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Friday, May 24, 2013

“O, What a Tangled Web We Weave…!”

IRS and Press Scandals
With the Obama Administration’s changing stories, trying to deal with past lies and cover-ups in the major scandals which now plague the Executive Branch, one must wonder what the final story will be. For Benghazi, the IRS, the AP fiasco, and the James Rosen incident, there seems to always be more depth and higher-up involvement day by day. I guess you can’t get any higher than the president where this is concerned, and it defies common sense to believe that Mr. Obama knew so little and Mr. Holder knew so little.

In 2008, Barack Obama the campaigner sounded like the man with the magical solutions to the major problems. He was going to straighten out the economy, make our enemies our friends, and generally inspire everyone, while running a very transparent administration. It wasn’t long before he claimed that the economy was in far worse shape than he’d thought, and everything he tried failed to make it better. In fact, things got worse. Between Obama and Congress, the national debt has exploded. And forget about transparency.The Middle East is in turmoil, helped along by Obama’s policies, the “Islam” part of radical Islam is never mentioned, and now the “global war on terror” is a forbidden phrase.

The Newspeak Dictionary keeps being revised, each time removing more words and phrases.

Now, instead of the man with the answers, President Obama is portraying himself as simply out of the loop, with no clue what’s going on in his own White House in regard to these scandals. Plausible deniability? He’s “outraged” by the IRS scandal “if” such things happened, things which he found out about when he read about them in the paper.

Obama, Carney, Holder, Shulman, etc. – these people are beginning to sound like Secret Agent 86, Maxwell Smart with his “Would you believe...?” routine. Trying to pass themselves off as know-nothings, but having to change their tune as facts come out to “Oh, yeah, I signed off on that,” (for example the Rosen search warrant). If Obama and Holder knew as little as they let on, what do they do all day? Sit in the office with the door closed and the phone turned off? No, I know the president goes out campaigning, golfing, and raising funds.  We’re told he wasn’t consulting with his White House counsel in real time as the IRS scandal came to light, but he may have to consult with some lawyer in his own defense as more things develop.

Holder’s situation seems more precarious, and the Attorney General in whom Obama has expressed full confidence may find himself resigning before Obama’s second term is over. Such an episode as Eric Holder saying he’d never participated in anything like going after Fox News Channel’s James Rosen, then later remembering he’d signed the search warrant naming Rosen as a possible co-conspirator in a leak from one of his sources, and then proceeded to obtain Rosen’s business and personal emails, and those of his parents. Your tax dollars at work.

Jonah Goldberg at National Review Online, writes, concerning the scandals,

The best defenses of his administration require undermining the rationale for his presidency.

“We’re portrayed by Republicans as either being lying or idiots. It’s actually closer to us being idiots.” So far, this is the administration’s best defense.
Or, as Ben Stein at The American Spectator writes,

Well, we are supposed to believe that a massive assault by the IRS on a popular uprising called the Tea Party was known to the higher ups at the IRS, at the Justice Department, and at the White House.

But Mr. Obama, much too pure and innocent to be told about mistakes in his administration, was too busy bathing the feet of the poor and tending to lepers to be told that his administration was engaged in an Orwellian attack on free speech.
Concerning the attacks on reporters, the mainstream media finally have something negative to say about the Obama Administration, since the Feds have come after them. The Associated Press and Fox News may not be the only subjects of secret search warrants and phone record seizures. Oddly, the president thinks more laws are needed to “shield journalists,” i.e., stop him and Holder from doing further such threatening things.

Of course, we should remember Obama’s attempts to discredit the Tea Party, Romney donors, and Fox News. Could there be a connection when the IRS goes after his political opponents and Obama’s own Justice Department goes after news outlets?

Lie upon Lie: Benghazi Scandal
Press Secretary Jay Carney says that the Benghazi attack happened “a long time ago,” (wow, eight months). No, the War of 1812 happened a long time ago, as things like this are measured. Benghazi is too recent to be anything but current events in this kind of context. But Hillary said, “What difference does it make?” Thus the Administration, having no effective response to the attack, wished to file it with forgotten events and lost causes, despite promises to bring the perpetrators to justice. When do you suppose that will happen? Probably at the Last Judgment, if left to the powers that be.

As for Benghazi, the State Department and the White House took the CIA’s talking points and took them through a dozen editions (as reported by the Weekly Standard, then by ABC News, after which the mainstreamers noticed it), finally changing the truth into a lie. And sticking with that lie long after everyone knew it was a lie.

Mark Steyn commented,

As Mr. [Gregory] Hicks testified, his superiors in Washington knew early that night that a well-executed terrorist attack with the possible participation of al-Qaeda elements was under way. Instead of responding, the most powerful figures in the government decided that an unseen YouTube video better served their political needs. And, in the most revealing glimpse of the administration’s depravity, the president and secretary of state peddled the lie even in their mawkish eulogies to their buddy “Chris” and three other dead Americans. They lied to the victims’ coffins and then strolled over to lie to the bereaved, Hillary telling the Woods family that “we’re going to have that person arrested and prosecuted that did the video.” And she did. The government dispatched more firepower to arrest Nakoula Basseley Nakoula in Los Angeles than it did to protect its mission in Benghazi. It was such a great act of misdirection Hillary should have worn spangled tights and sawn Stevens’s casket in half.
To follow that, they silenced survivors of the attack, and punished Gregory Hicks, the Tripoli second-in-command (who became first upon the death of Ambassador Stevens). After his dramatic testimony in Congress, he was placed in a lower level desk job. Meanwhile, Victoria Nuland, who strongly influenced the editing of the talking points, has been nominated to be Assistant Secretary of State. The Administration's attitude was expressed by Hillary Clinton to Congress: “At this point, what difference does it make?”

Roger L. Simon at PJ Media reported that new whistleblowers were to come forward with shocking (if true) information about the reason Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi on 9/11. According to them, he was there to buy back Stinger missiles provided to “insurgents” by the State Department. I recommend reading the entire article. It’s quite interesting.

There’s a lot more to this story, apparently, than the government has been telling.

The Benghazi episode ought to put a stop to Hillary Clinton’s political career, but like Ted Kennedy, she may come back from a serious scandal to run for office again.

These scandals are not going away any time soon, and should be investigated until all the relevant facts are known and reported. Other scandals currently going on are the Fast and Furious ATF gun-running operation, and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s solicitation of money for Obamacare from firms she regulates. Stay tuned.

 Photo: President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. via Yahoo images, source not given. Fair use, no copyright infringement intended.
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Not Ready for Prime News Coverage? Gosnell’s Drug and Death Center

Obama’s beloved policy, abortion on demand, is getting some (but amazingly little up to now) bad press in the wake of the trial of Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, which a substantial percentage of Americans haven’t even yet heard of. If Dr. Gosnell’s lawyer is to be believed, Gosnell operated only a typical neighborhood clinic, and if you walk into an abortion clinic, abortion being the messy business that it is, you should expect to see blood on the walls, urine, etc. on the floor, fetal remains in the fridge, bodies of babies killed by “snipping” their spinal cords, and jars of severed fetal body parts in jars, not to mention heavily drugged women, many bleeding, some possibly dying. Gosnell’s alleged practice of using dirty instruments from one woman to the next, without cleaning, then, would seem to be a typical abortion-clinic matter. Gosnell claims that the prosecutors are trying to hold his clinic to a Mayo Clinic standard, when it is merely a neighborhood clinic. Of course, that’s because the prosecutors are, in his view, elitist and racist.
Here's one report by a Fox News affiliate (with added comments by the uploader of the video):

The charges and history of Gosnell’s gruesome but profitable butcher shop was surveyed in Fox News Channel's documentary “See No Evil,” hosted by Bret Baier, which details accounts of murders of viable babies by severing of their spinal cords, babies which exhibited the normal signs of being born alive, according to former Gosnell staffers. Some of those Gosnell employees pleaded guilty to murder and other charges. Based on Fox’s presentation and the Grand Jury report, it would appear that everything connected with the Gosnell establishment was tainted by murder, illegal abortions, illegal drug trafficking, filth, and generally, a horror show of blood.

If the Grand Jury report is to be believed, Gosnell is the worst mass killer or serial killer in American history. But he claims he is not guilty of anything illegal, just maybe a mistake here and there. It appears that in later times, Gosnell specialized in illegal late-term abortions (anesthesia optional at extra cost), which allegedly sometimes ended up in the murder of viable babies after their birth, and sometimes infection and death of the mother due to ill treatment in unsanitary conditions by unqualified staff members.

Not as bad as the crimes Gosnell is charged with, but, I believe, highly offensive and worthy of serious attention, are (1) the fact that Pennsylvania state authorities completely failed to investigate the clinic for decades, apparently due to political reasons, despite numerous complaints and lots of word-of-mouth evidence, patient deaths, etc., and (2) the mainstream media’s ridiculous lack of coverage, which, Fox reports, a poll found that people believe is mainly due to media bias. But of course, we don’t have media bias, right? It’s beyond bias, to the point of willful manipulation. What we have is a lapdog media that instead of “speaking truth to power,” instead distorts, neglects, and hides the truth on behalf of the powerful. Any way you look at it, it’s disgraceful. Of the major national news media outlets, it looks like only Fox News was willing to give the story anything like the coverage it warranted (see video below).


Like it or not, this episode is a serious test of America’s character, and highlights the political manipulation of law enforcement and media reporting. And it is a condemning indictment of public apathy and acquiescence to the unconscionable reality of the money-hungry, decency-be-damned death culture of the abortion industry. Gosnell’s shop is simply one of the most horrifying examples.