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Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Has Obama Done for You Lately?

1. An Astronomical Budget
It involves multiple trillions of dollars that can probably never be repaid, and will leave debt for generations to come. More to come over the next few years.
Inflation is sure to result, which will make the dollar much less valuable.
He adds insult to injury by requesting token budget cuts in Cabinet departments.
He says this kind of spending can’t be sustained, setting stage for massive tax
This whole business insanely defies the laws of economics and suggests that Obama
is deliberately trying the wreck the American economy to the point that socialism
can be introduced across the board due to the “crisis.”

2. Takeover of Banks
Reluctance to accept TARP $ repayments
Requesting authority to seize any financial firm
Massive “bailouts”

3. Takeover of Auto Manufacturers
Large “bailout” “loans”
Cheating creditors, then chastising them for complaining
Stealing dealerships by forcing closures
Toughening already ridiculous mileage/emission standards

4. Closing Guantanamo and Calling Interrogation Techniques “Torture”
Favoring terrorists’ “rights” over American safety
Slandering Bush Administration for legitimate interrogation techniques

5. Supporting the Mis-named “Employee Free Choice Act”
Taking away secret-ballot elections about union representation
Encouraging union thuggery through “home visits”
Supporting forced unionization, through NLRB appointments and other means

6. Apparently Wanting To Be Close Buddies with Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez

7. Apologizing for and Criticizing America

8. Trying To Appear Caring About Pro-Life Americans and Wanting Dialog, But
Promptly Taking Extreme Pro-Abortion Positions at Every Opportunity

9. Telling Students Not To Try To Succeed in the Business World, But To “Give Back” by Working for Government or Non-Profits.
Against “self interest,” the basis of a free market economy
This was an Obama theme during the campaign.

10. Energy Policy is Cap and Trade, Higher Taxes, No Emphasis on Domestic
Drilling and Refining or Nuclear Power

Obama himself said cap and trade would “bankrupt” anyone who builds a coal- powered plant, and would necessarily cause electricity rates to “skyrocket” (his words). Under cap and trade, requirements would be tightened every year

11. Emphasizes “Early Education” Starting at Pre-School Levels.
This would provide an earlier start on leftist indoctrination, to be continued throughout a person’s “education” process.
This is an anti-family government intrusion on family life

12. Mention of “Domestic Security Force” Raises Concerns About Intimidation of Dissenters (using ACORN?)

13. Moving Census Bureau from Commerce Department to White House, Thereby
Politicizing It for Democrats’ Benefit.

14. Seeking Ways To Silence Talk Radio

15. History of Investigating and Trying To Destroy People Who Challenge Him on Political Issues

16. Through Phony “Healthcare” Concerns, Planning To Tax Popular Products and Dictate Menus and Eating Habits

17. Last, but Certainly Not Least, “Universal” Healthcare, with Government
in Charge of Diagnosis, Treatment, Records, and Virtually All Aspects of Healthcare

This will result in extreme tax increases, health care rationing, especially for older people, and deep degradation of American healthcare. Even after years of experience, British and Canadian systems are extremely inefficient and practice severe rationing, and, of course, massive taxation.

The above-listed items and others illustrate Obama’s lack of concern for the Constitution and his determination to dictate in as many ways as possible the daily life activities of the American people. He is quickly moving America in a socialist-fascist direction. With his celebrity-type popularity and support in all branches of government, with little in the way of checks and balances, he has been able to move quickly to start these initiatives, and the Republicans seem disorganized.

However, public dissatisfaction is growing, and as more people are harmed by these policies, effective conservative opposition will emerge. Republican leaders have plenty of issues on which to go after Obama. They need public support and they will need to demonstrate courage and conviction. The GOP is supposed to be the party of free markets, individual liberty, limited government, low taxes, and strong national defense.

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Silent_Majority said...

I don't think you missed anything. I just hope that people will take the time to honestly digest what you have posted and realize that we did indeed get change. The only problem is that hope will be the only thing we have left afterwards.