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Friday, July 3, 2015

PCers in a Frenzy: The Confederate Flag Flap

By Eddie Howell
Confederate battle flag
It's remarkable that the horrible shootings in Charleston, SC, by a demented lunatic are being used as an excuse for the PC police to pursue their worse-than-worthless agenda, i.e., cram their thuggish, bullying nonsense down everyone's throat. Now the moronic left is trying to remove all traces of the Confederacy from our history, because they find it unpleasant. Maybe they like the mottos in Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World, “Most historical facts are unpleasant,” and Henry Ford's quote “History is bunk,” used by the authorities to discourage people from inquiring into the past.

The brainless attempt to eradicate the Confederate flag is one of their latest efforts, and now they have the Supreme Court's lawless decision to legalize gay marriage everywhere to work with as well, plus, of course, Donald Trump's comments about Mexican immigrants, which may have lacked tact, but not truth.

Gen. Robert E. Lee
Common sense is becoming rarer and rarer with these self-righteous, sanctimonious ninnies, whose main purpose in life seems to be just to be offended and scream out at things (e.g., the Confederate flag) which have nothing to do with what they're supposedly protesting (e.g., the shootings in SC by a deranged person). That flag has been around for a century and a half following the Union victory in the Civil War. All of a sudden, because of some crazy man's murder spree, now we're supposed to rewrite history and cleanse it of many important facts.

Lt. Gen, "Stonewall" Jackson
I'm not a racist, but I am a Southerner, and, like it or not, that flag represents things greater than the sins of slavery and racism. It calls to memory the thousands who fought and died for their homeland. It helps us remember men like Robert E. Lee, a great and honorable man who only reluctantly led the rebel forces, after concluding that it was his moral duty to do so; Lieutenant General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson, brilliant commander, and other brave Confederate fighters who felt that it was worth putting their lives on the line to defend their homes. Yes, the South was wrong about slavery, and the Civil War settled the issue at great cost. Because the war was fought on American soil, unlike the World Wars, and involved Americans fighting each other, sometimes brother against brother, it left an emotional residue that was very slow to recede, and is still around today.

But the South has, to very great extent, grown away from racism, albeit with some unpleasant incentives (Reconstruction, Supreme Court rulings, National Guard deployments, etc.), but grow it has, and, especially since the end of legal segregation, the great majority of Southerners accept the fact that people of all races share equally in legal rights, and merit respectful treatment.

Removal of the Confederate flag brings to mind George Orwell's novel 1984, and the memory hole which was the destination of historical documentation to be removed and never seen again. The Soviets practiced their own version of this, revising history books and altering photographs to try to wipe out the memory of people or events they didn't like, as though they never existed.
The "General Lee" from "The Dukes of Hazzard"

Today, we have some genius ordering that “The Dukes of Hazzard” be taken off the TV Land channel. John Schneider and others are right in their criticism. They can do what they want with their network. The market will respond, “Dukes” will likely find another TV home, and TV Land's ratings will be affected. But it was a dumb decision, helping nothing.

Now Al Sharpton wants the military to remove all traces of the Confederacy. How he can be taken seriously any more, given his track record, is beyond me. He owes millions in taxes, but has access to the White House of President Obama, our Deceiver-in-Chief. What Sharpton asks is ridiculous on its face, and to comply would take extremely stupid, un-American, and unconstitutional orders. We may hope our generals have better sense, but I'm not so sure about Obama.

This July Fourth, let's celebrate and exercise our freedom. We're going to have to defend it against the leftists.

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