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Friday, June 30, 2017

What's Happened to America's Founding Principles?


Has America improved over the years in light of its Founders' intentions and the founding documents? With the founding of a nation unique in the world in its governing philosophy, has the nation been faithful to its ideals? A compelling explanation of what has happened over these years to the American Founders' vision is discussed in Angelo Codevilla's three-part series called “Progression – or Degeneracy?” These essays discuss philosophical and practical topics, and their message commands attention.

The essays appear at American Greatness.

The above link is to the first part, where you will find links to the second and third parts. It is worthwhile reading and valuable food for thought. I had not been aware of this website until today, and I have added it to my list of “Interesting Links.” Enjoy and think.
–  E.H.

Illustration: Declaration of Independence, by John Trumbull, 1819 (Wikipedia)

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