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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Glorifying Government: “You Didn’t Build That.”

President Obama believes no one should take credit for accomplishments in our society because government is ultimately the source of everyone’s success. This is right in step with Marxist theory which decries religion and puts government in the place of God. Obama is trying to spread the false gospel that America’s success has come because of government. The fact is that success for American citizens virtually always comes in spite of government, not because of it. For entrepreneurs as well as established businesses, government is the hindrance and the obstacle that tries to block the path to success. Whether through outright criminal corruption, unconstitutional (hence illegal) government intervention, or ridiculous and unnecessary red tape and bureaucratic regulation, government is the force that must be overcome in order to achieve business success – as if market competition were not enough.

Government acting outside its enumerated constitutional powers hinders; it doesn’t help.
It is government which gives rise to crony capitalism and tries to pick winners and losers. It is government that wants to control everything citizens do and to shape society in the image it desires. Obama is the greatest crony capitalist of modern times, trying to get his fascist hands into as many economic enterprises as possible, in order to extend government control.

He favors campaign donors and pals; it seems not to matter whether any project is likely to be successful. He uses taxpayers’ money to reward his favorites, and when they go bankrupt even after receiving many millions from government, he shrugs it off and spends even more. It’s not about the economy; it’s definitely not about jobs: it’s all about control. There is no other reasonable explanation for such things as the regulatory stranglehold the EPA is putting on American energy, for example.

The greatness of America has come from the hard work, genius, skill, and cleverness of her people. People like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, Steve Jobs, and numerous others more or less gifted, have led the way to American success, brought about by great ideas and hard-working citizens, who have not shied away from their responsibilities to support themselves and their families, and who have had the courage to take risks in order to follow their dreams. People who have succeeded, failed, and succeeded again.

Yet Obama would tell them, “You didn’t build that.”

Entrepreneurs, professionals, employees at all levels have contributed to the great success of America. Today, government is contributing much toward her destruction and downgrading.

Those who have built successful enterprises are the ones Obama is going after. He thinks that they owe their success to government and it’s time to pay up through higher taxes and greater regulations. To Marxist/fascists like Obama, government is everything. As Mussolini said, “Everything in the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” Obama’s plan precisely. Government growth, government control of every aspect of life from health care to diet to all finances (government feels it owns the money, you see), to control of public discourse, the economy, and whatever else they can think of to control. Instead of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” it’s more like life (if you don’t get aborted or euthanized), the liberty to let the government run your life, and the dedication of oneself and possessions to state control.  Oh, and a life of luxury for high government officials and their chosen friends.

It is sad that in the space of a few years, the stable and relatively secure (it seemed) American system has seen its decline accelerated to such a condition as we have now. It’s not simply that we have unemployment at depression levels, and a shaky economy; that’s bad enough. But worse, we have government and central bank system that continues at full speed with the very things brought on the collapses we’ve seen. Peter Schiff should be taken seriously when he forecasts a major collapse that will be worse than Europe:

But much of it could be avoided through some common-sense changes. Get the government out of the economy as much as possible. Restrain the money-creating power of the Fed. Don’t bail out anyone or anything, period. Let failing enterprises fail; write off the debt instead of perpetuating it. Stop trying to stop the recession. The market will correct itself fairly quickly if left alone. Recognize the realities of our economic situation and deal with them instead of kicking the can down the road. Repeal job-killing, capital-destroying programs like Obamacare. Start balancing the budget sooner, not decades down the road (which means never). Reduce the size and scope of government. Only Romney and conservatives offer any hope of any of this. Otherwise, it’s unlimited spending and government control until we are a full dictatorship, and we wake up one morning to find our currency worthless and almost all citizens poor, with no help in sight.

Further reading: 

Ben Shapiro, “Shapiro: Our Business-Hating President,” 07/18/12, GOPUSA
Photo: President Barack Obama tapes the Weekly Address in the Map Room. White House photo by Chuck Kennedy, 07/12/12.
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Anonymous said...

This is one reason why I hate liberals. they are blood sucking disgusting animals...they want to be treated with respect and know that even though they are scum most conservatives will treat them that way.
They of course having been raised without manners of even the concept of manners do not have to treat other human beings that way.

It is all part of the liberal zombie agenda.
They are the most vile of humanity. Totally without souls, putrid, evil twisted morons. There simply aren’t enough adjectives to describe slime like this. There is something seriously wrong with them. And as for the the Colorado theater tragedy, Liberals never let a good tragedy or crisis go to waste!
My heart goes out to all the victims of this horrible, senseless tragedy.

That being said, I can hardly wait to see how long it takes these Progressive bloggers, talk-show hosts like Piers Morgan, George Stephanopoulos, or some other POS liberal talking head on CNN or PMSNBC to try to blame this on the TEA party, , or some other Conservative group.
ABC News has suggested that James Holmes -- the suspect in today's shooting in Aurora, Colorado -- may have a connection to the Tea Party.

ABC's Brian Ross reported this morning that there is "a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea party site... talking about him joining the Tea Party last year.
All these are accusations without and evidence whatsoever.

And they see nothing wrong with Obama Politicizing A Tragedy.. But then again, they'd use anything to change the topic from "you didn’t do it Yourself" speech!