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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Paul Kivel's Misguided Criticisms of Christianity

By Eddie Howell

At an event called "The 17th Annual White Privilege Conference," activist Paul Kivel's speech blamed Christian beliefs for a whole array of the world's ills, from Middle East trouble to racism. David Limbaugh, writing for Newsmax, easily answers these criticisms, and notes that Kivel reflects the positions of many leftist academics: Anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, anti-conservative, intolerant of dissenting opinions, and focused on identity issues such as race, gender, environmentalism, etc.

David Limbaugh
Leftists have a warped view of capitalism, (the actual enabling system for bringing millions out of poverty and into prosperity), blaming it as a "flawed" system that makes people poorer. This arises from their well-known love affairs with socialism and Keynesianism, which lead to certain failure. If we actually had the "unfettered capitalism" that Pope Francis bemoans, we would have pro-growth, pro-individual policies that give rise to prosperity and liberty. That would be much better than the high level of government control of everything we have now.

Paul Kivel
Limbaugh shows the errors of Kivel's criticisms of Christianity and capitalism. The concern over "white privilege." of course is right in line with the left's ramped-up race baiting, which too many whites are too willing to embrace. I think Limbaugh's brief article should not be missed.

Photos from Yahoo image search. For attributed original sources, for Kivel and Veritas Evangelical Seminary for Limbaugh, each link resulted in "File Not Found."

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