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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trump and Conservatives Must Stand Firm Against Progressivism and Globalism

By Eddie Howell

President Donald Trump 
What is the greatest threat to the United States and the American people? That's a question that has been considered quite often lately, and answers have ranged from thoughtful and reasoned (North Korea, ISIS, other countries) to the lockstep/kneejerk (Donald Trump), to the idiotic (climate change), and some others. The ones I think are good answers in the longer term are the Democratic Party and globalism.

People of the “progressive” left, and I refer to a lot of politicians, “journalists,” academics, and entertainers, are on board with the Saul Alinsky school of social and political change. Destroy the system from the inside.

[Published on Mar 4, 2017
Info Wars reporter Millie Weaver covering the moment ANTIFA fanatics arrive during an African American Trump supporters speech at a "March4Trump" rally in Austin, Texas and try to start a riot with Trump supporters. -- YouTube]

Use concerns about seemingly agreeable issues (environment, e.g.) to press for far more radical change (carbon tax, cap and trade). Like Alinsky, adopt power as the main and self-justifying goal. Your side is right and the other side is wrong. Period. Stress the belief that the end justifies the means. Silence and destroy those who oppose you. Repeatedly and loudly call them Hitler, Nazis, fascists, racists, xenophobes, homophobes, bigots, and irredeemable deplorables. Try to convince the people that everyone (other than Republicans, white males, conservatives, etc.) has a right to never be criticized strongly or insulted. Create as many rules as possible to punish, and if possible criminalize the opposition. Be immediately ready to use the courts and the press to demonize the opposition.

Further, demean and try to weaken anything that smacks of traditional American values, America's founding principles, or the desirability of America being a sovereign country with First and Second Amendment freedoms. Criminalize as many activities as possible to use against your opponents.

Get on board with the globalist elites who are working toward a one-world government authority designed to control everyone at every level, the very opposite of the purpose of America's founding and traditions. Put government in place of God. Teach that communism and socialism are good things that we need to put in place, and the failures and deaths resulting from them throughout modern history were simply mistaken ideas about how to implement them. Don't bring up such things as Lenin's, Stalin's, Mao's, or Pol Pot's mass murders, but blame the “right wing” for the atrocities of Hitler and Mussolini, although these dictators were not essentially different from communists. And don't emphasize the present-day atrocities of ISIS too much. Maybe they just need jobs, and something done about climate change.

Domestically, stir up as much hatred as possible for law enforcement and great empathy for criminal thugs. Claim to be genuinely concerned about the poor and less fortunate, while doing all you can to keep them government-dependent and poor, living in decaying, high-crime neighborhoods with gangs instead of jobs. Focus more on establishing socialism instead of a strong economy. Be for “world peace,” but go ahead and support regime-changing wars and military adventures. Just don't try to “win.”

Remember lying, cheating, murder, and theft are normal and justifiable in the cause of progressivism and globalism. After all, you have to break a few eggs in order to make an omelet.

The above describes the basic beliefs and attitudes of the hate-filled progressive left in America today, and it's safe to say they hate the America we have known. The Founders are, in their minds just no-good slave owners and extremists not worthy of our respect, let alone veneration. And for them, Christianity exists only to cause trouble for LGBT people and Muslims. Muslims are an oppressed group, as are illegal immigrants, and the laws they broke don't matter. For progressives, it's worthwhile to have sanctuary cities to protect illegals even if it means that murderers, robbers, and rapists go free.

To the leftists of the present day, it's patriotic to beat up Trump supporters, pay people to riot, force scheduled speakers from college campuses, and run the schools like a fascist dictatorship. They would like to dumb down education even more and cause people to forget the whole concepts of academic freedom, individualism, personal liberty, and basic good manners. For them, ethnic and gender “studies” must overshadow all others, and re-segregation may be necessary in order to deal with “white privilege.”

George Soros
The progressives who say they don't “condone” violence don't seem to mind it much, and they know it's supported and often paid for by elite progressive donors such as George Soros. Black Lives Matter gets progressive support though they commit and advocate for violence. Well-known talking heads call for the assassination of President Trump. But hey, power is the object here, and Machiavellian means can be stretched as far as needed to produce the desired ends. It is essentially because of the fact that there is still some law and justice in America, plus the fact that ordinary Americans who are paying attention despise the phony liberalism of today (and therefore elected Donald Trump president), that the violence hasn't increased even more.

Progressive leaders think that conservatives and traditionalists are to be disrespected, demonized and destroyed where possible, while female-abusing Muslims with their oppressive Sharia law are to be admired and promoted. After all, doesn't Obama love the terrorist group known as the Muslim Brotherhood? Aren't they well-represented in our Federal government thanks to progressive political appointments? But the progressives believe that profound principles and new rights (abortion, gay marriage, etc.) come into being simply because some progressive big shot or trend setter says so.

May God save America from our friends(?) the progressives and globalists as well as the enemies we all recognize.

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Robert W. Merry, “Trump vs. HillaryIs Nationalism vs. Globalism, 2016”, 05/04/2016.

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