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Friday, May 21, 2010

Democrats Condemn Arizona Law and Pander to China and Mexico

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What are they thinking? In discussing China’s favorite subject, human rights, with the Chinese, Obama Administration people throw Arizona under the bus, apparently believing that China has better human rights policies than Arizona. Then the President of Mexico comes to D.C. to do consulting work in Congress on U.S. legislation by bashing Arizona’s immigration law and urging Congress to ban assault weapons, receiving cheers and standing ovations from Democrats for his trouble. You’d think he’s man of great wisdom, almost Obama-like in charisma.

Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) had an appropriate response to Mexican President Felipe Calderon, as reported by Jordy Yager at The Hill:

“It’s inappropriate for a head of state to question our laws, especially when the state of Arizona only acted in the best interest of its citizens and with the support of seventy percent of its people …

“The state of Arizona is stepping in where the federal government has failed,” said Hatch. “It is trying to stop waves of illegal immigrants, many of whom are dangerous gang members and drug and human traffickers, from crossing into its communities.” [1]

Inappropriate is putting it mildly. It was inappropriate for Calderon to say, and it was inappropriate for members of Congress to receive enthusiastically. When did foreign leaders start telling our Congress what laws they need to pass, and when did they start slamming our state legislatures? And, worse, when did the President and Congressional majority start thinking such things are good ideas?

It simply reinforces the anti-American chord that resonates through this Democratic Party. Blame America first. Why not question Mexico’s policy of exporting people the United States and expecting them to be welcomed without question? Why not take a look at Mexico’s own policy on illegal immigration, which would show the unbridled hypocrisy of Mr. Calderon’s comments?

A commenter at the Hill article said, very well, I think: “The Dems invite a foreign President to come in [and] attack an American state, to weigh in on a domestic political issue — and the best the Republicans can do is have Hatch say it's ‘inappropriate’? The whole Republican delegation should have walked out in unison…” [2]

One of the main themes of the Obama Administration has been criticism of and apology for America to foreigners. State Department official Richard Posner said his department discussed human rights with Chinese officials and our own State Department brought up the Arizona immigration law as an example of (potential?) human rights violations. I’m not Bill O’Reilly’s biggest fan, but he hits this nail pretty squarely on the head:

What were these people thinking? That they’re going to impress China with an apparently over-sensitive “conscience”? China is the bad guy on human rights. Chinese citizens have basically no civil rights at all. If they’re moving about and living their own lives, it’s only because the government hasn’t yet felt like or got around to stopping them. Also, China certainly doesn’t treat their illegal immigrants kindly.

Primary-winning Kentucky Republican Senate nominee Rand Paul remarked that President Obama’s statements against BP concerning the oil spill sounded un-American, particularly his comment about his “boot on their neck.” I agree, and I would further suggest that Obama may really want his boot on every American’s neck. He certainly doesn’t mind demonizing Arizonans, when the problem is mainly caused by the country of his friend Calderon and the Obama Administration’s lack of fortitude in controlling the border.

His approach on the Arizona question does not appear to be good politics, though I suppose it fits his fascist-socialist agenda. To him, that’s more important. Rasmussen reports that 71% of Arizona voters support the immigration law, [3] which presumably includes some Hispanics. And multiple polls have shown that American voters support it by over 60%. But Obama is accustomed to governing against the will of the people. While Clinton was accused of governing by polls, Obama seems to be governing by the opposite of the polls’ findings.

What next? Getting the Greek prime minister to come and counsel us on money management?

[1] Jordy Yager, “GOP lawmaker blasts Mexican pres. comments as inappropriate,” 05/20/2010, The Hill, Blog Briefing Room.

[2] Ibid., comment.

[3] Rasmussen Reports, “71% in Arizona Now Support State’s New Immigration Law,” 05/20/2010.

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