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Monday, July 13, 2009

Buckle Up, America, It's Going To Be a Bumpy Ride!

(Apologies to Bette Davis in the film All About Eve).

Republicans have often referred to the Democrats as the party of “tax and spend.” Then the GOP got involved in some excessive spending themselves in the Bush Administration. But all prior tax and spend activity pales in comparison to Obama’s agenda.

The financial crisis provided an excuse for “emergency” action which cannot help the economy and is actually calculated, I believe, to create more of a crisis as time goes on, which “only the government” can deal with. Obama says the “stimulus” is working just as planned, being a two-year and not a six-month plan. Which means, we are going to see increasing unemployment and no growth in the economy. Doesn’t it make you feel better to know that it’s working as planned?

There is no help in sight for the reeling private sector. Proposals on the horizon and presently in Congress somewhere are plans for higher taxes and greater government control, which will lead to deeper recession, higher unemployment, more companies leaving America or closing, and a great deal more of government in your face.

Obama’s “firm pledge,” is already pretty well out the window:

Did anyone really believe it when he said it? Rush Limbaugh said, “We are learning the two most meaningless words in the Obama presidency are what? ‘Obama said....’” He appears to be right. Mark Steyn, on the Rush Limbaugh Show recently, observed that double-digit unemployment rates are the norm in Europe, and will be the norm here if the Obama program is not stopped. We’re well into double digits in some states now.

Obama is literally decimating the private sector economically. The stimulus only stimulates government. New regulatory requirements and higher taxes can only impede or reverse any movement toward recovery. There are no plans to reduce taxes and several plans to dramatically increase taxes and living costs: Health care “reform” and cap and trade to name the two most obvious. We need a new stimulus like a moose needs a hat rack.

It had been pointed out frequently that Obama’s mentors include Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, and Hugo Chavez (among other radicals), to which I would add Benito Mussolini and Karl Marx if his agenda is any indication.

If anyone thinks that things are improving for the American people, or that Obama even wants things to improve in terms of the economy, or individual liberty, they should think again. Obama despises Americans’ self interest and wants us all to devote our energy, time and money to his great fascist program, a program that becomes stronger and more noticeable each day.

Time is short and the need is great for conservatives to unite and stop this destructive program. Fortunately, public opinion is starting to shift away from Obama. According to Rasmussen, Obama’s “favorability index” is now at -8 (the percentage of voters who strongly approve of Obama’s work as president, minus those who strongly disapprove). That’s the lowest it’s been, after a considerable time as a positive number.

Photo: Benito Mussolini (from the internet).

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