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Monday, August 10, 2009

Gangster Government II – Obama Thugs

Barack Obama has called out his union goons and ACORN buddies [1] to stifle opposition voices at so-called “town hall meetings” hosted by his congressional allies. The following video is an example (Caution: some bad language):

1. Since the Democrat government can’t engage in actual debate on their fascist-socialist health care/health insurance takeover plan, their strategy is to silence opposition and brand opponents as Nazis, an unruly mob, or people stirred up by insurance companies or various organizations ("Astroturf" not grassroots):

2. People who thoughtfully engage their elected representatives and express opinions on public issues in a public forum are simply participating in a legal, normal, and traditional political process. The fact that these congressmen don’t seem to know what’s in their own bill, or are eager to lie about it, does not in any way discredit their constituents’ actions in questioning them.

3. Any violence at the “town hall meetings” began when Obama’s brown-shirt thugs (actually dressed in blue shirts) were called out to intimidate and assault citizens who oppose the healthcare takeover plan. They have been sometimes loud, and often angry, but it wasn’t an “unruly mob.” Obama called out the unruly mob.

4. These congress members need to get a clue. The American people do not want this so-called health care plan that is simply a vehicle for grabbing government control over every aspect of our lives. Essential liberty is to be removed. The Obama Administration keeps referring to this as a fight or a war. It’s their war against the citizens of America. Possibly some, if not most, congressional representatives are being bullied by the Administration and congressional leadership into defending this atrocious bill. Many citizens are gong to take note of who votes for the bill. Those representatives will find much of their support gone come election day.

5. I hope citizens will continue to speak up loudly at these meetings, and also hold their own rallies and tea parties to let the government know that it’s still the people who are ultimately in charge.

6. I am not in contact with any insurance company or other organization promoting participation at these events. I myself haven’t been to any of them so far, although I have written my representatives. I do listen to talk radio. I don’t have much use for the mainstream media that has become simply Obama’s propaganda arm.

7. The motto of every freedom-loving American should be: DON’T TREAD ON ME!

[1] See at (Link cited by MacAaron in a BloggersBase comment)

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