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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Economy Is Not a Priority for Obama

Obama has been “getting things done” and “bringing change” since he arrived at the White House. Like many liberal leaders, he has cited “compassion” as his motivation and presented all the major items as emergencies that must be acted upon immediately. This urgent need precludes detailed consideration of proposed legislation and promotes the practice of voting on bills barely seen or unseen, or perhaps not yet written. That is all OK with Obama’s people.

Obama knows that if these bills, e.g., Obamacare, cap and trade, etc., were to be subjected to the normal legislative procedures, public outcry would probably persuade many members of Congress not to support them. Thus the underhanded way they are handling the health care takeover bill this week, even though they heard the protests this past summer. They have to act swiftly, knowing that the American people, by a solid majority, oppose it. Any congressman who is not in a solidly liberal district who votes for Obamacare probably won’t be back after the 2010 elections.

Cap and trade will have to be handled in a similar way, because, except for the diehard environmentalist fanatics, no one in his/her right mind can support this legislation, knowing that it is completely stupid. There shouldn’t even have to be an explanation of why one should oppose it. It is so blatantly bad, I have to wonder why everyone doesn’t see the folly of it and reject it out of hand. No debate should be needed. Why support a law that would (1) do no good for the environment, (2) bring higher costs to each American household on the order of $1,800 per year on average, with some paying much more (in certain geographic areas), and (3) through “carbon trading” and auctions, invite fraud and abuse that would make the financial meltdown look like a normal thing.

The proposed legislation mentioned above would each place a heavy burden on American taxpayers and provide no net improvement to their lives. Passage of both these bills will result in a depression within a few years. The financial burden on Americans is already stretched almost to the limit. The U. S. is in debt to a greater extent than ever and that debt will have doubled in five years from the time Obama took office. We are going to be seeing massive inflation, and fairly soon.

The unemployment rate, last reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics at 9.7% (highest in 26 years), will probably be stuck in double digits for years to come, as it is, and be considerably worse with Obamacare and cap and trade.

The point is, Obama doesn’t care about the economy. He knows all this. He’s focused on getting his great program in place so he can redistribute wealth. He will do little to nothing to actually help the poor (except for illegal immigrants, a future voting bloc), and he will get back at rich people by taxing away their wealth for his programs. He acts as though he doesn’t realize that these taxes on the rich will hurt workers and kill jobs. He acts as if he doesn’t realize that his policies will, sooner than we might think, destroy the middle class that he falsely claims he’s trying to help. But he does understand these things and is OK with them.

At the expense of the economy, he is taking over more and more of the private sector and more and more of the daily lives of the American people. The Democrats want a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages and fast food. Obama fans in Michigan told one woman that her practice of watching her friends’ kids before school constituted an illegal day care operation. She faced fines – until publicity persuaded authorities to relent.

Obamacare will carry a possible prison sentence for not purchasing insurance. This kind of mandate is unheard of in American history, and was commented upon by the Congressional Budget Office. It is unconstitutional. Among other reasons, it has been pointed out, being an American is not the same as engaging in interstate commerce.

One big problem for the American people is that their government is not helping the unemployment situation, a cause of much suffering and stress, but instead is planning things to exacerbate it. The only “help” has been in the form of extended unemployment benefits, which the workers eventually have to pay for, along with all the other wretched excesses of pork-barrel spending, bailouts and takeovers. If this picture isn’t substantially changed by the 2010 elections, we are in for generations of sub-par economic performance and potentially unpayable debt. But we’ll have pervasive government control of practically everything. And we’ll probably be looking at Obama portraits everywhere a la Saddam Hussein. We already can’t get him off TV.


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