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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Can and Should Trump End Mueller's Witch Hunt Now?

By Eddie Howell

Will President Trump fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller? Can he? There are plenty of opinions being currently published addressing these questions. What would be the results of firing Mueller? Or the results of not firing him?

My own thoughts on this begin with the fact, as I believe it is a fact, that the Mueller investigation is a sham, a charade, and a witch hunt designed to destroy Donald Trump. It is an investigation in search of a crime. It is entirely unfair to the president and harmful to America. It is a drain on American taxpayers' money and resources which should be used to go after actual criminals.

Liberal law professor Alan Dershowitz has interesting comments on the problems of special counsel investigations and prosecutors going too far in looking for a crime in violation of the rights of people they are investigating. (YouTube video dated 07/22/2017)

Peter Beinart at The Atlantic thinks that the Trump team may regard firing Mueller as a good move, and I think that's probably correct. An article by Doyle McManus in The Los Angeles Times says, as do others, that if Trump moved to fire Mueller, it would bring on a constitutional crisis. A New York Times article headline says “Trump Can't Just Fire Mueller,”

It's in the interest of the Anti-Trump Witch Hunt to say that Trump can't fire Mueller and that if he did (or tried), it would bring on dire consequences. The Swamp seems to think the Trump presidency could not survive an attempt to fire Mueller, and hopes that if he doesn't fire the special counsel, Mueller will dig up enough dirt, real or imagined, to force Trump out and destroy his life as much as possible.

So, as Trump understands, regarding the Mueller investigation, he (Trump) is between a rock and a hard place. Should he suffer the consequences of removing Mueller now, or wait until Mueller announces his findings, which, whatever the facts may be, will be designed to damage Trump as much as possible. Trump, in making a decision to fire or not to fire, must choose between those two alternatives. Or so it seems to me.

I do not accept the statement that Trump cannot legally fire Mueller. His army of lawyers can figure out how to manipulate and exploit the regulations to accomplish Mueller's firing legally and effectively. The president has authority concerning regulations and their enforcement. He is head of the Executive Branch of government. Mueller is under the authority of the Executive Branch. The legal niceties can certainly be dealt with and the firing accomplished if the president decides to do it. What Mr. Trump must be concerned about is which choice is the better in terms of risk of damage to himself and America. Most of his voters still support him strongly. GOP members of Congress may speak against firing Mueller, but most Republican voters would support it, understanding that Mueller's role is simply part of the Swamp's hysterical hate campaign to destroy Trump, facts or no facts.

A Politico article by Matthew Nussbaum lists ways Trump could fire Mueller. It is not true that Trump can't fire Mueller. The article also suggests that if he did, Congress could bring back an independent counsel statute and bring back Mueller to continue, beyond Trump's grasp.

Congress would have to have a veto-proof majority for that to happen.

Another idea for Trump, if he wants to fire Mueller, might be to get Attorney General Jeff Sessions to un-recuse himself and fire Mueller. Then shut down the FBI Russia investigation.

The globalists and establishment denizens of the Swamp are determined to get rid of Trump, and they very well may yet do it whether Trump fires Mueller or not. But they may also be making a very big mistake if they think they can defeat Trump easily.

I would like see Mueller shown the exit. I think Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should be fired as well. I hope he won't fire Sessions. But the only one who can or should make a final decision about firing Mueller is President Trump. It's not a question of whether he can do it, but, for the sake of his presidency and America, whether he should.

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