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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And Another Thing . . .

Obama and his economists have complained that the economy they “inherited” was much worse than they thought, so their prediction that unemployment would top out at 8% was proved wrong and it’s now 9.4%. Worse than they thought! Well, either they’re mis-speaking, and they knew what the situation was and simply made too-optimistic predictions, or they didn’t do their homework.

Plenty of information on the current condition of the economy is always readily available. I learned this in Economics 101. Just go on line or to the public library and you can get every statistic you might want about budgets, employment, prices, money, trends, or whatever. As for “accounting gimmicks,” these “experts” should already know what they are and be able to readily decode them.

Bill Clinton used the same excuse for not providing a middle-class tax cut soon after he took office. It’s a bogus excuse that no one should accept. If what they said somehow is true, my advice to Barack Obama would be: Get better economists.

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