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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama Still Blaming That Bad Ol’ George W. as Things Get Worse

1. Obama Keeps Complaining about His Predecessor.
In his July 22 press conference, Obama complained about the huge deficits inherited from the Bush Administration. Never mind that the last two years of G.W. Bush had a Democratic majority in Congress. The Bush deficits pale in comparison to Obama’s.
This debt will be there for generations to come. And we have yet to see the inevitable inflation. At some point, Bush can no longer be fairly blamed. I think that point is well past.

2. The Economic Problems Now Belong to Obama.
If Obama is trying to help the economy, it’s obvious that he and his congressional allies have no clue about how to do it. But it’s not quite that simple (See #5).

3. His “Remedies” Are Making Things Worse.
The “stimulus” (which could better be named the Pork and Earmark Cornucopia Act) has not stopped the steady increase in unemployment, with millions of jobs being lost. The Obama people are saying that their projections of unemployment figures were too low because they “misread” the economy. Of course, it’s that fiend Bush’s fault. In fact, they’d been ranting for most of the G. W. Bush years about how the sky was falling and it was the worst economy since the Great Depression. That was even before there was a recession. If they didn’t know the state of the economy when Obama took office, it could only be because they didn’t do their homework.

So how are we doing now? Here’s a clue:

Bernanke to lawmaker: Jobless recovery may loom
Thursday, July 23, 2009
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke sees the possibility of continued high unemployment even after the recession loosens its grip, a key U.S. senator said on Monday after talking to him.
“It was a rather sobering meeting,” Richard Shelby, an Alabama Republican, said on CNBC.
“I said, ... ‘Could this be a jobless recovery?’ ... and he said it could be,” Shelby said.

Most recessions don’t last very long if left to the market. But Obama was on board with Paulsen, Bernanke and, of course, Bush in demanding an immediate “bailout” package that had to be passed so urgently there was no time for study or debate. After the government and the Fed had already spent billions for various bailouts, Obama and company took over GM and Chrysler, etc., which cost many more billions, led to bankruptcy anyway, cheated creditors, dealers, and stockholders, who were chastised if they dared complain. So here we are. Thirty-plus czars will work all this out, while making sure that financial company executive pay is kept in line.

4. Cap and Trade, and Health Care “Reform” Will Do Us In Economically.

Cap and trade will massively increase taxes and unemployment, sending many jobs and companies overseas and closing many manufacturers. It also will do nothing to help the environment. Even if “climate change” were a legitimate issue (which it is not), this law wouldn’t help. India and China aren’t on board and several other countries are realizing that this kind of law is counterproductive. Check the carbon results of the Kyoto signers.

Health care “reform” is as much of a nightmare as cap and trade. It will wreck our health care system, put insurance companies out of business, and greatly disincentivize health care providers and pharmaceutical companies. It will in a relatively short time have everyone on the “public option,” with rationed care. In his July 22 press conference, the President said that health care reform will decrease deficits. It will not decrease deficit levels and the only way to reduce the deficits it will produce will be rationing care.

Rather than making health care more affordable and more available, it will actually deny and delay health care in many cases and degrade quality in just about all. People will be required to purchase insurance. The problems in our health care system do not warrant such an overhaul. The government can address the actual problem areas by helping to, for example, provide affordable catastrophic coverage, and as I and others have suggested, provide tax incentives to employers providing coverage, etc. But the Administration wants to “pay for” their plan by increasing taxes. If you think we’re in a recession now, just wait.

Either of these bills would seriously deepen and extend the recession; both together would make it seem permanent. These are among the very worst laws ever considered in America.

5. It’s OK with Obama, Though; His Plans Are Really Working.
Obama is working feverishly to amass power, avoid scrutiny and reduce people’s ability to resist by making them more and more dependent on government. He wants to follow Rahm Emanuel’s advice and not let any good crisis go to waste. And believe me, there won’t be any shortage of crises. And, he has the mainstream media working for him. However, his popularity is beginning to fade.

6. It’ll Be OK for Us If Enough People Wake Up Before It’s Too Late.
How much loss of freedom and personal independence are the American people willing to put up with? Keep in mind that whatever Obama has done to others he can do to any of us. Obama wants as much control over the daily lives of Americans as he can get. He is working to put the Democratic Party in a perpetual majority by pandering (and lying) to the people and increasing Democrat voters by courting illegal immigrants and enlarging and perpetuating a dependent class.

How much of our Constitution are we willing to rip out as though it meant nothing? I don’t think Americans will stop being Americans. They will act once they see the errors that need to be corrected. Don’t re-elect these people! Contact your elected representatives! I’m still optimistic. Disappointed, but optimistic.


Dan said...

I don't think that the current mentality is sustainable. Most of Obama's strongest supporters have no problem with the fact that the so called "stimulus bill" was nothing more than the, as you said "Pork and Earmark Cornucopia Act", and is in direct contradiction to his campaign promises. This means things may be worse than they appear, because at the end of the day all that seems to matter to a growing number of voters is a media pumped up personality, as opposed to a media destroyed personality. Does Palin come to mind? Any connection by an apparently large segment of the population between promises and actions seem non-existent. This does not bode well for our future, for even with those with whom I disagree, there ought to be a sense of indignation at the conduct of this president. The fact that there isn't should cause us all to realize that there is trouble not too far off and we should prepare.

Eddie said...

Thanks for the comment. I'm sure you are correct. I also see it as a troubling situation. A flicker of hope, to me, however, is the fact that Obama's approval rating per Rasmussen is down to 49% and his "approval index" is at -10 (40% strongly disapprove, 30% strongly approve) as of yesterday. These are figures for likely voters. Negatives like this, if continued, should slow his progress somewhat. But these radical-liberal-etc.s are not going away.