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Monday, June 1, 2009

Destruction in His Wake

If this post reads like the ranting of some conspiracy-theory zealot or hyperactive critic, please check the news articles and commentary available at the respected conservative websites and publications. On a single issue, the situation may not seem quite as dreadful, but the whole picture is enough to make one gasp and be amazed at where we seem to be heading.

Barack Obama is attempting to systematically destroy the U.S. economy. It’s either that, or if he’s really trying to help the economy, he and his fellow Democrats are total idiots. And they are not idiots, for the most part. He’s not only destroying the economy (or trying to), but also what remains of American individualism and individual liberty. We’ve been seeing the steady growth of nanny-state policies, over-reaching regulation, and anti-family, anti-life policies for decades. But not on this great scale. It’s not a matter of hoping Obama fails. In terms of everything traditionally American, he is the most colossal failure in our history. Of course, from his standpoint, he is succeeding.

We knew he was a liberal. We were prepared for that. We were prepared to see debate and criticism over various policies and overspending on this or that. But Obama has put the entire matter of public policy onto an entirely different level. With breath-taking speed, our government is destroying the economy and our freedom to the extent that the massive, unheard-of levels of public debt and budget deficits, endangering every aspect of American life, is just another item on the list of Obama activities. As days go by, evidence mounts of the economic and social destruction being wrought.

Obama now owns and operates General Motors. His appointee, 31-year-old Brian Deese, who has no experience in the auto industry, apparently will be the czar in charge of dismantling and rebuilding GM. The government will not run GM? The fact is that the government is running and will run GM except for the mundane daily tasks. “Management” will do nothing significant without Obama people directing or at least signing off on it.

Obama is helping the economy, or even trying to? Biden says they created or “saved” 150,000 jobs, but millions of jobs have been lost, with many more to yet to be lost. The worst of all this (for General Motors) could have been avoided if the government had not “bailed out” GM. What they did was not a bailout, but a waste of billions with the situation getting much worse. A normal bankruptcy would have saved the “bailout” money and brought GM to some kind of manageable path to recovery. But that wouldn’t have suited Obama since the company would have remained in private hands and his cohorts the unions would not have been rewarded with a nice piece of it. Now they’re going bankrupt under Obama’s supervision, with him deciding the outcome. Anyone for buying GM stock?

Rush Limbaugh spent two hours today describing this and showing the character of it. There is plenty of information out about it. See Wall Street Journal and Drudge, and many other places. Just another dot connected on Obama’s chart. Just another massive abuse of power from Barack. Just another set of lies about his intentions.

We thought Bill Clinton was a liberal who had trouble with the truth. Obama makes him look like George Washington. Obama wants to be compared to Abe Lincoln or JFK. I think either of them would view his administration with shocked disbelief.

If anyone still believes that Obama has the best interests of the American people at heart, they should soon see their mistake (except for die-hard cult followers). For all his talk about helping the middle class, after a few more years of this, there will be no middle class. If the Republicans even hope to be around after the next two election cycles, they had better get it together soon and try to stop this monstrous, runaway mess. Or get ready for years of socialist-fascist rule.

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Silent_Majority said...

I could not have said it better. It absolutely amazes me that anyone with half a brain can see where all of this is leading and not stand on the mountain top and scream the truth.Have we become so partisan that we would rather destroy our nation than admit Obama was a mistake? It seems that at least the liberals have.