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Monday, June 15, 2009

Sound the Alarm?

This is a joke I read several years ago.
Instructions in an Elevator:
In Case of Emergency
1. Do not be alarmed.
2. Press ALARM button.

That is something like the attitude I have about the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress. We have a government situation today which to me seems very alarming, but I don’t want to be an alarmist. It seems that if anyone calls attention to the scary and unconstitutional things going on, they’re accused of overreacting or just following some right-wing leader and not thinking for themselves.

I think the “right-wing leaders” are being very kind and patient toward Obama, much more so than he deserves. A right-wing leader as the term is used here refers to any non-socialist commentator who happens to be in the public eye. Based on Obama’s DHS report, I would probably qualify, certainly not as a “leader,” but as a right-wing extremist, though I certainly don’t consider myself extreme. But I have to consider the Obama government extreme compared to anything we’ve seen since Woodrow Wilson. Even FDR wasn’t as much of a fascist and anti-traditionalist as Obama. In a recent post, I listed 17 things that Obama has done/is doing to America that are destructive and cast doubt on our future. All of these things are still in play and I have noticed no improvement. In fact, a few more have come up, and there are one or two I forgot to list.

1. “We are no longer a Christian nation,” said Barack. All evidence suggests we are a mostly Christian nation. We are not yet anywhere near being an Islamic nation or an atheistic nation. To pander to his Islamic audience, Obama is ready to dump some important American traditions and customs, and compound the error with criticisms and apologies. See the preceding post for some information refuting Obama’s claim.

2. Obama wants “comprehensive immigration reform,” in effect an amnesty for illegal immigrants, and of course they must be provided with all welfare benefits, education, medical care. etc. This type plan was firmly rejected over George W. Bush’s advocacy. This time around, we’ll see. Like many of the Obama proposals, this one would be costly and practically irreversible. And irresponsible. Eventually this would lead to many more millions of immigrants and probably a “come one, come all” policy toward Mexico.

3. The Administration (through the FDA) is taking over the tobacco industry. Another Obama power grab. See The Silent Majority blog (link elsewhere on this page) for an excellent article about this (“Another Industry Up in Smoke”).

4. Obama wants to study ways to bulldoze parts of 50 U.S. cities. The cleared land would be “returned to nature.” This may sound good to some who are concerned about urban blight, but it is one of the most truly alarming ideas yet proposed. Where does Obama get the authority to do this? Whatever happened to the Tenth Amendment? the Fifth Amendment? This kind of thing is the business of dictators and despots.

5. They’re coming after our pocket knives. An attempt is being made by Customs to classify many common and legal pocket knives as “switchblades,” to prohibit them from being sold or imported or, presumably, possessed. This is a serious breach of Second Amendment rights. I wonder what their thinking is on pea-shooters. Read about this at

6. The Supreme Court, according to Obama, should use “empathy” in making decisions. But actually, they should go by the law. This reminds me of something that happened to one of my relatives recently. She had an ongoing dispute with her electricity provider over the fact that they went months without sending a bill, then finally sent a huge one – after numerous phone calls and letters over those months agreeing to get it straightened out, which they wouldn’t follow through on. Finally she was told, “We don’t go by what’s written down, we go by what we told you.” To which she could have said, “I’ll check with my lawyer and see what he would go by.”

Judge Sotamayor, like other liberal judges, would go by “empathy” rather than the letter of the law. Judges, especially at the Supreme Court level should focus on the law and not the persons involved in the case. They should not twist the law in order to get their desired outcome. The facts of their cases have already been decided at the trial level. The Supreme Court’s concern is the law.

Not all these items qualify as “alarming.” Some are simply objectionable. But when we take Obama’s program thus far as a whole, it is truly frightening. Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana, objecting to Obama’s stiffing of secured creditors, including Indiana state pension funds and construction funds, in the GM takeover said it well: It’s “shock-and-awe statism.” Most of Obama’s agenda is based on “crisis” situations that supposedly need to be resolved very quickly so as not to allow much discussion or analysis.

My conclusion is that Obama is concerned with the economy mainly as a PR issue and it is entirely subordinate to the business of wrecking America’s political and social structure and free market private sector and replacing it with his fascist ideal. We’ll be working for the state’s great program and not for our own interests, thereby surrendering our freedom, property rights, and economic opportunities. In other words, it is slavery. God help us to somehow defeat this before it’s too late. It’s time to sound the alarm!

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Silent_Majority said...

When I woke up this morning I was actually feeling optimistic. Thanks for wrecking that for me. I pray that America will find her footing with one foot and kick these socialist morons squarely in the ass with the other. The time to act is quickly passing. As you have noted some of these policies will be all but irreversable once enacted. Keep sounding the alarm as will I.