep/kneejerk (Donald Trump), to the idiotic (climate change), and some others. The ones I think are good answers in the longer term are the Democratic Party and globalism.

People of the “progressive” left, and I refer to a lot of politicians, “journalists,” academics, and entertainers, are on board with the Saul Alinsky school of social and political change. Destroy the system from the inside.

[Published on Mar 4, 2017
Info Wars reporter Millie Weaver covering the moment ANTIFA fanatics arrive during an African American Trump supporters speech at a "March4Trump" rally in Austin, Texas and try to start a riot with Trump supporters. -- YouTube]

Use concerns about seemingly agreeable issues (environment, e.g.) to press for far more radical change (carbon tax, cap and trade). Like Alinsky, adopt power as the main and self-justifying goal. Your side is right and the other side is wrong. Period. Stress the belief that the end justifies the means. Silence and destroy those who oppose you. Repeatedly and loudly call them Hitler, Nazis, fascists, racists, xenophobes, homophobes, bigots, and irredeemable deplorables. Try to convince the people that everyone (other than Republicans, white males, conservatives, etc.) has a right to never be criticized strongly or insulted. Create as many rules as possible to punish, and if possible criminalize the opposition. Be immediately ready to use the courts and the press to demonize the opposition.

Further, demean and try to weaken anything that smacks of traditional American values, America's founding principles, or the desirability of America being a sovereign country with First and Second Amendment freedoms. Criminalize as many activities as possible to use against your opponents.

Get on board with the globalist elites who are working toward a one-world government authority designed to control everyone at every level, the very opposite of the purpose of America's founding and traditions. Put government in place of God. Teach that communism and socialism are good things that we need to put in place, and the failures and deaths resulting from them throughout modern history were simply mistaken ideas about how to implement them. Don't bring up such things as Lenin's, Stalin's, Mao's, or Pol Pot's mass murders, but blame the “right wing” for the atrocities of Hitler and Mussolini, although these dictators were not essentially different from communists. And don't emphasize the present-day atrocities of ISIS too much. Maybe they just need jobs, and something done about climate change.

Domestically, stir up as much hatred as possible for law enforcement and great empathy for criminal thugs. Claim to be genuinely concerned about the poor and less fortunate, while doing all you can to keep them government-dependent and poor, living in decaying, high-crime neighborhoods with gangs instead of jobs. Focus more on establishing socialism instead of a strong economy. Be for “world peace,” but go ahead and support regime-changing wars and military adventures. Just don't try to “win.”

Remember lying, cheating, murder, and theft are normal and justifiable in the cause of progressivism and globalism. After all, you have to break a few eggs in order to make an omelet.

The above describes the basic beliefs and attitudes of the hate-filled progressive left in America today, and it's safe to say they hate the America we have known. The Founders are, in their minds just no-good slave owners and extremists not worthy of our respect, let alone veneration. And for them, Christianity exists only to cause trouble for LGBT people and Muslims. Muslims are an oppressed group, as are illegal immigrants, and the laws they broke don't matter. For progressives, it's worthwhile to have sanctuary cities to protect illegals even if it means that murderers, robbers, and rapists go free.

To the leftists of the present day, it's patriotic to beat up Trump supporters, pay people to riot, force scheduled speakers from college campuses, and run the schools like a fascist dictatorship. They would like to dumb down education even more and cause people to forget the whole concepts of academic freedom, individualism, personal liberty, and basic good manners. For them, ethnic and gender “studies” must overshadow all others, and re-segregation may be necessary in order to deal with “white privilege.”

George Soros
The progressives who say they don't “condone” violence don't seem to mind it much, and they know it's supported and often paid for by elite progressive donors such as George Soros. Black Lives Matter gets progressive support though they commit and advocate for violence. Well-known talking heads call for the assassination of President Trump. But hey, power is the object here, and Machiavellian means can be stretched as far as needed to produce the desired ends. It is essentially because of the fact that there is still some law and justice in America, plus the fact that ordinary Americans who are paying attention despise the phony liberalism of today (and therefore elected Donald Trump president), that the violence hasn't increased even more.

Progressive leaders think that conservatives and traditionalists are to be disrespected, demonized and destroyed where possible, while female-abusing Muslims with their oppressive Sharia law are to be admired and promoted. After all, doesn't Obama love the terrorist group known as the Muslim Brotherhood? Aren't they well-represented in our Federal government thanks to progressive political appointments? But the progressives believe that profound principles and new rights (abortion, gay marriage, etc.) come into being simply because some progressive big shot or trend setter says so.

May God save America from our friends(?) the progressives and globalists as well as the enemies we all recognize.

Further reading:

Robert W. Merry, “Trump vs. HillaryIs Nationalism vs. Globalism, 2016”, 05/04/2016.

Monday, March 6, 2017

It Seems Obama Knew About Government Spying on Trump

By Eddie Howell

The leftist/globalist/establishment deep state, aka “The Swamp,” which is showing itself to be hardly better than the Mafia, is running a vicious and entirely unjustified campaign of lies, delay tactics, and protests, to try to destroy the Donald Trump presidency.

I don't know how Trump found out his Trump Tower offices were bugged; maybe just by reading the newspapers, as Mark Levin details in the video below. Published articles in widely-read newspapers have reported that multiple intelligence agencies were involved (with FISA court approval) in spying on then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and his people regarding ties to Russia. Spying by an incumbent administration on a presidential campaign of the other party is something not heard of since Watergate. Mark Levin presents the case against the Obama Administration based simply on published reports, compiled by an experienced Justice Department official and constitutional lawyer (Levin). This appears to be a situation which deserves congressional investigation, and it seems unlikely to go away soon. The Levin video from his appearance on “Fox and Friends” follows:


Maria Bartiromo interviewed Newt Gingrich concerning the wiretap, soon after Levin's appearance on “Fox and Friends.” Gingrich also referred her to former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy's National Review column concerning this.

If no evidence of collusion with Russia was found, and so far nothing has been presented, the spying was a egregious misuse of federal spy resources for political purposes. Like Watergate, only worse, since more agencies were involved. How could Obama not know about it and be OK with it, even is he didn't “order” it? He should be held to account.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Sky Is Falling: Leftist Panic and Hysteria

By Eddie Howell

The anti-Trump left, reeling from Hillary Clinton's defeat, is angry that she was defeated by someone of approximately opposite political philosophy and quite politically incorrect. While decrying the Trump Administration as fascist, the left is happily employing fascist and communist tactics themselves in their struggle against Trump.

The elites are promoting hysterics among the leftist press, academia, and media in what is meant to look like a grass-roots movement, but is guided by paid mobs and rabble rousers who see opportunities to participate in the violence. There are probably some sincerely high-minded idealists who think their demonstrations are expressing justifiable outrage against a bad administration, but they don't realize they are being manipulated and used by unsavory foes of American tradition and liberty.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News tries to interview an angry “anti-fascist” who wants the president forced out. This is a good example of “Trump derangement syndrome.” No discussion was possible with her.

While this seems an obvious extreme and unreasonable expression of hostility against Trump by some leftist activist, it is not fundamentally different from what Democrat politicians are doing daily to try to undermine the Trump presidency, recent examples being their campaigns against General Flynn and Attorney-General Sessions.

The presidential election, an honored American tradition pitting hard-fighting campaigns against one another, worked just as it was supposed to. Donald Trump won, and no one seriously questions that the outcome was correct. Yet the leftists are stirring opposition to the idea that the election was legitimate. The fact that Trump did not win the popular vote does not, in fact, affect the propriety of the election. Trump's off-the-cuff style of campaigning is seen as an opening for every kind of unreasonable and irrational accusation and complaint. Yet there is no substance to the accusations of racism, bigotry, etc. The left's obsession with a supposed Russian conspiracy concerning the presidential election is a smokescreen excuse for more hysterical finger-pointing.

The globalists are particularly disturbed by Trump's theme of America First, and his declared anti-globalism. They fear that other countries' generous support from the U.S. in various ways is under threat, and to some extent it is. Trump opposes having so many arrangements with other countries that put America at an unfair disadvantage. Now some other countries think that the U.S., which freely helped former enemies after World War II, and greatly helped rebuild much of the world, must now support the plans of the globalists for their New World Order.

International trade deals and political developments have threatened American sovereignty and the liberty of our citizens. America should never be under the control of any other country or outside entity. The United Nations has become an organization in which America pays a large part of the cost of receiving criticism and anti-American propaganda from America-hating countries. Also, the UN seems to be the preferred vehicle for globalist rule, through Agenda 21 and various other efforts to control humanity at every level.

President Trump's view of things is vastly different from President Obama's. Obama, the “citizen-of-the-world” globalist, seems to have done a thorough job of indoctrinating the already left-leaning individuals and groups. He is praising their angry demonstrations. He is allegedly controlling their efforts. Of course, the liberal spokespersons say they don't “condone” the all-too-frequent and severe violence, but they don't really seem to have much of a problem with it. The supposed “responsible” leftists don't seem to mind paid mobs helping them push their agenda. They don't criticize black radicals for calling for policemen's deaths. They show no sympathy for families of murdered police officers. They don't mind that “sanctuary cities” have unnecessarily protected illegal alien murderers and other criminals. They favor open borders and they are OK with any number of people from anywhere coming into America. If they were watching Steve Bannon at C-PAC, they must have felt shivers up their spines when he mentioned “deconstructing the administrative state.”

Their “The Sky Is Falling” approach undermines America, and appears to be leading to eventual prosecutions for sedition if not treason. The political value to liberals of their extreme contrived anger, and crocodile tears over everything they read or hear about Trump is doubtful. Anger is politically about all they have. They do not have reasonable arguments that come through the noise. Anger is not really much of a political strategy. People eventually tire of it. Meanwhile, a lot of unnecessary damage is done, people are beaten or murdered, homes and businesses are destroyed, and everyone suffers, except the globalist elites.

The Democrats' true character is on display. They, and their media cronies, are not above lying, encouraging violence, and engaging in the politics of personal destruction, as well as increased name-calling and false accusations. This even includes criminal leaks of classified information. Obama's appointee holdovers must be viewed with suspicion and replaced, or simply fired, as soon as possible. These things also speak to the slimy political character of Obama. Some of the Democrats' activities are already over the line of criminality. Attorney-General Jeff Sessions will have, as a large part of his workload, trying to undo the damage inflicted on America by Barack Obama and this gang of radical leftists.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Angry Mobs Must Be Brought Under Control

By Eddie Howell

President Donald Trump, who has had a whirlwind of activity in the first weeks of his presidency, has promised, among other things, to bring law and order to America. There is no reason to think he would not make a strong and sincere, and ultimately successful, effort to do this. But he will probably have to start with dealing with the so-called protesters who are against the fact that he is president.

The election is over. Hillary lost and Trump won. The protests, while legal if peaceful, are to some extent organized and paid for by left-wing groups, and seem to have no purpose except to stir up trouble. Those who use these protests as occasions for violence are criminal thugs who ought to be arrested, tried, and, if found guilty, imprisoned as appropriate. Ideally, this should be a local law enforcement responsibility, but when it becomes a riot, it may require federal intervention via the National Guard or otherwise. The level of protest violence we have seen is unacceptable and must be stopped.

Political violence is usually a practice of the left. When people threaten violence against political opponents, they commit a crime and should be arrested. When people threaten the president, they should be arrested. When people interfere with freedom of speech, beat up others and/or damage or destroy property, this criminal activity must be punished.

It's difficult not to believe that the current climate of political violence is largely the work of left-wing politicians and their hirelings and donors. The tactics we are seeing are rooted in Alinskyism and Communism. “Students” who participate in the protests are the products of the ongoing dumbing down of American education, taught and encouraged by professors who are themselves dumbed down. The far left has achieved such a hold on academia that at many liberal schools there is far less emphasis on academic achievement and far more on political correctness, to the point that the schools have become bastions of fascist dictatorship where normal discourse and interaction is prohibited and punished, and the students of the coddled groups make ridiculous demands that administrators readily accede to, and probably suggested in the first place.

The left's solution to the problems they perceive is to call those who disagree with them racists, misogynists, homophobes, Islamophobes, etc. Any male and/or white person is automatically suspect. People holding conservative views are persecuted and silenced if possible. Students may be required to sign on to the faculty's views on “diversity” and multiculturalism.

The practical effect of the left's control of education, “news” media, and entertainment is that schools have seen and will see diminishing financial support, traditional media will continue to collapse, and Hollywood will spend millions to make more films no one wants to see. “Progressivism” basically taints and destroys everything it touches.

If the left is OK with political violence, they can't be overly concerned with terrorist violence either, unless it hits them directly. The left has little regard for the Constitution, believing, as liberal judges do, that the Constitution means whatever the judges say it means, as long as the left agrees with it.

What we are seeing in the anti-Trump movement is an irrational response to deliberate left-wing propagation of mass hysteria, fueled not by political principle, which could be addressed by reasoned debate, but by the lower aspects of human nature that seek gratification through destructive and sadistic acts. None of this destruction can be defended rationally. Meanwhile, the leftists and globalists don't mind it if it annoys Donald Trump. But the left should know that it will be effectively dealt with.

America is not Europe. Most Americans take their liberty seriously, and they understand it when government is too busy chasing left-wing ideas and globalism to address the real concerns of the people. That is why Donald Trump got elected.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Against Globalism – Populism Should Slow Its Growth

By Eddie Howell

Donald Trump's greatest achievement from his presidency could very well turn out to be that he saved America from globalism, at least during his tenure, and hopefully far beyond it. This is no small achievement. It means the preservation of American sovereignty and freedom.

Globalism has been variously defined, as has globalization (which has to do with implementing globalism). Globalism, as used here, means the goal of world rule by a privileged elite, ultimately ruling over humankind at all levels of government, most likely through the United Nations. The UN plan called Agenda 21 (“21” referring to the 21st century) lays out detailed plans for governing at the world, national, and local levels, supposedly in accordance with uniform principles, supposedly for the purpose of facilitating “sustainable development.”

Globalists want to use the threat of human-caused “climate change” (formerly “global warming”) to get nations and local entities to “voluntarily” adopt UN methods of achieving this. A reasonable reading of Agenda 21, or just about any globalist proposal, will show that the goal is not so much sustainable development as sustainable control, by neutralizing the independence and sovereignty of the affected entities (which include everybody).

Globalist politics is, at its core, forcibly imposed communism and anti-capitalism. The stark difference between capitalism and communism (or socialism, if you prefer) is that capitalism represents economic and social freedom, while socialism represents freedom-killing collectivism, and places everyone's economic activity (and ultimately all activity) under the control of the collectivist authorities. Socialism, in all cases where it has been intense to some degree, and practiced for some length of time, has ultimately failed, usually after producing economic and social collapse and the deaths of many citizens, whether through direct murder (execution) by governments, starvation and/or disease. One need only look at the socialist empires of the twentieth century to confirm this. In any country where famine prevails over a lengthy period, you will almost always find corrupt, dictatorial government.

F. A. Hayek says the reason that the worst people are eventually in charge of a centrally-planned economy is that people who are willing to do what most others would not do, get promoted to positions of power:

The principal that the end justifies the means is in individualist ethics regarded as the denial of all morals. In collectivist ethics it becomes necessarily the supreme rule; there is literally nothing which the consistent collectivist must not be prepared to do if it serves “the good of the whole,” because the “good of the whole” is to him the only criterion of what ought to be done... There can be no limit to what its citizen must be prepared to do, no act which his conscience must prevent him from committing, if it is necessary for an end which the community has set itself or to which his superiors order him to achieve.*

The main incentive under socialism is not economic improvement but control over other people. For all their supposed genius, collectivist authorities have no idea how to produce prosperity under socialism, if indeed they wished to. Socialist economics is not supported by any rational economic theory, and only made to sound good through its proclaimed goals and through class envy. The main components of socialist government are supposed good intentions and stirring up envy, although, of course the ones who are supposed to be envied turn out to be the ones in control.

Whatever you think about Donald Trump, he has thrown a very large scare into the globalist elite. For that reason alone, his life may be in danger and people who support him ought to be praying for him and his family every day – and also, the vice president and his family. Evangelical leaders like Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress believe that God, who ultimately controls everything, has set Mr. Trump in the presidency, and that is a good thing for America. I agree. While world events will work out according to God's design, I will confine my text here to observable historic and economic phenomena.

President Trump's economic plan of lower taxes and far less regulation will produce higher wages, larger profits, and real economic growth. Trump also wants better trade deals, which is laudable, although whether tariffs would accomplish that is very debatable. But the current and proposed trade agreements do not represent free trade as advertised, but, rather, “managed trade,” subject to many rules and regulations, and fraught with unintended consequences, and Trump is wise to prevent us from being entangled in any new ones, and to renegotiate the current ones.

Trump is also wise to not to make climate change a priority. He was correct that it is a hoax. My view is that it is an evil fraud designed to greatly increase government power at the expense of freedom and prosperity. There is no possibility that anything the authorities could actually do would affect the climate in a positive way, and such actions would very seriously undermine people's ability to even earn a living, let alone enjoy a higher living standard. Compliance costs alone could put most businesses out of business.

So, how's the globalist movement going? Not too well, but anti-globalists can't get too comfortable. The elites have the resources and determination to push their cause over years and decades, and they are not going away. Their lust for control and ever greater wealth is never satisfied. Thus Trump's presidency, Brexit, and similar movements in other countries are of great concern to them. Has the world improved under the leadership of the progressive elites? The Middle East is aflame, with some areas in the region a veritable hell on earth. ISIS has not been subdued, and continually plan more terror attacks. So what have the elites done? Brought in ever more Islamic “refugees,” many of whom terrorize and murder their hosts. This is being done under the globalists' noses and with their approval. Meanwhile, as the old Depression-era song says, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

Whatever the globalists are saying about how their globalism needs to be tweaked to help people other than the rich to benefit more from it, it is actually producing precisely the desired results, and will keep doing so more and more, unless things like Trump's administration, Brexit, European separatist movements and actual national prosperity act to restrain it. Who is encouraging, and often organizing and paying, the influential globalists' hirelings to take to the streets as angry mobs spouting mostly incoherent nonsense? George Soros and other globalists of his ilk.

Lenin said, “The goal of socialism is communism.” Historic features of socialism are starvation, loss of freedom, and mass murder of citizens by government. This is what has happened in Nazi Germany, Communist China, and the Soviet Union, as well as their nearby countries like Rumania, Cambodia, and, most recently, such places as North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and several Middle Eastern and African countries. That is what the globalist elites are planning for America and the world, intentionally or not.

Globalists have been said to be striving for massive depopulation of the earth “in order to save the planet.” That is a murky subject because it's hard to believe any responsible person would really want to decrease the population by, say, 90%. This is something that is commented on by many who might be regarded as conspiracy theorists, but there are published reports about it. Also, many lives are being lost daily due to war and famine. The programs of GMOs, gun-running, human trafficking, and the like lead to more theory and speculation. Vaccinations have become suspect in the eyes of many. Since depopulation is supposedly a globalist goal, the globalists would probably want to suppress information about it, as not all who hold globalist views would participate in such a goal. However, this aspect of globalism ought to be thoroughly investigated and the facts known. It is claimed, justifiably, that globalists encourage war, and various other destructive things (abortion, for example) which do and will reduce populations. Google “Globalist Depopulation Agenda” for information. More later.

*F. A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom: Text and Documents, The Definitive Edition. Bruce Campbell, ed.
The University of Chicago Press. Original text 1944, this edition 2007, pp.166-167.