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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Road to Destruction

By Eddie Howell

The leftists try to portray President Trump as a divisive figure. They try to blame him for the turmoil in Washington, when they bear much more responsibility than he. The left is orchestrating an unprecedented hate campaign against the president in an attempt to destroy him and his presidency. In doing this, they are employing tactics not unlike the left-wing revolutionaries of the 1960's complete with criminal acts including threats of violence against the president by public figures, approval of violent rioting by “antifa” paid thugs, and illegal leaks of classified information.The criminal activity is on the left, not the right. Yet the Democrats keep chasing their dream of some kind of Trump collusion with Russia which, they hope, would lead to impeachment, or worse.

The violence mentioned is directed at Trump supporters who dare to speak up in public against the leftist criminal element which currently still has charge of much of Washington, D.C. Democrats do their best to delay and stop Trump's agenda items at every turn. Even the GOP establishment is frequently showing themselves to be a true part of the D.C. Swamp. The loyal opposition is no longer loyal, to their duties or to America. Through the Clintons and other avenues, the Democrats likely have more shady foreign connections than Trump would ever have. Nothing has been proven thus far from Mueller and the Anti-Trumpers' Witch Hunt, which so far has only succeeded in harassing people, at great public expense.

I believe President Trump should put an immediate end to Mueller's employment and the whole sham “Russia” investigation. Get FBI top officials who will go after the real criminals Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton – and give James Comey and Loretta Lynch a thorough going over. Get all this junk cleared up so the government can do its job.

The Trump agenda is being delayed by GOP senators as well as Democrats. Mr. McConnell should know by now that the “nuclear option” in the Senate should be employed for all matters. The “filibuster” as currently structured is more of a joke than it is something that befits a deliberative body. It allows the minority to stop legislation with minimal effort and little to no reason.

Given the left's continual pounding against Trump by every available means, what are ordinary Americans supposed to think? That this unbearable conduct should be allowed to continue without any protest? The left, in lockstep, is demonstrating fascist tactics from the highest levels of the Democratic Party on down to the terrorist antifa rioters. When George Soros or some other high-up communist gives the order, the leftist operatives, useful idiots, and so-called journalists of fake news go into attack mode. What is supposed to pass for news is propaganda coordinated with the leftist bosses. It is entirely reasonable to question the patriotism of these people. It appears to be severely lacking. Policy differences cannot account for what they are doing. They are out for destruction.

It should be obvious by now that the Democrat leadership*, as a whole, cares nothing for the American working people or the economy. “America First” is a major turn-off for them. They want to protect, promote, and celebrate every evil thing in our nation, from Islamic terrorism to sexual perversion, to anti-police violence, and whatever anti-American and anti-white thing there is. They want a fascistic system that punishes anything that goes outside of political correctness and makes mandatory whatever supports their radical ideas. This is true fascism. They want an economy based on corporatism with the government in charge. They want to penalize any kind of financial success of legitimate business.

They want socialism, which is the opposite of freedom and is the engine of death. The death culture they support demonstrates a lack of concern for human life despite their attempts to present themselves as compassionate, caring people. 

And what if they succeed and the Swamp prevails? The globalists will run America. Angela Merkel and her ilk will have more control of the U.S. than our elected representatives. Sharia law will be enshrined, borders will be open to all, jobs will disappear and government dependency will increase. The United Nations will have more say-so than our Constitution and structural changes to government will be engineered to silence criticism and conservative influence. Following this would be a catastrophic collapse, with other and hostile countries coming in to pick up the pieces and rule where people had not the courage or moral fiber to maintain our Republic. Meanwhile the globalist elites would sit back and laugh. 

May God deliver us from that kind of fate. Whatever happened to “Give me liberty or give me death!”?

Photo:  Fuel to the Fire
News: Young men throw bottles of beer at burning vehicles as a riot ensues after the funeral of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, April 27, 2015. Gray died April 19 from a severe spinal injury that allegedly occurred while in police custody. Looting and riots broke out in Baltimore after the funeral. The Maryland governor declared a state of emergency. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Kenny Holston.

*Update to correct -- "Democrat leadership" originally read "Democrats." Most Democrats care about working American, and many are working Americans. Apologies.

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