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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Does Anyone in the Administration Know What To Do about This? Anyone?

For those paying attention, an outstanding recent example of Obama’s miserable foreign policy performance has been the September 11 bombing of the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, killing American Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others, the storming of the American embassy in Egypt, and violent demonstrations at other embassies, all on September 11.

Kirsten Powers talked with Megyn Kelly of Fox News about the Administration’s lame response to the violence, and the media’s worse response:

The security lapse alone is inexcusable, and, if intelligence had been received that violent demonstrations and/or terrorist attacks had been planned for 9/11 at Benghazi, it seems unforgivable. Given the low level of security at the consulate, why was the ambassador there on September 11? Someone will have to answer for it, starting at the top.

Beyond the security lapses, consider the Administration’s response. No one in authority could have really believed that the offending anti-Islam video caused all this – could they? Yet  that was the initial story. Plus the Egyptian embassy put on their website a virtual apology to the “demonstrators” for their hurt feelings. Although the Administration distanced itself from this, while the item was on the website it represented official U.S. policy and spoke for the president. In extreme circumstances, some errors can occur, but these items reveal a serious security issue as well as a bias against any expression of outrage at the violation of American sovereign soil.

Now we have the Egyptian president “promising” to put an end to “anti-Islamic slander,” supposedly including American free speech. Obama’s speech at the U.N. was apologetic in tone. Who knows what he’ll do to accommodate the jihadists he helped put in power.

When Obama says, “The future must not belong to those who slander Islam’s prophet.” Who does it belong to, rabid Islamic jihadists? People slander the Lord Jesus Christ, which is a far greater sin in the eyes of Christians, but it hardly sets off violent reactions. How much influence does the threat of “provoking” people who are looking for an excuse for violence and murder, have on exercising legitimate freedoms, or even government policy. Too much, it seems. America must resist being intimidated by these thugs.

I hope Congress will investigate these incidents and call those responsible to account. And I hope they continue to pursue the evil Fast-and-Furious debacle and cover-up. And while they’re at it, investigate the numerous offenses of Obama against the authority of Congress through executive orders. If no one in Congress can stop him, he won’t stop until he has something like absolute government power.

November 6 must signal the January 2013 stopping point for Barack Obama’s reign. Otherwise, well, we can’t say we haven’t been warned.

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