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Monday, March 5, 2012

Nine Sponsors Abandon Rush Limbaugh, Sign on with Radical Leftists

Rush LimbaughRush Limbaugh

After Rush’s “controversial” comments about Sandra Fluke, and her weird testimony before Congress, the radical left has orchestrated a campaign to silence Rush by intimidating his sponsors. The main thing wrong with Rush’s comment was that he appeared to go after the person instead of the issue. His apology should be sufficient.

As Jeffrey Lord at The American Spectator (h/t The Daley Gator) points out, the radical leftists are engaged in a coordinated effort to silence conservatives. They have been successful in getting Lou Dobbs off CNN, Glenn Beck off Fox News, Pat Buchanan off MSNBC, and now they’re intensifying their efforts to go after Rush.

One sponsor who has been with Rush’s show for a long time, Carbonite, is a special case, as Lord points out. CEO David Friend is closely associated with Soros-affiliated groups, Media Matters, and the like, and has a history of supporting radical leftist entities.

If you are interested in standing up for Rush Limbaugh, or at least finding out that there is more to the story than simple indignation by these sponsors, who are behaving in a cowardly fashion, you should read Lord’s article in full. It’s eight pages long and filled with substantial information, not some conspiracy-theory nonsense.

This is another example of how the left is attacking free speech in America. Note that even the president got involved.  He’s one of those who wants Rush to go away. Fluke, meanwhile, Lord points out, has stopped a pro-life speech at Cornell by protest, and she was also a guest on the Ed Schultz show after the Limbaugh comments. Schultz once called talk-radio star Laura Ingraham a “slut,” but I suppose Fluke was OK with that. Bill Maher called Sarah Palin worse than that, but certainly the left has no problem with it.

The CEO of Carbonite hypocritically says he hopes their withdrawal of sponsorship will help lead to more “civil discourse.” I purchased Carbonite’s service because of Rush’s ads, and found it to be quite good, but I won’t be renewing next time.
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