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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Obama and Democrats vs. the America We Have Known

Barack Obama, his administration, and his supporters in Congress, who claim to be trying to speed up an economic recovery, are in effect orchestrating a multi-pronged attack on American security and sovereignty, the American economy, and the Constitution. Is this what they meant by “remaking America?” Somehow, the president has persuaded a large number of people that he is going to help them. The liberals have done things to “help” add to the percentage (now about 47) of Americans into the non-income-tax-paying category. More are being added since more people have joined the non-earning category due to layoffs.

1. Sovereignty and Security – Obama is undecided on Afghanistan, or so he seems to indicate, after saying fairly recently that it’s a necessary war. No, he doesn’t want to use the word “victory.” Who, including his top commanders in that country, knows what he’s going to do? Also, the Administration is investigating, with a view to prosecuting, prisoner interrogators under the Bush Administration for simply doing their jobs, and, in the process, protecting America from further terrorist attacks.

And, Obama wants to move America closer and closer to deeper ties (read entanglement) with other countries through world banks, world courts, and world climate-change nonsense. To try to improve things with Russia, Obama abandoned the planned missile defense shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. What did he get? No progress on persuading Russia to provide more help with the Iran situation, in recent talks between Hillary Clinton and her Russian counterpart.

The Obama Administration has in mind cutting various weapons system developments, such as the F-35, and unilaterally reducing our nuclear arsenal. It may save dollars but the money will be/is being spent on doubtful social programs, while defense is weakened.

2. Obama vs. the Economy – The Democrats are spending like there’s no tomorrow, and indeed, by the time they get into gear on their plans, there may be but a bleak tomorrow, economically, for the U.S. With the bank bailouts (yes, started under G.W. Bush), auto company takeovers, and stimulus bill, the federal government is leading us in the same direction as the state of California, and even though the federal government can print money, there is definitely a limit to how much deficit we can stand. In just a few years, we’ll likely be finding out what that limit is.

There is a great spending and tax burden on the American people coming if Obamacare is passed. Over $500 billion in new taxes over ten years, and more than that if the Medicare cuts prove unacceptable. Medicare alone has $43 trillion in unfunded liabilities to people living today.

The Social Security trust fund is just a fictitious accounting device. Its assets are Treasury IOU’s that are non-negotiable government bonds. When net cash flow goes negative in this program, as will happen in a few years, the government will have to do the same things, whether there exists a “trust fund” or not, because the “trust fund” is worthless.

George W. Bush tried to get some action going on dealing with this, only to be laughed to scorn and told that the program was quite all right, thanks. It wasn’t, and isn’t. Time is running out to deal with it. We may see what an actual government bankruptcy looks like. It won’t be pretty.

The Social Security and Medicare ticking time bomb is not President Obama’s fault. The problem with Obama, is that he proposes to add massive new taxes and regulations, via Obamacare and cap and trade, on businesses that are having a hard enough time just trying to keep their doors open, and individuals struggling to get by. These taxes will result in many more foreclosures, personal bankruptcies, lost jobs and business failures, thereby reducing actual revenues to the government. Every economic level will suffer, whether they pay these taxes or not. Rep. Paul Ryan has some thoughts and proposals on these problems, as he discusses in an interesting video:

Speaking of unemployment, the stimulus appears to be working exactly as Obama wants it to, with unemployment rising with a projected peak in 2010, if we’re fortunate. And yet this is a “recovery.” Employment does lag in a recovery, but we are likely to see high unemployment for years, and another recession on the heels of this one. But government has the situation precisely where they want it – to encourage growth in government power and control to deal with continuous “crisis” situations, which government itself is creating.

3. The Constitutional Problem – It hardly needs mentioning that the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress are tearing the Constitution to shreds day by day. Neither Obamacare nor cap and trade can be justified under the Constitution. Nor can the bank bailouts, nor can the auto industry takeovers. The fact that no one was or is (apparently) able to stop any of these things does not make them permissible under our Constitution. Obama, in a constant campaign mode, and unmindful of the Constitution, through his populist demagoguery, has a lot of people convinced he’s on the right track.

The track we are on leads to socialism, decreased freedom, increased poverty, unpayable debt, high inflation, declining health, and eventually, more things influenced by foreign powers, and weakened defense that may invite enemies to try their luck.


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