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Thursday, July 8, 2010

(Non) Governing Style

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President Barack Obama’s idea of governing is: He provides the “vision” and his appointed experts and czars, and his political allies in Congress, the unions, etc., make it happen.

To get the economy moving, he urged a “stimulus” of $800 billion. Results? Nothing much. When a lot of attention became focused on unemployment as it reached near 10%, he called a “summit” to brainstorm ways to reduce unemployment. Results? None to speak of. When Iran refused to interrupt their nuclear program, he tried to get sanctions. Result? No change.

When Israel began construction of an apartment house in Jerusalem, Obama blew the incident into an international crisis of sorts. Palestinian leaders called on him to “impose” a peace agreement, something he still may be considering. Anyway, to him, Israel is nothing special, and he may view that nation as simply a problem. If so, it’s big mistake.

When he can’t figure out how to deal with international terrorism or international finance, he calls for a “new international order.” Maybe other world leaders can solve our problems. When his unwillingness to secure the Mexican border results in trouble for border states, he plays the race card and condemns Arizona’s reasonable attempt to defend themselves from the flood of people entering their state illegally, some to smuggle drugs and people. He wants the borders as porous as possible so he can arrange for more Democratic votes by promising the illegals government benefits and eventual amnesty.

When Tea Party protesters became too vocal at last summer’s town hall meetings on health care, Obama called out SEIU thugs to assault and intimidate people, although there had been no violence until these union members created it. Obama didn’t know, nor did his congressional friends know, how to explain the health care bill, because no one knew what would eventually be in it. Now that it’s passed, 65% of Americans want it repealed. Congressmen and Obama himself still don’t know what’s in it.

The point is, we’re seeing the results of electing as president a man of no executive experience who is now demonstrating his inability to govern effectively. How can he run a country when he has never run anything? The great voter rejection of his spending, health care and tax policies has been taken by some as a sign that America is becoming “ungovernable.” The problem is not ungovernability, the problem is poor leadership. The elitist “decision makers” are socialists, ’60’s hippies, and even some avowed communists who, along with the president, wish to force their “Progressive,” i.e. radical left-wing, views upon a nation that is fundamentally conservative.

They have awakened the silent majority. People who normally have little interest in the day to day workings of government and politics, now find that they must take an interest in it simply because their freedom is in danger. Now the government wants to control not only health care and the auto and banking industries, they want to control our daily diet and our energy usage as well. Enter restrictions on salt and bacon, not to mention the already approved rules making incandescent standard light bulbs illegal soon.

Dave Barry once wrote something to the effect that a government agency that has taken to regulating the size of toilet tanks is not needed and ought to be put to work at some kind of real job. (These regulations could possibly be blamed on G.W. Bush, or would it be Clinton?) Barry even made the satiric suggestion that the U.S. go to war against Canada over the issue of toilet smuggling. I would say that a government agency (such as Congress) that has taken to regulating light bulb use should forget such foolishness and simply take an extended vacation. The less they do, the better. And we’ve yet to see the Obama Administration’s new EPA and HHS regulations on CO-2.

The congressional majority is mostly there to enact and rubber-stamp Obama’s fascist-socialist agenda, which takes priority over all else with this administration. After the November elections, they’ll probably wonder why they didn’t do so well, and will probably say it’s because they didn’t get their message out. The truth will be that they didn’t do so well because they did get their message out. It’s just harder to disguise it these days.

Obama and his allies are willing to compromise American security (open borders) and sovereignty (“new international order”) to achieve their goals. The president seems to recognize few if any allies (Israel and the U.K., for instance), yet treats our actual adversaries as friends, e.g. Hugo Chavez.

These things illustrate the expert leadership that has been brought to bear on the BP Gulf oil spill: Reject international offers of assistance, claim to have been on the job there since day one, albeit silently for weeks, and look for the some asses to kick. Inspirational, eh? Oh, and don’t forget to put more thousands out of work by a moratorium on all offshore drilling.

With leadership like this, we are in some trouble. Looks like it will be the Tea Party, libertarians, and non-RINO Republicans to the rescue in November. One can hope.

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