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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Election as Anger Management

By Eddie Howell

Many Americans today are sick and tired of the political left. We've found that the government cannot be trusted to simply do its job, but thinks it has to be involved in everything and be in control of everything. Most Americans are smart enough to know that government exists to serve the people and not to be their master. People are sick of government's coddling of those who are in the process of destroying our nation. That is because the government itself is a special interest, out for its own power and the public be damned. That's what the great American system has become. I, like millions of others, am sick of it, and I don't wish to pretend otherwise.

Donald Trump rally, Milford, NH, February 2, 2016. (Trump campaign photo)
President Obama is such a bad president, that very little he does could surprise me. What a hypocrite! But he wouldn't let a mere flood in Louisiana interrupt his all-important vacation. He himself criticized George W. Bush for his Katrina flyover, and Obama couldn't be bothered to do even that. Bush had good reason for doing what he did, but he was slammed by the “mainstream media” for it.

The Obama Administration, globalists that they are, are truly frightened of Donald Trump. If Trump does nothing else, he has thrown a great scare and a lot of anxiety into the elitist camp. People are growing tired of government interference in everything. They are beginning to realize that Obama, Hillary, George Soros, and others are fine with the racial violence and anti-police activity going on, which they are deliberately stirring up. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization and no amount of “official” sanction by Obama, Lynch, or anyone else will change that. They also seem to tolerate radical Islamic terror attacks, as evidenced by their lack of interest in doing anything substantial about them. So afraid of Islamophobia, ya know.

Are people going to quietly accept the hundreds of thousands of “refugees” that are slated to come into our country to join those already here? ISIS says that they are coming with them. Angela Merkel is either deliberately trying to destroy Germany or else just doesn't care what trouble these people are causing in her country. The globalists are apparently engineering this destruction for their own nefarious purposes.

The elites are trying to get the people to share their extreme dislike for the anti-establishment movement, trying to paint Trump and others as dangerous, and are somewhat succeeding, with the help of their propaganda ministry, the MSM. The time is past when the mainstream media reported the news with any reliability. Outside of some right-leaning outlets, there is very little responsible journalism in America any more. It's America's version of Pravda now on NBC, CBS, CNN, etc. Nothing there is to be automatically believed. It's truly the left that's dangerous, not Donald Trump. Of the two presidential campaigns, his is the only one that is telling the truth. As far as I can tell, neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton has ever accomplished much of anything to benefit the United States of America. What they have brought is division, death, debt, and weakness.

You can contrast their supporters with those of Donald Trump. They are law-abiding, mature citizens and not like the street thugs who “protest” and attack them. They are working through what's left of our political system to support a good candidate for president. He and they are abused every day by the leftist elites and the press.

They are law-abiding and responsible, but they are very angry and justifiably so. There are limits to what Americans will put up with in terms of being abused and pushed around. There is a reason for the fact that their support for Donald Trump is so strong and unwavering. He is a responsible candidate whose values correspond with theirs, and who has the strength to deal with our problems. He is not an establishment weasel or proven criminal like his opposition. He knows George Soros is funding BLM, paying them to create trouble. Trump is taking the high road, trying to educate people as to what is going on and correct it through our political system. The elites seem to be trying to bring that system down for their own benefit. America has had dirty politicians and elections before. Hopefully, we'll get through this election cycle with a better president and administration than what we have now.

There is a lot wrong in America, politically and morally. I believe we've been under God's judgment, and that's why we've had Obama in the White House. At any rate, he has been a tough punishment for the U.S. Perhaps those who are seeking America's redemption will be successful enough in prayer and work that we will see a positive change not only in our government, but in our culture, which government has been working to destroy. Politicians can do a lot, but there are some things only God can do.

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