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Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have decided to make this a conservative political blog, because I think that conservatism is greatly needed to oppose the current radical-liberal policies of our Federal government, and other levels of government as well. When I studied history and civics in high school, I really never thought it was as vital to understand as I find it to be today. I’m not sure exactly what is being taught at those levels today, but there needs to be a strong emphasis on our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, particularly the enumerated powers and Bill of Rights. I don’t think the American people will long tolerate our founding principles being trodden underfoot of an out-of-control government without taking appropriate political action.

To introduce myself, I am an ordained minister and a retired accountant. I have been a conservative for most of my adult life, at least since I began thinking seriously about politics. I am 65 years old, married, and live in Texas. My education is in accounting and theology, I have studied economics, history and philosophy, etc. in my degree programs. I am not so much an expert as a concerned citizen.

A few basic observations:

1. The reign of Barack Obama is becoming more of a dictatorship each day. I believe Obama’s main goals involve having the government taking over as many parts of the private sector as possible, and to dictate as much as possible the details of the daily life of the American people, and this, notwithstanding Obama’s statement that he doesn’t want to keep the government in the auto industry, for example. The U.S. hasn’t seen such a blatant and comprehensive power grab at least since FDR, and possibly since Woodrow Wilson.

2. If the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress are actually trying to help the economy, they are demonstrating extreme incompetence. Their economic prescriptions cannot work because of the laws of economics. They are arguably irrational in terms of economics, and definitely mainly paybacks to liberal constituencies. But they apparently are the way to political “success” if the goals are as stated in #1 above. If we see a decent economic recovery, it will be because these policies have been largely thwarted by opposition and it will demonstrate the underlying strength and resilience of a less-manipulated market.

3. We are in something of a race between Obama’s fast-paced socialization process and the fading of Obama’s personality-cult popularity when more people begin to see the reality of the damage being done.

4. The Tea Parties drew enough scorn that we can be assured that they had an effect. Obama expressed his contempt for them (and Fox News) at his town hall meeting. There is a significant amount of resistance, impatience, and anger among the people. Many disapprove of Obama’s policies and see disaster looming if nothing is done to stop this insane spending. I don’t think the American people will stand for this destructive path for long. They will find ways around it and ways to reverse it to some degree.

5. Obama demonstrates ignorance of, or, more likely, disdain for, the U.S. Constitution. He has in the past said in effect that it imposes too many limitations on government, and is a document of “negative liberties.” The end result of unchecked Obamaism would be the destruction of much of what we know as the American free-market economy and the culture we have been living in. We would end up with European-style socialism with the nation in constant decline, or worse, a Soviet-style society with dissidents labeled mentally ill or a menace to the public. Hints of this are contained in Obama’s recent DHS report, implying that anyone who strongly supports some kind of conservative cause might be a terror threat.

6. At present, Obama controls or has the support of enough of the government (all branches) that he can push his agenda along over the opposition and with very little in the way of checks and balances to deal with. Since many of his policies are very unpopular with a great many people, conservatives need to organize effectively, articulate a conservative message, and find some more effective leadership very soon. The 2010 elections are fast approaching.

In future posts, I plan to develop the statements above, and other aspects of political conservative opinion in the context of our current situation. I am grateful for the privilege of having a blog and the freedom, as we all have, to express opinions. I hope this page will encourage people to reflect on things they perhaps haven’t thought about lately, and maybe think of ways to improve things. Thanks for reading.

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