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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Worst-Case Scenario?

Benito Mussolini

Aspiring fascist dictator Barack Obama may get there yet during his second term. Since he doesn’t care a hang about the Constitution, he could very well attempt to gain a third term. The rule of law is gone from the federal government to a great extent, its last major influence felt during the George W. Bush Administration, where it began to slip noticeably.

Obama is likely soon to get his wish for Taxmageddon and sequestration unless he backs down a bit, which is very unlikely. But the GOP should stand their ground on taxes. See my previous post.

Fascist dictator? Isn’t that a little extreme? No, it fits very well Obama’s track record and his observed attitudes and principles of trying to rule. The government is the main entity and most important thing in the U.S., according to his actions, and his main goal has been to increase the size and scope of government and to undermine the private sector, leading to the eventual impoverishment and enslavement of our citizens.

He wants to make them more and more dependent on the federal government and less and less able or willing to act in their own self interest. Sudden higher taxes will put all citizens in a weakened position. We will see higher unemployment, and vastly more bureaucracy running our citizens’ lives to the extent of making almost all important adult decisions for them. The idea is to limit their ability to resist; to make as many as possible drive little low-powered electric cars that can’t go fast or far; to destroy the suburbs and get everyone into cheap, compact housing; to control everyone’s money and continually inflate it so as to further deprive them of purchasing power; and yet to toss out enough free goodies and lying propaganda to convince people that he has their interests at heart and that things are gradually going to get better.

He has undercut Congress through executive orders, overbearing, numerous, and costly regulations, and czars. He seeks to gain sole discretion in setting America’s debt limit, so as not to have to bother dealing with Congress, where the borrowing of money is supposed to originate. He is fine with increasing spending through ill-advised “stimulus” programs and OK with the Federal Reserve printing all the money it wants. The Federal Reserve itself is an untrustworthy and dangerous entity which exists mainly to empower big banks and politicians.

That’s what the president has started in his first term, and is a good way along with his “transformation of America.” When he gets finished, the middle class will be almost gone and “the rich” (except for his cronies, and those who manage to leave the country) will be a lot less rich. Oil and gas production will be slowed even more and many more millions will be spent on green energy companies run by Obama contributors, which will declare bankruptcy, one after another, while dishing out seven-figure bonuses to their executives. Fanny and Freddy, rather than being reined in and disbanded will continue more of the shenanigans and book-cooking that contributed to the housing crash. The student loan bubble will burst.

Eventually, our currency will collapse under the weight of ever more massive debt. Then, the Democrat elites may think they’re even more powerful, but then we will all have to deal with greatly increased foreign threats (or a “world government” takeover).

Maybe wiser heads will prevail and most of this stuff won’t happen. But those are the trends. No one in government has done much to stop the more destructive parts of Obama’s agenda up to now. The question is, will something trigger a change in direction? Or will apathy continue to increase, with those in power either (1) content to see American decline or (2) clueless as to what to do about it? As has been already suggested, it’s not rocket science.  But we have a busybody control-freak administration. “Fascist” is the right word. Like Mussolini, only potentially much worse: “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.”

Remember, there’s no one to bail out America.
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