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Saturday, September 9, 2017

On Progressive Hurricane Politics

By Eddie Howell

To relieve the monotony of their mostly rigid socialist/fascist ideology, “progressives” vary in their opinions and statements depending on their jobs and, of course, personalities. There seems to be a range of ideas, for instance, about the deadly hurricanes the U.S. is currently experiencing. Jennifer Lawrence, beautiful, talented, and quite likable actress has come up with the profound statement that the hurricanes are a punishment (Mother Nature's wrath) for electing Trump. That must have required some deep thinking.

Show-biz people often use the platforms they've earned as entertainers to make proclamations about serious subjects, sometimes well, as in PSAs for hunger relief. Often, these days, not so well, as lashing out against President Trump and any and every thing having to do with him or his associates. For example, [momentarily off the topic of hurricanes] George Clooney was showing his own obnoxiousness by calling Steve Bannon a “failed f***ing screenwriter,” with further obscene comments about him. Way to go, George, diminishing yourself and your industry in the minds of decent people. But Hollywood isn't big on decency these days. Would that have anything to do with the decline of the movie business?

Leftist commentators keep looking for something in Trump's disaster response to criticize, as they did, mercilessly and unfairly, to George W. Bush when Katrina struck. So far, the governments' response seems to be going about as well as could be expected.

The perceived link of the hurricanes to “climate change” is, of course, irresistible to the leftists. Their thought leaders will milk every possible drop out of this disaster. Their followers will go along. But the sad truth, inconveniently, is that mankind is not responsible for anything significant to do with the climate. And mankind can do nothing to change it. It's enough to just clean up the pollution from the environment, which has been a pretty successful effort, and must be ongoing. 

Climate change is seen as a cash cow to governments who want to use it as an excuse to raise taxes, issue onerous laws and regulations, which would impoverish the citizens and enrich the top politicians and their cronies (Solyndra on steroids). It would do nothing positive to affect the climate. If you really want to do something positive about the environment, focus on preventing nuclear, chemical, and biological war. The climate-change agenda is a rat-hole not worthy of pouring good money into. But the elites would appreciate it.

Speaking of whom, the reptilian (metaphorically) globalist leaders would use climate change (See Agenda 21) as the excuse for confiscating money and property, and eliminating freedoms, while achieving nothing for the environment or anything else. These people include, but are not limited to, the Clintons, Barack Obama, George Soros, and other Alynski-ites with Orwellian plans.

In fact, the experience of witnessing people helping people in the hurricane flooding brings, to some, a renewed sense of unity, and faith in the human spirit. But to the progressives, everything's political, right down to Melania Trump's shoes. Her critics merely show their own bullying personalities and vindictive natures. As do virtually all the left's leaders and spokespeople these days in their frenzied hate campaign against President Donald Trump.

But occasionally, their comments, such as some by Rep. Maxine Waters, can be useful as comic relief.

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