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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obamacare: The Beginning of the End of American Liberty

Obamacare is not about health care, it is not about health insurance, it is not about helping the poor. It is about government control. This plan, for all its announced good intentions, and disclaimers about what it may lead to, is a Pandora’s box of evil consequences. It goes thoroughly against every good liberty-loving impulse of human nature and every decent American tradition of individual liberty and freedom. It is a plan by which essential liberty is to be removed and permanently replaced with government continually in your face, in your pocket and in control over you 24 hours a day. They lie when they say this is not true. They know that the so-called “myths” they are fighting are in fact the realities of their plan.

1. Under Obamacare, we must all be under some government-approved, government-controlled plan. We at least preliminarily, surrender our bodies to the government. Depending on what version of Obamacare is enacted, the full impact may come a little later, when government becomes both insurer and provider. The government will ultimately determine what can and cannot be done with and to our bodies, mostly in situations where there is no alternative and no appeal.

2. The “death panels” will become a reality. Since the government wants to be the single payer, the only way to hold down costs is to ration care. This is as plain as day, and being unable to discern this, a person must be considered lacking in skill related to this issue. Who gets rationed? Not the well and healthy. They cost very little. The elderly, the seriously ill, and the chronically ill will face the equivalent of death panels as bureaucratic “experts” decide their fate: denial or delay of treatment, or less effective (but less expensive) treatment. This is as certain as the law of gravity.

In some places in America, death panels are already a reality. The well-known story of the Oregon cancer patient, Barbara Ann Wagner, is a case in point. She was told that under their state health plan, no treatment was to be provided for her advanced cancer, although doctors wanted to use an expensive medicine. However, the state advised, they would pay for assisted suicide. At last, the maker of the medicine heard the story and provided the medicine to her at no cost. [1] Also, in the days when dialysis machines were just becoming available, community committees determined who could receive the government-controlled treatments, since machine time was limited. PBS had an interesting documentary on this called “Who Shall Live?”

People object that insurance companies are already rationing care. OK. People still have the right to pay for it themselves. Under Obamacare, this will not be the case. It’s possible a person might go to a foreign country for treatment. People are doing that quite a lot now to save money.

3. Since practically everything in life touches our health, the government will take unprecedented control over every aspect of it that they possibly can. We can already see the voracious appetite of liberal government types to rule over our literal appetite. No trans-fats, no sweets in the school vending machines, etc. Also, no smoking, no obesity, no this and no that. Nanny-state policies pretend to be for our good, but they are innately and incurably evil. Evil like murder, rape, and robbery are evil. The practitioners of these controls are not much better than criminals.

It is not unreasonable to compare Obama to Hitler. He even has his own “holocaust,” the abortion disaster, which he wants to promote further with the evil “Freedom of Choice Act.” But in terms of socialist “health care,” Germany can serve as his pattern. Hitler took the programs Bismarck started and used them to solidify government control over the everyday lives of the people. As you know, Hitler’s “health care” led directly to his eugenics program which also killed millions of people. The “undesirables” were systematically exterminated. Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel is on record favoring the withholding of medical treatment from persons who are disabled. As noted above, government rationing (i.e., eugenics) will apply and there is no alternative.

It is interesting that Hitler’s eugenics program was inspired largely by America’s programs that were promoted by the Progressive movement and led to many involuntary sterilizations of people thought to be less fit for society. In Germany, Hitler simply took the next step and killed those people.

But if you don’t like the Hitler comparisons (although they are valid), you might try Mussolini, Stalin, or Darth Vader. Vader had a Death Star, Obama has Death Panels.
(As Mark Steyn pointed out on the Rush Limbaugh Show, the operative word is “panels,” that is, little bureaucratic committees that issue “rulings,” which must be obeyed and cannot be appealed.) These people will not be servants of the people, but rulers.

4. It is clear to me, looking at Obama’s total agenda as it has become known, that Barack Obama is a would-be fascist dictator. He wants America to be cut down to size economically and has taken steps to accomplish this. Witness the unprecedented levels of deficit and debt, and decades-high rates of unemployment. It is too late to blame George W. Bush. With Americans economically weakened, through taxes, unemployment, etc., they will be less able to resist and more tempted to look to the government for relief.
Which they won’t find. He has hoped to get his socialist-fascist program in place before his popularity dwindled too much, but, it is to be hoped, this will not happen. That is why he has claimed that it’s all a great “crisis” that must have immediate action, based only on his and a few cronies' statements. Instead of normal debate and discussion, he has tried to get his laws enacted under cover of darkness without public scrutiny. The public outcry has not allowed Obama to quite do this with the health care takeover.

Obama’s agenda items have been given the extra-fast-track treatment, but since this sort of broke down on the health care takeover effort, the president has taken to sending his thugs out to intimidate and beat up people for no worse offense than asking questions and expressing disapproval. Mussolini had his brownshirts, Hitler had his. Obama’s tend to wear blue shirts. Obama and the Democrats are in a political battle against the majority of the American people.

5. There should be no version of Obamacare enacted. Even if it’s an apparently watered-down version, it’s too much of a foot in the door. Republicans (and some Democrats) who vote for it are not likely to be back after the next election. The same with cap and trade. And they shouldn’t be back.



Dan said...
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Dan said...

"They lie when they say this is not true."

Even if they really believed that this is not true, which I'm convinced that don't, there is no way of knowing what this little monster seed is going to produce. I see a health care system where prayer for the sick and dying has become a separation of church and state issue, and union thugs with a strangle hold on the entire system, kind of like our current goverment run education system.

Robert J. Moeller said...

Very interesting site you got here. I found it randomly while looking through fans of Liberty and Tyranny on blogger. I am a grad student in Chicago and an aspiring writer with a blog of my own ( Check it out some time. Take care.

Eddie said...

Thanks for your insightful comment. The possibilities you mention are certainly plausible under Obamacare. Once started, who knows where it could lead. Obama's Rasmussen Approval Index is currently -14, i.e. 27% of likely voters strongly approve of his work as president and 41% strongly disapprove. That's at least a positive sign.


Eddie said...

Robert J. Moeller,

You commented on my blog previously
and and I linked to "A Voice in the Wilderness," which I found quite interesting, but I failed to mention this to you. Thanks for your comment.